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AVG AntiVirus Free Edition

eilovat1 - March 23, 2008 - 5:58am
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AVG is a very good Anti Virus piece of software. It is free and very powerful. Millions of people are using it so having Anit-Vius on the go will be useful. ClamWin is not the best of all software so AVG will make computers even more secure.

Appriciate if it was put as a portable app


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one problem

i have a feeling that AVG is not open source and therefore reverse engineering or modifying the way the program works whereas ClamWin is open source so if i am correct making AVG portable would be illegal and thats not what these amazing people do here at do
sorry eilovat1
P.S. i agree ClamWin isnt the best but we have to work with what we got


correct avg is freeware not open source so can't be done on this site

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AVG gives too many false positives of our launchers

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Contact the original

Contact the original developers and see if they would be interested themselves Smiling


Surprisingly, that method works quite well. In fact, many people asked them to modify the license and such so that it could be included in BartPE distros and recently they did. All due to requests from the community. Although, I doubt that they will do a portableapp version though... Still it does not hurt to start the town criers calling for a portable version of AVG!

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Defining Free And OSS

It may just be me but it seems like The Terms Free and OSS should be better defined since I keep seeing the same thing over and over again. ex: Why not this program, its free and really good....


Maybe it should be put right on the home page. A little note About OSS and Free.

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