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Portable CAD

cajunboy2k - March 25, 2006 - 10:59pm
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I would like to request or be pointed to a portable CAD program. Need to be able to read and write .dxf and .dwg.


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Don't know about portable,

Don't know about portable, but there is this:


This is a part of

This is a part of SolidWorks. An excellent 3D drawing package. Not sure about it been portable though as it is a part of the install of SolidWorks. It isn't free either.

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If you find a free one, I'm

If you find a free one, I'm sure someone can make it portable for you!

You could use a modified version of Registry Rapper to run a paid CAD application, if you have one.

a.k.a. Mark

This one may be of use for

This one may be of use for you.
Its a free online registration, available at www.download.com.

Dell XPS M1530 Laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5GHz
4GB Ram
256MB GeForce 8600M GT

I would like to recommend

I would like to recommend http://www.drawease.com/. it is a free Chinese app, but you can find an english too. There is lib and tut also. This app runs on win2k and above. Currently, it does not support dwg well, but the author promises to enhance it.
Here is the guestbook: http://www.drawease.com/guestbook/displaybook.asp I believe the English post will be ok.

Inventor, NX3

Hi, I'm also interestd in a portable CAD program, not 2D but 3D as well, like Autodesk Inventor or NX3 [formerly Unigraphics]. I wonder if someone could make it portable? The thing is that these programs are kinda big, so it wouldn't be very "portable" because of size and resources needed [cpu, ram].

|The Ðjïn|

|The Ðjïn|

Hi Djin, take a look at MOI

Hi Djin, take a look at MOI 3D - http://www.moi3d.com/ . It is a NURBS modeling program by one of the makers of Rhino3D. It is in open Beta right now. It will NOT be a free program but it is lightweight and fast. Again, not sure if it can be made into a portable app. but maybe worth a look.

Cheers Smiling

www.blender.org is not a

www.blender.org is not a exactly CAD

I too would like to see a

I too would like to see a portable CAD app. There are several free 2D cad apps.
A9Tech (http://www.a9tech.com/products/a9cad/) makes a free 2D cad program that works with .dwg files. It's not the best CAD program but it is usable.
As another users posted there is also ProgeCAD LT which is basically a "light" edition of the IntelliCAD engine. It also uses .dwg files.
Not sure how to make these "portable" though.


you could try tinycad it's freeware www.tinycad.sourceforge.net

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