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ISO Image mounting program

crypto - April 8, 2008 - 10:12pm
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Is there any decent programs here to mount ISO images under windows which don't corrupt the hardware driver database and don't interfere with disk management in MMC?

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Well it's not Open Source,

Well it's not Open Source, but I like VirtualCloneDrive from Elaborate Bytes. It's free and I haven't had any problems on XP or Vista.

Hi there,I'll give it a go

Hi there,

Thanks for the info.

I'll give it a go but I'm using Power ISO at the moment now since it works unregistered and can mount image files without issue it would seem.

Looks like a good program, virtualCloneDrive and freeware too which I like, I also have been using infraRecorder portable and by all accounts it seems I can dump those humungous commercial apps too which makes me quite happy indeed.


The ISO format supposedly is

The ISO format supposedly is there to create editable files on fixed disk systems, which if need be can be exported onto removable media, however is there not a way to implement disk mounting functionality via Microsofts' MMC?


personally I use UltraISO.
It works portably and even has the option of putting the reg info in an ini file on the portable drive.
I haven't tested it with out admin privileges though so that may be an issue.

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hi smithie

i have ultra iso ,too. but where is the option for ini save??? i cant find it... i use UltraISO Premium Edition 9.1.2 Build 2465...


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Well, I'm using PowerISO at

Well, I'm using PowerISO at the moment, but for some reason the driver isn't loaded on startup (not that I'd want it to be anyway).

There is an option for this

There is an option for this under the menus in the PowerISO window. If I rember correctly the drive does not load on startup by default.

I am using Daemon-Tools for years now and never had any problems with it. And with awxDTools it integrates to the Windows Explorer, so I am completely happy with it. And of course it's free!

Hidden + Requires Admin privileges

Its kinda an undocumented option, you can find it in their faq I believe.

just create a text file called uikey.ini and paste in the below text (edit where appropriate, leave the quotes) and put it in the same folder as the exe.


Also I just created a NonAdmin account to try the ISO mount, as I kinda suspected it don't work if you don't have admin privileges, but the rest of it works fine without admin.

"Because they stand on a wall and say, 'Nothing is going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.'" (A Few Good Men)
Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.(Albert Einstein)

thanks it works fine.....

thanks it works fine.....

Hell was full, so I came back!!!
Sorry for my lousy English!!!

Thanks for the

Thanks for the information.

It would seem then that there would be a purpose in having a program which under certain conditions could mount .iso images and at other times merely create and edit them but my experience of the latter is that the file size stays the same no matter what you do, which I find rather baffling I say.

Any further comment on this?

Microsofts own

Virtual CDRom Control Panel V2.1
Not open-source but it is free. Requires admin-rights .

about the ISO-size staying the same in ultraISO :
If I remember correctly the solution is to select the
'optimize'-option when you save the edited ISO .

The M$ app is rubbish..

Please don't mention it again.

Your comment is rubbish ..

Please refrain from mentioning to people what You think they should or should not mention, others may benefit even if you don't, and it seems a little,... well, I just don't think I want to say how it seems ...


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

Why say it twice? The

Why say it twice?

The program is rubbish and I'm hoping for an alternative and this seems the only place which is forward thinking enough to care.

I agree, the comment is rubbish

Microsoft might make many bloated programs, but if you dig deep enough, you will find many little gems of utility programs. This ISO mount utility just does what it says without any problems and the exe is only 23KB when compressed with UPX. I have used this for many years. If you want to mount pirate copies of games etc, then you would obiviously look for a more advanced program but honest users will be more than happy with this.


What is the use of mounting the image of a disk that you already bought honestly?

My parents used to do this

My parents used to do this all the time with our PC games. It's so the disk doesn't get scratched to all buggery or lost.

the habit is now stuck with me and all of the pc games(and the rare program) i own that have a disk are all taking space on my HDD. but at least i know where they all are and i know that i dont have to worry about my disk drive packing up and eating my disk(happened to my last pc)

so yeah Poobeer, that's why you mount images of disks you already own, it's great for kids! Sticking out tongue

Pismo File Mount

I just read over at Lifehacer of a program that can mount ISO and ZIP files as a drive. The program is called Pismo File Mount and is available for free. I'm just downloading it so I can't say how/where it saves it's settings or how easily it can be made portable. Also, unfortunately, it is not OSS, but it's still good to have, you there it is.

EDIT: After installing it, it creates an installation log where it shows that it moves some dll's to the windows/system32 folder and, apparently, it only creates an uninstall registry entry. Once you run the program it gives you two options to mount. One is as a drive letter which requires admin privileges and the second is as a folder, or "owner" which does NOT require the admin privileges.

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another closedsource app

alcohol 52% is another option, & its freeware

Eiñ??? A siñature????

*lifehacker Pismo sounds


Pismo sounds interesting though, i'd like to see this.

I couldn't find an open

I couldn't find an open source software solution when I researched this subject ->

Maybe someone will invent something soon, however, anything that requires drivers and admin access seems to be frond upon here.