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Steam portable

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trigger-happy - May 28, 2008 - 7:36am
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hi everyone!

I made steam portable it is just like steam but it is an single .exe file and its compressed to 8.46MB, it works fine and it is good for people who like to play counter-strike and other steam games at work or at school, you just have to log in with your steam account to play!

File name: steam.exe
File version: I don't really know lol, but the last time I updated it was at 28th May 2008
function: To play steam games at work or at school and chat to your steam friends!

How to install: extract the steamportable folder into your "PortableApps" folder(which is in your thumb drive) and click on refresh app icons if your startportableapps.exe is already started

Download link:
[Link removed by moderator SL, Valve does not allow modified versions to be redistributed]

One of the problems with it that it extracts some(well a lot) files in a temp file, some computers at school my not allow this but its the best i can do for now!. for more information go to, also i need to change the icon, all this will be done when i have time.

p.s can someone help me make a splash screen for this! i would be very happy! and once again please do not criticize me! this project is UNFINISHED!!! so don't complain.

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removed the link because my interpretation of the license says you cannot modify and redistribute Steam, however if I am wrong then I shall put the link back.

One Solution

Most computers have a boot menu, if you want, use an Ubuntu Live CD/USB to install to an external hard drive/large and fast USB stick (WARNING: make sure you set the boot-loader to install on that drive as well as the OS or you'll screw up the computer you're using)
once installed, go to school/work and plug in your hard drive and access the boot menu (Dell: F12; HP: Automatic if plugged in and reboot, wait a while as HPs take a long time to show bootloader after boot, but it does eventually) and start Ubuntu. You can then install the Steam for Linux beta or use Wine/Crossover to get you full library of games (Wine/Crossover are buggier but more games are accessible).

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you screw stuff up. Also, Steam for Linux is in beta so there are a few glitches (console shows up and you have to accept installing stuff from there on first use) and there is only a small library of games for it (TF2 works, but FAST hard drive highly recommended). They came out with Linux Steam because Valve has plans to release their own Steambox, but they don't want it running Windows due to licensing, and the CEO hates Windows 8.

If there are not enough games on the official Linux Steam, use Wine or Crossover to run the Windows version on Linux.

The Answer

pls put the link back you can make a portable steam I have seen that there is many portable steam!!! is the best and its legal so i want portable steam from here but you wont allow it pls allow a portable steam!!! you are the most awesome site in the world of you make a portable steam!!!

Fix the site info link too

It points to a junk site, not
Note the extra R.

spelling mistake???? i edited

spelling mistake???? i edited it anyway.

It's not modifying

look its not modifying its just compressing, that's all I done!


you are distributing the exact file that they do as a distribution bundle, byte for byte, then you are, in fact, modifying it. That is the literal and legal definition.

If you're compressing anything, OR adding files, OR removing file, OR changing file names, OR just repackaging what they give out in the most trivial of ways, then you are modifying it, and it is not allowed.

What you might be able to do, is put up a download of just your launcher code, and instructions for people to embed their existing copy of Steam into it. (Although I don't know the details of the Steam licence, and users might not be allowed to even do that for themselves without breaking it).

oh well i am making a youtube

oh well i am making a youtube video about it.


I for one am quite interested in this project. Also thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the posting guidelines. Please let us know when you have the youtube video completed.

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i was wondering if you have an email

(HzRD Gaming)


Thank God I'm living in a sensible country where I
am legally entitled to make modifications to software
I have paid for the right to use .
U.S intellectual property-law is preventing people from
tinkering which in turn ultimately prevents people from learning new things other than legal mumbo-jumbo.


US law, it is the end user license agreement that you agree to when using the software.


It applies to you no matter where you live.

The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.


Isn't it US law that makes a EULA into a binding contract ?
Not so in my country, it doesn't matter what the EULA says if our laws state otherwise.
The law of my country clearly states that I am allowed to make any modification needed to use the software provided I have paid for it .
Please stop assuming the entire World is under US jurisdiction Smiling

Contract, not law.

It is not even law that is doing this. When you hit "I accept" when you install/download the file, it is like you signing your name on a contract. You legally agree that you agree to all the terms listed, including not modifying the software in certain ways. No matter what country you are in, a contract is legally binding, and when you said you agreed to the terms, you signed and agreed to the contract terms.

The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.


don't I live in the US either, however I always saw it as posted above, as a contract, whether it is legally enforceable isn't really part of the debate here, the publishers don't allow redistribution and therefore I removed the link, end of story.

P.S. You haven't paid for the software either Eye-wink

The law of my country clearly states

The law of my country clearly states that I am allowed to make any modification needed to use the software

But can you then "distribute" it to others,
That's usually the most important part of all this.

Modifying and using it yourself is very different from modifying and sharing [or selling]

and God bless the USA Smiling

and, by the way, you Have been here Long Enough to Know the "legal/moral/ethical" restraints we operate under Sticking out tongue


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

is that youtube video done?

Is that youtube video done because I could seriously use a portable steam!


I installed steam on a secondary harddrive and then wiped my winxp system and installed win 7. When 7 was up and running, I could still run steam just fine by hitting the executable in the drive despite the fact it had never been installed on 7. This implies that, theoretically at least, if you just installed steam to your flash drive portable apps folder (and then at worst, maybe have to make sure to reset the letter on different computers), you'd be able to run it just fine. Effectively, steam may already be inherently portable.

In that case...

Perhaps you could "fix" Microsoft Windows then and post a YouTube video. Although, I expect you're not allowed to upload a video long enough. Smiling

Just curious, so that means you're allowed to remove copy protections from games? (Only for yourself of course, but you could share that with the rest of the world). I don't care where you live, activity like that is going to get you noticed pretty fast. Smiling Seems like a very grey area.

It is.

Steam is natively portable, on my computer to change the drive all I had to do was move the files.

-Woot delicious pie.

Steam still leaves registry

Steam still leaves registry debris behind.

Signature automatically removed for being too awesome.

hey man??

is there anywhere you can give us a link to a different upload to it?

Not legally.

Not legally.

He can make an online

He can make an online installer or require for the files to be copied. It's not too hard.

Signature automatically removed for being too awesome.


well still u should u could email it to me

I did a Steam Portable a while back

Never published it because I ran into a huge problem I hope you've addressed:

When manipulating the registry, Steam's registry key and tree can be VERY VERY LARGE. Local or portable version. It can take a VERY LONG TIME to export and delete the old key or to move it. On the other hand in regedit you can rename the key in a split second, but there seems to be no rename API for registry keys and all the scripts that claim to "rename" just "move" which is SLOW. I suspect regedit doesn't use the registry APIs but manipulates the files directly which is not an option for portable apps...

Signature automatically removed for being too awesome.


is there a way to use regedit directly to delete the reg that steam creats... or find a way to sandbox the app

The Power of our future is technology itself

Steam is open source?

Is it true?
Steam client is open source?
Another article
Can you verified it?



Steam is available for Linux. Steam is not open source, still.

Linux Client

The Linux client might possibly be, the article is vague. The Windows client is not.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Can it possible to ...

Can it possible to compile Steam linux client with it code on mingw that will operate at windows?
maybe it can talk with valve that will open the client for windows to open source?


I looked into it and the Linux client is closed source, as I'd expected.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


Thanks for the information.

I made my own using cameyo

I made my own using cameyo link: [link removed by Moderator Zach Thibeau - it's a violation of steams terms of service]


Do you have permission from Valve to redistribute a modified version of Steam? If you don't (and I strongly doubt you do) please edit your post and remove the link to your illegally packaged version of Steam.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

How to make steam portable.

If any of you want to make steam portable, copy the steam.exe file on to your flash drive or other portable device. Then, when you run it, it will update Steam, and install the other necessary dependencies onto your flash drive.