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Firefox Portable and Adding the Flash Player Plugin/Addon/extension

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Tim Clark
- May 31, 2008 - 2:47pm
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[OUTDATED: This will give you an outdated and insecure version of Flash, so this method should no longer be used. The best option is to copy the plugin from a local install at present.]

Firefox Portable and the Flash Player


The NEW Definitive Simplest way
Download the file from:
as indicated on the support page.

DO A RIGHT CLICK, Save link as...

change the extension of the download to flashplayer-win.xpi.ZIP

Unzip it, and there you go, copy the files needed,
NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt ,
to this directory:

and you have Flash for FFP




Just ran across this article while looking up information for a user with Plugin problems:

Portable Firefox and the Flash Player

The one way I differ with the author is I recommend:


while he recommands:

Mine works for me his works for him, whatcha gonna say Sticking out tongue

I think this may become my standard reply to FFP and Flash Questions.
And it talks about too Smiling

[You have all updated to the latest version haven't you???]

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might be a good idea if someone with a registration for CNet posted your minor correction Tim as the plugin will be deleted during and upgrade otherwise.


The Firefox plugins directory is maintained and will continue to be. The installer even ignores its size when calculating install size.

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I always thought the whole folder (app) was deleted, good thinking John Smiling

Who will maintain the Firefox

Who will maintain the Firefox plugin folder?

And again as I have asked in the bottom of this thread,please be more specific when your talking about a particular folder,or folders.



Bump of topic to indicate NEW, BETTER, EASIER way of doing this [i.e. of installing Adobe / Macromedia Flash into FireFox Portable.


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

what about other ...

plugins? I mean, I can't think of any off hand right now, but for future reference, are there any other options to do for popular plugins? Like I know for Facebook, the Photo Uploader asks for something which doesn't show up, while on IE I just have to activate the ActiveX module.
Do the other media plugins go there too? Should I put it there manually?

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This was my next question about firefox

Thanks for posting this information as I have been having trouble getting the flash
player working with Firefox 3. I have tried using the ..current/flashplayer-win.xpi
without changing it to a zip file and couldn't get the flash player to work on sites
like Abbey Road Studios which is a huge bummer.

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real player?

Can your process for extracting files from Flash be used with other plug-ins, like say real player?

Hmmm... Technically this


Technically this should work with K-Meleon Portable then also correct? I'm going to test it out and see...

K-Meleon Portable too!

Sweet! It works with K-Meleon also! Very nice!


This worked like a charm and I didn't have any problems with getting flash player
to work after restarting the browser. Thanks for the help on this issue Smiling

Musicologist, Beatlelogist,Internet Guru, Firefox Supporter and I'm searching for a 'backdoor' to break into the W.O.P.R.(War Operation Plan Response)computer somewhere on the internet.
"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

Another Thanks

Just wanted to add another thanks for this! I tried using the link in the FAQ, and it would claim to install, and then nothing. Doing this worked just fine!

Thanx Tim

Thanx Tim

This is the only way that I know of to get Flash on your Firefox and you don't even have to install the flash application on your PC. I realised this on your method: [x]:\PATH\PORTABLE\FirefoxPortable\Data\Plugins

Just don't know it the other method (X:\path\FirefoxPortable\App\firefox\plugins) works without installing the application as well.

Thanks again

Would it hurt to

have the necessary files in both Plugins locations?

I wouldn't do it myself

I wouldn't do it myself, as to harm, I don't know.
I would "guess" that FF would have some kind of path hierarchy which would give one predominance over the other so that the one which was "lower" would be ignored.

It may become a moot point in the future as I think John is considering just using the default ...FirefoxPortable\App\firefox\plugins .

As a norm I do not think that having multiply copies of files for one program all over the place it a good thing. It makes support kind of cumbersome.

Just my .02


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

Nagging problem solved

I installed the plugin according to Tim's instruction and it worked right away with Firefox Portable 3.0.1.
It solved the problem of not being able to play Flash enables sites with my 'closed' computer.
Thanks a lot Tim


quick note, this also works

quick note, this also works for Google Chrome/Chromium. do the same thing, but copy the files to [chrome dir]\plugins .

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Real Player?

I have successfully completed the process for flash. Now, was it ever confirmed that this method would be successful for Real Player as well?


Real Player is a full program that has to be installed on the local machine. The Firefox plugin for it only links to that.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


Thanks for the quick reply John.



Thanks Advocate

I just hate this

i hater the fact that the version of flash player in the FFP will not work its annoying. it works on my home comp only cause it is installed on the harddrive i think.

will this actually work ( i will give it a try).

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Even if

it still is in early development, did you try this?

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re: flash plugin in version 3.0.3

I never noticed right away when I last updated my Portable FireFox, but last week it wouldn't play videos in YouTube.....I tried every suggestions on this web site and others but it refused to install a new flash player....even downloaded flash player 11 from adobe to my luck....
I ain't no geek but I looked in the APP folder...then FireFox folder ..then plug-in folder.......then comparing the contents of that folder with the one in an older version of FireFox...(I always keep several old working versions of all applications I have on CDR-W )....and found several files were missing in my usb flash drive....probably lost them during the upgrade????I had Flash version 9.0r16 before the upgrade.
After backing up what I already had on my flash drive...I copied all the missing files to that folder....and bingo everything works Portable Firefox also sees Flash player 11 on my PC......

I see from looking for a solution before that my problem was quite common......hope this helps someone Smiling


I was recently researching how to resolve this problem, until i tried some methods and this worked with me, along with many other cases::
(1) Download adobe flash player from this link: by right-clicking the link and choosing 'Save Target As'
(2) Use WinRAR or any archiving utility to extract EVERYTHING in the archive into the directories (Tor Browser\FirefoxPortable?\App\Firefox\plugins) and (C:\Tor Browser\FirefoxPortable?\App\DefaultData?\plugins)' in case of Vidalia Bundle.
(3)(This step (3) resolves the problem for both Vidalia and TorButton?, if you use TorButton? then start here if you after you've installed flash player, not before that)
Open your Firefox Browser and right click the TorButton? and choose Preferences>Secuirty Settings>Dynamic Content and uncheck "Disable plugins during Tor usage" .
(4)Click Ok and restart Firefox. Visit youtube and watch a video to see for yourself Laughing out loud let me know if it doesnt work XD Good Luck...

are you sure?

did you check the version of the flash player this xpi installs?
What did it say?

If you want use TOR, then any plugins as flash have to be disabled otherwise I have absolutely no idea what are you going to use the TOR for. (thats why TORbutton disables all stuff like that)
If you enable flash and similar plugins, then running TOR is pointless, since the plugin will bypass the TOR and communicate without any anonymizing with the world.

So can you somehow explain what are you trying to do and what purpose this 'solution' is for?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Portable Firefox 3.0.11 and the Flash Player

I used Tim's method on earlier versions of Firefox with great success. Thanks!

The newest version is giving me problems though.

Portable Firefox 3.0.11 has 3 plugin folders:

1. X:\FirefoxPortable\App\DefaultData\plugins
2. X:\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins
3. X:\FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\plugins

The first 2 folders contain the README text file that says you should put your flash plugins here. Place Firefox plugins in this directory (Flash, Shockwave, etc)

The 3rd folder contains a 'npnul32.dll' file but no README. I assume this means the flash files shouldn't go here.

I put the 'flashplayer.xpt' and 'NPSWF32.dll' in each of the first 2 folders (to be safe) but it doesn't work. I still get a message from telling me that it can't find the Flash plugin, would I like to upgrade to version 9, sending me to Adobe hell, etc.

Any ideas?

Thanks fz5pxs

~ Regards

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Thank you so much, Tim! You

Thank you so much, Tim! You rock! Now I can listed to Pandora while at work. Your tips are invaluable.

= Rob =

I'm curious as well

I've read a bunch or Tutorials on here and also this other thread

And I can't seem to find a definitive answer as to the right folder to install the plugins, and what those plugins are named.

Even the creator of this thread says he doesn't know which fodler is the proper one in the tutorial


Worked great! Both ways, but your way is better. Laughing out loud

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timdawg (Homepage) - August 2, 2010 - 9:42am

It seems that Adobe didn't update the flashplayer-win.xpi file to 10.1, which this installer depended on.

So I created a batch file that copies the flash 10.1 plugin installed on your computer's hard drive into your Firefox Portable plugin directory. This solution isn't as good as the original, but since it seems that Adobe is not updating the xpi file anymore, it is better than doing it manually every time.

1. Open Notepad

2. Paste the following code into notepad:

@echo off
copy %WINDIR%\System32\Macromed\Flash\flashplayer.xpt App\Firefox\plugins /Y
copy %WINDIR%\System32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll App\Firefox\plugins /Y

3. Click File and Save, browse to [your usb key]\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable (or wherever you have Firefox Portable installed), then under filename type "update_flash.bat" (with quotes)

4. Make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on the local computer. Download and install it if necessary.

5. Browse to [your usb key]\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable (or wherever you have Firefox Portable installed) and double click on update_flash

6. Open Firefox Portable and go to to check your Flash Player version.

My hope is that this continues to work with future versions, so that when you update Flash Player on your computer, you can just run this batch file to update the Flash Player in Firefox Portable.

help with this, please

i have NO idea how to do this, can someone give me a step by step on how to put flash player or any other extension in the ffp. im new to computers and my friends say this is where i should come to learn how to do this.

better ask someone

with some computer practice to do it.

Otherwise you either follow the steps in the previous answer in this thread or:

have you local installation of firefox?

yes, then

go to, slect flash there, and run through the installation process.
This will install the current version of flash on your local PC.

navigate to

copy the file NPSWF32.dll and paste it into


whereby the x has to be replaced with the actual drive letter of your usb stick.

you can also do that with the file flashplayer.xpt, the rest is not important.

After that, you can uninstall the flash and the local firefox from the host computer using the software installation panel of windows if you wish.

If you are not sufficiently computer skilled to do such file copy operations, ask some friend who has some practice in it. Depending on your operating system and settings, the folder system32 might be also not visible for you, so you will need to make system folders visible etc. first.

this is not an extension, it is a plugin and as such the installation is somehow strange therefore.
Extensions are installed automatically in general, just go to the website of mozilla and go to add-ons and there you will find many extensions. If you find what you like, just click on the green button next to it and follow what is on the screen, the extension will be installed.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

manual plug in

i have FF 18.0.1
what i got from c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash was these 2 files


pasted it on FF portable

when i open it - screen freezes and then will be prompted to continue running or stop the scripts

need help


follow here

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Updated flash.

Has an updated version (10.1)

The link in the article is also outdated.


gents my ffp is the latest version in TOR proxy program <<< notice this please

i changed the extension to a zip file but it didn't unzip

the system gives me error it didn't recognized it as a zip file

could you please just put those 2 files in a zip file and up load it so that we try the way written up there


redistribution of flash player without Adobe's permission is illegal.

Don't use flash and Tor!

If you're using Tor, you SHOULDN'T use Flash on the same browser, as it's not anonymous then. But if you want to use Flash anyway, download the regular Flash installer from Adobe, install it, and just copy the 2 files manually. After that it works portably. Also, this thread is outdated, and it says so above.

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

some people refuse to understand


some people refuse to understand that using things like flash with tor breaks the tor function completely.
Hope one day someone will design a tor subsystem which whne it detects something like flash running, will simply formate the c: drive of that computer ....Eye-wink

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Hahah, I know what you mean

Hahah, I know what you mean Smiling

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.