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Portable nero

Anonymous - April 8, 2006 - 1:29am
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is a portable version of nero burning already present? if not it would be cool to have one.

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It seems like there might be distribution issues with Nero, and that most of the apps here are open source and as such I reccomend Burn at Once. Check it out here

I use BurnCDCC (sp?) for ISO

I use BurnCDCC (sp?) for ISO burning... works perfectly, and that's all I need. File burning I can use the WinXP burn interface for.

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WinXP Burning

Win XP's burning engine seems quite slower that burn at once and I dont think XP has DVD support though I could be wrong I rarely use the XP.

If you're on a computer that

If you're on a computer that can burn DVDs, it's likely to have the requisite software.

WinXP does stink, but I rarely need to burn anything anyway... just ISOs.

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There are 2 problems with the built-in burning system in Windows (which uses Roxio's engine, I believe):

1. It doesn't support burning DVDs. I've tried.
2. There's no option to finalize the disc. No matter how many times you add files to a disc and re-burn it, it remains open. Granted, most drives will read an unclosed disc, but there are some that won't, particularly older CD-ROM drives.

If it's got a DVD burner...

...won't it come with a DVD-burning app?

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Most likely.

Most likely. I never said it was an issue for most users; I was just pointing out the two major shortcomings of the Windows XP burning engine. I mean, XP goes to the trouble of recognizing whether or not a drive is a DVD burner (it'll say DVD-RW Drive or DVD+RW Drive next to it), so why shouldn't it support burning them?


so why shouldn't it support burning them?

Because it's by Microsoft. Microsoft apps try and stuff everything possible inside -- the CD burner in the OS is an example of this. And, of course, this makes everything go wrong. (Internet Exploder is a very good example of this -- they hacked it together, instead of building something top-of-the-line.)

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Personally, I think Microsoft should have licensed a DVD decoder instead of a CD burning engine. It would be so nice to have a DVD decoder built into the operating system. Then I wouldn't have to install bloated PowerDVD or WinDVD.

That it would.

Even better -- a DRM'd DVD decrypter. (I hate DRM, but if we could rip stuff ourselves with DRM that ONLY WORKED ON ONE COMPUTER then we could backup our movies and avoid all the copyright baloney.)

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Requisite Software

The other problem though is that requisite software thats included sometimes is awful. Not that nero is much better, a portable version would be nice so as to avoid the Nero whatever Icon thats installed in the My Computer.

I was able to find a

I was able to find a portable copy of Nero Burning ROM 6.6. and it works like a charm. Just Google it.

PortableApps cannot use proprietary software

There can't be a portable version of Nero by PortableApps, since Nero is a proprietary software, and PortableApps wouldn't want to be sued for copyright violation.
Same goes for Visual C# Express, Google Desktop and other proprietary programs.
Therefore they use only open source software.

I didn't get it from

I didn't get it from It was found by using a BitTorrent file and then downloaded. Whoever distributed the application, recompiled it and it "does" work as a portable app on my USB drive. The whole application is only 11MB.

That's a different issue

That's a different issue.
I was just making a point, that asking from PortableApps for providing proprietary soft is futile.
After all, the purpose of this forum thread, is to suggest PortableApps management to include additional programs.

Oh...sorry =)

Oh...sorry =)

I have

I have found on a portable burner application free to download, is working on an hard drive lacie of 20Gb.