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ulead video studio portable

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ulead video studio portable

please me
how to make ulead video studio portable or
how to make portable applications
ok thank's

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link and license

link and license

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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Ulead produces Commercial

Ulead produces Commercial closed source software and therefore it's not proper to ask for a portable version of their products on this site.

For now this site only supports Open Source software.

PS. you seem to have asked this exact application 2 weeks ago.

Tim Clark
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you seem to have asked this

PS. you seem to have asked this exact application 2 weeks ago.

Well, technically I'd say he didn't.
His original post was a question, asking if we had it, in the Off-Topic forum.

As you may know, posts in the Off-Topic Forum are only seen by those who go "in there". It does not show up on the tracker.

This post is an actual request in the "Request Apps" forum.

Here the request is a little more official Eye


Oh, and before someone points it out,
Technically he asked a "how to", not a "request for",
But I'm giving leeway for language Eye

Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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