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how install silverlight

shad0w - June 21, 2008 - 4:16pm
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how install silverlight on portable firefox 3.0?

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there are different kinds of plugins

standalone like flash
others that have to be installed on the machine you use
so try out the following, if there´s silverlight installed on your PC start firefox, go to tools/addons/plugins. Click on the silverlight plugin and you have the path to it (like C:/programms/Microsoft silverlight/npctrl.1.0.xxxxx.dll), copy the dll into the data/plugins folder and try out a different PC.. never tried out myself Eye-wink

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dont work :(

dont work Sad

so it has to be installed on

so it has to be installed on every pc You work on, it´s just a "linking" plugin not standalone

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I'm trying on one PC. Copy

I'm trying on one PC. Copy all files from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\" to Data\plugins\ folder and restart firefox and go to - but site get message "Get Microsoft Silverlight" Sad

sorry about my bad English Sad

Bumping for The Latest Version of FF and Silverlight

Could anyone upload a ZIP which contains the required DLL's from the latest Silverlight?


What sites need SilverLight

What sites need SilverLight anyway?

Seems 99.99% of sites using

Seems 99.99% of sites using this are MicroSoft sites. Maybe MicroSoft wants to create this to try and take Flash market share. I'm not interested in another flash-like plugin. It's time Microsoft should actively adopt existing standards for once. What's next, IE coming without Flash plugin to push their ow proprietary formats once more?


IE does come without Flash. And when Silverlight was created Flash was most definitely a closed standard.

Guys, this is interesting,

Guys, this is interesting, but what about my questions?


Install Silverlight (Google is your friend...)
Open Firefox...!

Its like install Flash!

**Siverlight is NOT portable!!!**

> **Siverlight is NOT

> **Siverlight is NOT portable!!!**
I know!!! Don't work on PORTABLE FIREFOX, in IE - working good!

seems you don´t know what plugins are..

most of them are just small code snips linking to installed programms and to use their functions in the browser you select (= adobe plugin etc)
some like flash (or piclense)can be integrated into the browser alike an addon and are fully functional, I call them standalone.
When you install silverlight on your PC it should work with IE(cause it´s microsoft)and it worked with Firefox2.x installed, seems that it doesn´t work in FF3 till now,but there´s an update announced...
So that´s not a browser problem but one of the programm provider to make the plugin working..maybe that´s not intended
.. might be another step in browser war Eye-wink
Else, see all posts above

EDIT: perhaps I got your message now, didn´t mean to be rude.
You´re right, silverlight shows up in FF3 local/portable but it´s not compatible/not working. Checked an old FFP2.x : it´s still working. - So, as I said above there´s no need for microsoft, updating their programm quickly because it´s working with IE. -
So, if you´re addicted to another MS incompatible/closed source app : downgrade to FFP or use their browser for those flash alike animations.
BTW: they still say, it´s Beta....

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Anything new since June? (bump)

I am bumping this topic to see if since it was opened if anyone has come up with any work around for FF3 Portable and MS Silverlight. So far it still seems to be incompatible with FF3 Portable. There were some solutions directing users to the install of the SDK package of Silverlight (Beta 2,) but I do believe that was only for local installs of Firefox 3.

If anyone has come up with something recently on how to remedy the incompatibility issue with FF3 Portable please let me know. My only suggestion is for now unless someone has come up with a solution is to use Firefox's IE Tab Add-on. The latest version is for FF 3.0.


_ recipro _


Actually... IETab only uses the Internet Explorer engine on the local PC. So portability wont be used (you wont get your history saved, the computers will have your site history...).

Silverlight is heavily restricted by MS packaging way and license. So it is unlikely that any legit site will portabilize it. I am sorry i can't help more Sad

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true & false

yay, IETab uses the IE engine installed, butdon´t saves any history in the host computer. & anyway, & wave been using microsoft sites lately & all of them have the option of NOT using silverlight.................for now 8~P

Eiñ??? A siñature????

Silverlight on FF3 working

FF3 Portable
7-Zip Portable
Access to the internet.

This may be overkill, but this worked for me. On a computer I had minimal access rights on.
I downloaded the Silverlight.exe installer. I opened it inside 7-Zip.
I saw 4 files, silverlight.7z being the biggest of all.
I extract that, then opened it inside 7-zip.
There was another file called Silverlight.msp.
It wouldn't let me extract it (Don't know why), but it let me open it.
I found a set of inner files.
Once again, I went for the big one (PCW_CAB_Silver).
I opened this one. Lots of DLLs and EXE's and a very useful Manifest.XML.
I extracted them.
All the files had the periods removed from their names. Renaming to their proper extensions was easy, but figuring out where to insert the rest of the periods (i.e. System.web.dll)

Here's a pastebin of what works for me.
I inspected the files and found that ctrlResource.DLL Inner name was NPCTRLUI.
I made a copy and renamed it to NPCTRLUI.DLL
Then I copy everything and pasted to the plugin folder.
Maybe I didn't need to, but it worked.

Probably didn't need to do half that, but I can guarantee that it works... at least to an extent. complains that I don't have the latest version (huh?), however, when I go to the showcase ( ), ah, there's that sweet sweet loving.
Your mileage may vary.

Know this that every soul is free.

Almost there

A little fiddling around today, and I was able to get this to work. In addition to renaming ctrlresource.dll, I had to rename ctrl.dll to npctrl.DLL, and core.dll to agcore.dll. That got me to the point where the Silverlight showcase loaded, but most sites still didn't work. I finally realized (from a different computer's install) that manifest.xml needed to be renamed to slr.dll.managed_manifest, and that's what did it for me. My final plugins directory looks like this:

GREAT JOB! briandau &

GREAT JOB! briandau & The_Altruist

It even allowed me to run local TV's stupid VOD service..
why did they choose damn Silverlight in the first place is a mystery

Personally I used Sandboxie here to make sandboxed installation without dirtying my OS or using clean VM.

Here is the full list I got for those who might want it:

Left:  Silverlight.exe\.rsrc_2\silverlight.7z\Silverlight.msp\PCW_CAB_Silver\ (using 7-zip)
Right: target name in your plugin directory
Sort:  filename in installer

coreclrDLL                     -> coreclr.dll
coreDLL                        -> agcore.dll
ctrlDLL                        -> npctrl.dll
ctrlResourceDLL                -> npctrlUI.dll
manifestXML                    -> slr.dll.managed_manifest
microsoftvisualbasicDLL        -> Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_deDLL     -> de\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_esDLL     -> es\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_frDLL     -> fr\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_itDLL     -> it\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_jaDLL     -> ja\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_koDLL     -> ko\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_zh_hansDLL-> zh-Hans\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
microsoftvisualbasic_zh_hantDLL-> zh-Hant\Microsoft.VisualBasic.resources.dll
mscorlibDLL                    -> mscorlib.dll
mscorlib_deDLL                 -> de\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_esDLL                 -> es\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_frDLL                 -> fr\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_itDLL                 -> it\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_jaDLL                 -> ja\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_koDLL                 -> ko\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_zh_hansDLL            -> zh-Hans\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorlib_zh_hantDLL            -> zh-Hant\mscorlib.resources.dll
mscorrcDLL                     -> mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_deDLL                  -> de\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_esDLL                  -> es\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_frDLL                  -> fr\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_itDLL                  -> it\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_jaDLL                  -> ja\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_koDLL                  -> ko\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_zh_hansDLL             -> zh-Hans\mscorrc.dll
mscorrc_zh_hantDLL             -> zh-Hant\mscorrc.dll
silverlightconfigurationEXE    -> Silverlight.Configuration.exe
silverlightconfigurationuiDLL  -> Silverlight.ConfigurationUI.dll
System.WindowsDLL              -> System.Windows.dll
systemcoreDLL                  -> System.Core.dll
systemDLL                      -> system.dll
systemnetDLL                   -> System.Net.dll
systemruntimeserializationDLL  -> System.Runtime.Serialization.dll
systemservicemodelDLL          -> System.ServiceModel.dll
systemservicemodelwebDLL       -> System.ServiceModel.Web.dll
systemwindowsbrowserDLL        -> System.Windows.Browser.dll
systemxmlDLL                   -> System.Xml.dll
system_deDLL                   -> de\system.resources.dll
system_esDLL                   -> es\system.resources.dll
system_frDLL                   -> fr\system.resources.dll
system_itDLL                   -> it\system.resources.dll
system_jaDLL                   -> ja\system.resources.dll
system_koDLL                   -> de\system.resources.dll
system_zh_hansDLL              -> zh-Hans\system.resources.dll
system_zh_hantDLL              -> zh-Hant\system.resources.dll

Windows is case insensitive OS but I preserved names as done by Silverlight installer.
Those files in subdirs are language specific files and can be omitted to save space
(I don't use any of those locales so don't kill me if..) Sticking out tongue

works for me

this list of files got silverlight working for me on FFP3.6.16 and mostly on FFP 4.0


Silverlight Fix

I tried your fix and I couldn't get it to work. I did all of the steps you mentioned and didn't get any results at all. Is it possible that silverlight was already on the computer you were using or something? I hope I am wrong and I can get this working.

Yes I got it working

Very simple just install silverlight ,
then copy all files from the program files\microsoft silverlight\versionnr folder (subfolders are not necessary , these are just translations)to your Data\Plugins folder and then it just works.
These are about 19 files (17 .dll , 1 .exe , 1 manifest)

it's working

I followed the advice from the latest post (seculi, feb 1) and it's working, no error messages

Silverlight on FF3 portable not problem at all

Some time ago we installed FF3 portable on an XP "netbook" with no problems at all. No workarounds necessary.

We went to Netflix, clicked to stream a movie, followed the standard prompts to install Silverlight, and then the movie started playing. We may not even have restarted the PC or the browser, if memory serves...

Since Silverlight installs to the local PC, not to the portable drive, I'm surprised that there are so many issues here.

Just offering this up as a sanity check.

Successfully install Silverlight 3.0.50106 into Portable FF 3.6

Installation steps:

  • Scan system using Total Uninstall.
  • Install "Silverlight.exe" setup file.
  • Copy all 19 Silverlight files(14.4 MB) from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\3.0.50106.0" to temp folder (files in subfolders not needed).
  • UPX Compress all 19 Silverlight files(some of them are already compressed).
  • 2ndScan system using Total Uninstall.
  • Uninstall Silverlight using Total Uninstall(Provided uninstaller + Total Uninstall).
  • Copy next 17 compressed Silverlight files(8MB) to Portable Firefox plugin's folder:
  • agcore.dll


When run "Silverlight.Configuration.exe" it writes settings in registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Silverlight] and on disk "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Silverlight", so i decided not to copy in portable Firefox files "Silverlight.Configuration.exe" and "Silverlight.ConfigurationUI.dll".

Maybe some of these 17 files listed above NOT needed for Firefox to show Silverlight videos(ex: ActiveX file only for IExplorer).

If someone knows for sure which of them not required, please post it here - Thanks. Eye-wink

This procedure worked for me also

I downloaded Silverlight, opened it in Sandboxie, copied the 17 files to my portable Firefox directory on my HDD then deleted the sandbox. I copied the Portableapps Firefox v3.6.2 files to my thumb drive, disconnected it from my desktop then plugged it into my laptop (WinXP SP2). I started Firefox surfed to a Silverlight webpage and was able to view Silver and Flash perfectly on the same page. I installed Flash to my Portable FF earlier and they both work with out error.


Problem Solved

I used Sandboxie to extract the dlls (and other files) for Flash Player and Silverlight. I then placed these files in my empty Firefox Portable plugins folder.
As of 08/14/10, I have the latest versions of Flash and Silverlight installed in this directory (Flash =, Silverlight = 4.0.50524.0).

Here is the link to a zip file of this plugins directory, it should work for anyone with Firefox Portable. I have included a NOTE.txt file as well:
[Link removed, this is illegal redistribution of those components which you are not allowed to do - mod Chris]

Not working still!

I'm using Firefox 4 Portable.
I've installed Silverlight and
copied the listed 17 files to *\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins
But it still does not work in the Silverlight Showcase

Can anyone who successfully installed silverlight in Firefox Portable share how you managed to do it finally?

I need silverlight to run in Skydrive to do batch file uploading.

Many thanks.

Installation Steps

Thank you for your suggestions.I implemented them on my computer.It works very well.

MRnikos is a great tutorial writer

his method worked great for me.I simply downloaded and installed the lasted silverlight build,and copied those exact DLL's to my plugins folder and uninstalled silverlight.Works perfectly.heres a test page

Silverlight Plugin

I've uploaded the files for anyone without the ability to install and get them.

[Link removed, this is illegal redistribution of those components which you are not allowed to do - your friendly neighborhood moderator Zach Thibeau ]

This is for the newest version of silverlight 4.0.50917.0

English only I think.

unzip and put the files into your plugins folder.

thanks‚ grimm666

thanks‚ grimm666

hello sorry but I need your help

I'd like to install manually silverlight from my job P.C's (I don't have the admin rights) and I'd like to know if it's possible for you to send me your files to add to firefox portable please

Thank's in advance

Try this - batch file to unpack Silverlight files

In the Dropbox folder I've linked to below, there is a batch file and the 7-Zip standalone executable. If you place both the 7za.exe file (grab from if you don't trust my executable) and the Microsoft Silverlight v4 installer (make sure its named silverlight.exe) in the same folder as the batch file, it will unpack the installer (no admin rights required) and create a folder named plugin with all the files that Firefox should need. Then just copy the contents of that folder into the Data\plugin folder for FirefoxPortable.

The only files I have omitted are the native library files (created by ngen at install time) and the language files. I intend to add these in later as an option (English and multilingual scripts) and also move this over to NSIS, so stay tuned. Any feedback or bugs reports would be appreciated!

Please note:
a) this is not been tested outside of my development machine, and may break
b) I speak English, so I haven't included the language files
c) I haven't been able to test this on a non-silverlight machine yet, so it may break - please let me know!
d) only tested to work with v4.0.60310.0 of silverlight, may work with earlier versions, unlikely to work with v3.

Link to files :


I ran his batch files on a USB drive and it did nothing,and when I looked at them in notepad,they had a lot of weird stuff in them about facebook authentication etc....

Just checked those files -

Just checked those files - nothing fishy there, should work as advertised.
Probably Logos downloaded something else... or just made this up.

And what purpose would that serve

Well the files that are in the dropbox folder have changed since I last downloaded it.There is no longer a batch file in there.

why the hell would I log on here waste everyone's time and make up something like that?he posted that reply almost 2 1/2 years ago and I downloaded it 2 years ago.You know what, why dont you just mind your own business instead of logging on to a forum to revive dead threads and to insult peoples character for unprovoked reasons


1) download the latest Silverlight

2) go to the install folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\**version**

3) copy these files to X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins

4) Uninstall Silverlight

5) check your new plugins here

Somple Instructions....but not work :(

I have copied this files but not work

I've copied this files and

I've copied this files and Cine5 ( ) works well: all *.dll files without *.ni.dll and *.exe files.

Broken/'Fixed': New Firefox & Silverlight

Sincere appreciate to Logos A for a clear guide...but versions have updated, and the fix is...broken.

Windows XP, SP3
Silverlight, Full local install v5.0.61118.0
Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition, v10.0.2

Followed the steps in your Simple Instructions, and got results when trying Netflix... Silverlight tried to startup, but then gave a "Silverlight Installation Problem, Error Code: 2105" on my notebook.

As I have Firefox locally installed (and Silverlight), I tried the local copy, no problem.

I did the 'dummies way' to make it work (so far...). I simply copied all the Silverlight files in the path, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\5.0.61118.0\, (no sub-folders under that, so no other languages), and pasted them all into my USB thumbdrive, F:\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins\

I understand that this is bulky, and that many files are unneeded, far, it works, at least on the notebook on which I'm testing. try it on my HP T57300 Thin client running XPe SP3.... hehehe (probably too slow to be effective).

As follow up, regarding the

As follow up, regarding the above "copy all Silverlight to plugins folder" solution, it did not run Silverlight on the T5730 Windows XP embedded SP3 thin client. Firefox portable worked well, but under Netflix' page, though it logged in properly, when I tried to play a movie, it simply went to a blank black screen with Firefox frame. No blue string of spinning pearls, no error, nothing.

Won't write it off based on preliminary XPe results alone. But would welcome other 'experimenting adventurers' to find another solution to run the newer Silverlight version 5 as a portable plugin under the newest Firefox version 10.02 or later, running on a base install Windows XP home/pro/whatever (please say what it works with to give fellow users a fighting chance at supplying all supplemental file dependencies to make their 'flavor' of XP work).

would it be possible for

would it be possible for someone to post the above files to a shared site, and then others to just copy them to their own X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins

installations steps

Thank you for your suggestions.I implemented them on my computer.It works very well.

What to do if it does not work with silverlight v5.1. or higher

In my case have have Firefox 25.0.1 running from a portable folder and XP SP2. I tried this recipe for Silverlight v5.1.20913.0 and these file were not in that folder:


I also tried copy the entire Silverlight folder and no success. It did not work and I tested with "view as slideshow" for attachments which is the only thing I need to work that is Silverlight (SL) based.

To solve this problem I uninstalled Silverlight 5.1.20913.0 and ran an old v4.0.60310.0 installer (which I still had), then copied the required files to plugin folder. I tested and it worked fine even without the above 2 files, but I copied them anyway. I use the "quickjava" plugin so I always run with Silverlight disabled until I need it. It goes without saying obviously there are security vulnerabilities in running older versions, so take make sure you have good anti-virus software.

Have script to do copying at

Has anyone got Firefox Portable 25.x or higher to run with SL v5.1 or higher?

They work fine

Ive tested this method on multiple versions of firefox and multiple computers and versions of windows.

So either your doing something wrong or your hardware has a limitation