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Total Commander Portable Launcher

RaYell (Homepage) - June 23, 2008 - 1:30am
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Application: Total Commander
Category: Utilities
Description: Shareware file manager for Windows.

Download Total Commander Portable Launcher 7.03

This is just the launcher. You need to download the App yourself and put it inside App/TotalCommander directory. And yes, I know that there is a tool to transfer your existing totalcmd copy to USB drive but this launcher makes it easier to integrate the app with portable apps menu.

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Well, I have to say I've been

Well, I have to say I've been using this launcher for a little over a month now and have not had any big problems that I have noticed. The only small thing I've seen is that when holding the mouse over the app entry it reports version 7.03 instead of Total Commanders version, but that doesn't bother me.

Even though Total Commander is not open source, I would be lost without it. Thanks for the launcher.

Solution for your problem

Just navigate to 'PortableApps\TotalCommanderLauncherPortable\App\AppInfo' and open the file 'appinfo.ini' with a text editor. In line 14 ('PackageVersion') and line 16 ('DisplayVersion') change the version number into your current version, e. g. 7.50 RC1.

Do the same in the directory 'PortableApps\TotalCommanderLauncherPortable\Other\TotalCommanderPortableSources'.

That's it!

By the way: very nice app indeed!


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Total Commander does have a

Total Commander does have a portable option by the way...

Hmm, couldn't find such an

Hmm, couldn't find such an option. Any hints?

Here you go - there are both

Here you go - there are both options for normal sticks and U3...