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TrollTech Registry Entry Help ( Need Some Info )

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David Dixon II
(Homepage) - June 24, 2008 - 9:41pm
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Ok When lightscreen runs, it makes a entry in the registry called TrollTech, to find where the .dll picture file is. This is suppose to be deleted after lightscreen is finished.

But i need to know, there is another app that uses that trolltech entry but i forgot its name (its an app that shows a pictures info & its in beta testing right now) whats that apps name and what are the other apps names that you can list that use this registry entry? thanks for the help all Laughing out loud

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it is not just one app. Trolltech is the company who does the QT toolkit. Every program that uses QT may have the Trolltech registry entries. I know ConvertAll has Trolltech keys come up for custom colors. Look at my source of ConvertAll Portable and maybe InfraRecorder for some help. They check if the keys are there at the start and at the end delete them if they weren't there. Also just in case something made values while your program is running, i use ${registry::DeleteKeyEmpty} where it only deletes the keys if they're empty if they're supposed to be