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Grokmeister - June 26, 2008 - 12:32pm
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Wireshark Portable is now available

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Just want to be sure, but

Just want to be sure, but doesn't Wireshark require a packet monitoring tool called WinPCap on Windows ?


No it does not. Besides, this has been portable for a few versions so far. I remember at least on the last version prior to 1.0 was fully paf compliant.

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Just used it two weeks ago, and it still did. The portable version will install and uninstall it, but it still needs it.

Also "fully paf compliant" just means it was packaged in a certain way. I've seen apps that are not truly portable be in paf form.


not true, it does

if you want to start it without ull be notified WinPcap is not installed.

Aint there an easy way to integrate it into the PA?
Whats the use installing if i want to use it portable?

1.5 Years Old

This topic is 1.5 years old and SEVERELY outdated. A PAF version of Wireshark is available at

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why wireshark portable is not at official release?

again as John mentioned this

again as John mentioned this is an old topic, and mostly the reasons it isn't an official package is probably (this is just from memory) that it requires an external driver which would need administrative privileges to run the application in question.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

thx for your quick answer

all the portableapps is free from administrative privileges?
what about Smart Defrag Portable? i am sure it need administrative privileges. you can't Defrag HD without that.
so why there is an option at portableapps menu to run program as administrator?

it seems odd to add this feature and not let portable apps with administrative privileges.
i hope see this program. it very useful, and i am sure many people will happy to see it.

thx tal.

in this case it's 2 different

in this case it's 2 different things, wireshark needs an external driver while the defrag program doesn't to handle driver stuff would be harder to handle which is pretty much why you won't see stuff like wireshark or virtual box as a portable app.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

many versions

wireshark produces lot of versions, very frequent update, it is probably not possible for someone from outside to monitor and check and test all their releases. They are times when they have two versions per day.

I think to have a release also here and maintain it will be soon a full time job for someone, and this just because of one util program most people have no use for anyway.

Yes there are some exceptions as far as admin rights are concerned, any defrag will need to be run so, but the wireshark when run without the pcap driver is really not lot of fun, I have no clue what one can use it for then. It really needs to make full install of the driver and uninstall it at the end.

Leave it to the people of wireshark, then all will probably work best, get the copy time to time from them and you have what you need.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland


The reason it is not included is because it is non-compliant. It's using a much older launcher and installer. The installer doesn't support the automatic updater.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Old news

Wireshark Portable v1.0.0 was published on March 30th, as you can see at the SF download page.

I'd appreciate a page on with links to open source programs in PAF format that are not hosted here. That would ease up things ...

Version 1.0.1

Wireshark Portable 1.0.1 (in PAF format) was published today.
It's a security update, so you are recommended to update.


It was hard for me to find any information about WiresharkPortable, but I finally found a few pages about it.

WiresharkPortable 1.0.2

WiresharkPortable 1.0.99 (latest build)

Wireshark U3 Package

WiresharkPortable Wiki

From their mailing list:
"You need to have installed the PortableApps framework (Base, Standard or Lite) first...When you install WiresharkPortable on your stick from the PortableApps menu ("Options/Install New App") the appropriate Wireshark files will be installed on your stick. You will then get a new menu item on the PortableApps menu that will allow you to run Wireshark from your USB stick."

(I find it hard to believe that the PortableApps platform is necessary.)
"For an U3 package, you'll need an U3 stick to work properly. The U3 system will set some special U3 environment variables...[To tell Wireshark not to use the AppData folder,] you can use -P command line option to adjust the personal folders, see ".

From the page: "If WinPcap is

From the page: "If WinPcap is not installed on the machine, WiresharkPortable will install it when and starts, and remove it when it exits. This can become tedious if WiresharkPortable is started many times."

Is Wireshark still packaged this way because of license issues with WinPcap? Or because it is a driver? Or both?

It's packaged that way

It's packaged that way because

a) It's a driver and needs to be installed
b) Drivers need to be installed by a user with "admin" on the target machine

John Haller from this website helped the Wireshark guys make it portable. There's no need to crosslink from this website to theirs.

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URL Update...

Can someone update the URL above? They have had several updates since but the URL listed is directly going to the 1.0.0 release.

Can you link to the Download page

they have many updates

almost daily, they 'nightly builds' etc, all changing there too fast I think.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

I had issues with Wireshark

I had issues with Wireshark recently, after uninstalling the winpcap, my computer BSOD with driver issues and had to reverted to an earlier state. I can't recommend it if you're just gonna test drive it, other wise install it and leave it alone.

WinPCap is optional

It will install and uninstall it by default. If you do not want it to do this, you can modify the .ini file to automatically bypass WinPCap:

In \WiresharkPortable\Other\WiresharkPortableSource\,
copy WiresharkPortable.ini to \WiresharkPortable.

Modify the line DisableWinPcapInstall=false
to DisableWinPcapInstall=true