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[Locked] Portable Adobe Photoshop CS3 ME

seven-7 - July 5, 2008 - 9:56pm
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I Need Portable Adobe Photoshop CS3 ME.

[Distributing a repackaged version of Adobe Photoshop is illegal. This topic has been locked]

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Closed Source

This is a closed source software package and this site doesn't currently support closed source software due to licensing issues
sorry and welcome to PortableApps
P.S. you could try the GIMP portable it is very similar to Photoshop in features

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.

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Adobe photoshop portable

I want adobe photoshop AGAIIIIIIIIIIN PLEAZ


codink, I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible to make Adobe Photoshop (any version) portable in this site.

As you can see in our Unofficial FAQ, section "Can you make [name] portable?": An app needs to be OpenSource so we can make it portable. Adobe Photoshop (any version) is not OpenSource.

So please try OpenSource alternative like GIMP Portable, that is OpenSource, already portabilized, and should fulfill most of your Photoshop needs.

Also, please search before posting because Photoshop Portable is a very frequent topic, and it was already stated on other forum topics that it can not be portabilized.

Hope to have helped!

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Check out

ptmb's signature - There is an image program called Gimp, it might have what you want. Plus it's FREE! Can't beat that deal.....

Open Source...., the choice of a GNU generation.

hi!!!!...can you send me a

hi!!!!...can you send me a portable cs3,..because i really need it in my school,.thanks...!!!

Are all the requesters in

Are all the requesters in this thread 'challenged'? That's the 3rd time someone's asked. The answer hasn't changed! Photoshop is not free, and what you are asking is illegal and will never be addressed by this website.

If by some chance any of you are just asking for a launcher (which I highly doubt), this also will never happen. Photoshop installs too many services and licensing tricks for it to ever be made portable. Use GIMP, as has been suggested many times.

Is realy not portable...

Someone tried to make it portable but some functions were disabled
And this are mainly the Extended versions of CS3
but I don't know if its legal and like the others said said here:
use GIMP - its free, open source and after a while you will see that its similar to CS...

Although legal issues

Although legal issues prohibit us from providing you a portable version of PhotoShop, you might want to send Adobe an email requesting a PortableApps compatible version. Although you most likely get a no as an answer (knowing the tight legal space they operate in) it at least give the folks at Adobe a pointer that an official portable PhotoShop would be greatly appreciated by their (paying) customers.

The biggest hurdle might be (again) the legal issues. A (truly) portable application could easily be copied and used twice, while the companies much rather have people shelling out another xxx bucks for a license. Also it might be a bit too easy to actually have illegal copies go wander around by non paying customers. This would, as you can imagine, surely kill their business model. One possible solution they (the company) could try is having an 'installed' copy linked to the USB ID that each USB drive has, although I must admit there are Flash Drives around where you can CHANGE this ID by special software.

Altogether there are many problems for proprietary software to make truely portable software of their products without making it too easy for people to start copying their products for free.

Microsoft will make something resembling portable software but their product would be as tightly nested in the host PC as Explorer is into Windows.

So while it's a pity some applications are not available as portable software there is a very good reason behind it, because without paying customers there would be no product at all.

Thus the seemingly unfair battle between Open and closed source software continues.

it is illegal....

however, if someone were to make a launcher for this, that would not be illegal and it would allow for general portability. and i must ask if someone makes a launcher for CS3, if they could please make a launcher for CS2 as well

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sorry but if you had actually read this thread (and any of the many many more of exactly the same thing) you would know that a launcher is impossible cause of all the .DLL's and services that are required to get adobe CS3 (or CS2) to work what i want to know is why this thread has gone through 3 reincarnations on this thread alone and a quick search comes up with 2 pages worth come on guys this is ridiculous
OK i feel better now after my rant
sergentsiler in short launcher not possible sorry

well... it's not impossible

well... it's not impossible at all. i could do it (but i won't). there are ways in nsis to create/remove/start/stop services and the dlls can easily be moved around if needed. i guess i really didn't have to add this comment but for some reason i feel the need to correct people's little mistakes

Portable means install /

Portable means install / uninstall without a reboot. You sure you can do that with any Adobe product and keep licensing intact? I'm not so sure on that point....


There are portable versions availible on several places but they're all illegal.

You'll never find it here as it'll never be open source.

Maybe this will help you in the right (or wrong, henche illegal) direction:

I like to add a general note

I like to add a general note concerning Launchers for closed source and commercial applications. After pondering it for a while I think should not promote, post, link to, or endorse Launchers to make commercial applications 'portable'.

You see, having a launcher to portabilise a closed source commercial application might circumvent any structures in place that prevent users from copying, using on multiple computers, making the license portable, and so on.

A well done Portable Launcher might be perceived as nothing more than an ordinary 'crack'. Lisences of commercial software are clear enough that people know they may only install the software on only one (or maybe 2 in some cases) PC's, so it would be against the license to have these applications 'portable'.

This is besides all technical impossibilities of making some applications 'portable'.


I see where you are going

I see where you are going with this and i have to agree. I know that Dragon Naturaly Speaking 9 Professional states that it is one liscense for only one computer. any violation of this voids the EULA.

Take a look at Pystar and what they did to have MacOSX run on their machines and the trouble it is getting them into. I hope Apple Wins on a legal side note.


very good

To all

To everyone saying GIMP is similar as Photoshop in features you need to revise your statements. Although GIMP can produce the same quality professional work as Adobe Photoshop they are nothing alike so please stop telling people that they are very similar because you may be giving them non-realistic expectations which in turn would actually turn them away from using GIMP.

On a side note I prefer GIMP over Photoshop because I think it's easier to use. For those who are using Photoshop (most likely illegally) please consider using GIMP, the more you use it the more accustomed to it's features you'll get, the more legal your professional work will be.

Benefits to using it include you'll never be restricted by your operating system since GIMP is offered for all operating systems.

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thanks a lot

GIMP alternative

I've used a portable version (NOT necessarily conformed to Portable Apps, just portable) of the Artweaver ( ), which has a VERY "Photoshop-like" interface.

The portable version can be downloaded from

Grab the one titled "Portable-Artweaver.ZIP"

While the portable package is freeware rather than Open Source, I dropped it into my Portable Apps interface and it works fine.

on photo shop type portable

besides gimp: do youy have anythink else that would be just as compatable as adobe photo shopp, & just as powerful?... please email me a link if you have anything on your site, similar to it... By The Way: do you have any software that would act like a proxy server, & block my originating ip address, so that it couldn't be seen?... thank you....



you can use TOR for that.

Download torbrowser, it contanins all you need incl firefox portable.

but plase read all the instruction on the website before you use it, since it can hide your origin IP only in certain cases, but not all. There is no way to hide your origin IP completely in all kinds of traffic. It will install a proxy on your stick too and will use chain of proxies for the web traffic, but other protocols will not be affected.

and I dont think there are many alternatives to gimp, this is the standard in open source world for work like photoshop does. This is the stnadard software under linux for long time.

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i am just wondering why i acquired a portable photo shop it is about 40 mb and i can fit it on a flash drive

thats not photoshop

photoshop 5 is around 100MB and the newer versions are much bigger. it is NOT portable by design and is closed source.

yes it deff is

its cs3

Acquired != Legal

Just because you "acquired" something, doesn't make it legal. Virtually anything can be acquired illegally. The point is not so much whether or not Photoshop could be made portable. It is more that it is not legal to make portable. So even if it was easy to do, it would not be done here.

So if you found CS3 portable, and you don't care whether or not you are breaking the law. Then just use it. Just don't expect that you will get support here if it is not working properly.

It amazes me that on the internet you can be anything you want, and yet so many people still choose to be idiots.

i know

but everyone here seems like there saying it cannot be done and if it ends up not working ill just install my full version lol i mean i paid for the real cs3 so me having a crappy portable version is the least they can do. Ans i mean how much money do you think adobe makes?

Can't BECAUSE it is illegal

We can't package it because it is illegal. It can be done technically.

Please refrain from discussing illegal software in these forums, regardless of how you acquired it. Users who continue to discuss illegal software will have their accounts banned.

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