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Evolution Mail Portable?

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alpha1 (Homepage) - July 9, 2008 - 6:27pm
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Would anybody like to see Evolution Mail Portable? I'm thinking about doing it, but would first like to see how much it would be used around here and if anyone here would be willing to help me with it because I know i will need help

About the App:
Evolution Mail-A Linux outlook replacement ported to windows
Bout 50 megs installed
version 2.22.2-2

Please comment so I can get an idea of how well this can go.

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Do it.

Yeah go ahead we need another full fledged email client.

Release Team Member

Well I already started a

Well I already started a little bit, just seeing how bad this is gonna be...
using Tbird PE as the base for it so we'll see what I can do from there.

Lead, Follow, or get out of the way.


I was thinking about doing Columba, but it's Java and a dead project. I can probably help you with this from time to time as well.

That web site sounds familiar, I think the Deluge developer is an owner/part of it.

Go for it.

I use Evolution on Ubuntu, and I fancy the idea of seeing a portable version. I currently don't use Thunderbird, just because it's not really what I want/need.

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Yes I want it

I registred only for post this comment, then.... DO IT!!!!

Ciao ciao a tutti!!!

wow thanks for the support I

wow thanks for the support

I have started with the help of Patrick but it is a BIG app and will take a while to finish

Lead, Follow, or get out of the way.

As do I..

And I also registered just to show my support for this Smiling

Let me know if you need help ( testing or whatever ). I haven't made an application portable before but I have a knack for figuring things out fairly quickly Smiling ( I have modified an NSIS launcher before to get it to Do What I Want though )

I'll be looking forward to this!

please do

I've been using Tbird and it's been working... ok. I have only JUST started using evolution, after doing some searches for a better client, and I really like it. built in to-do/calendar/memos > unusable lightning plugin. also I just like how it looks. so anyway please do so!
thanks in advance,

@developers: THANK YOU!!


Yes I really need a calender program that I can synk with my mobile phone. (Nokia 5500) I've read some threads about how to setupp evoulion in Linux to synk with nokia 5500. I haven't tested.

Does anybody know if there is some other portable calender program that you can synk with mobile devices?


Yeah I would appreciate it!

Oh yes, please, do it. I'm no IT-pro but anyway I'm a student of linguistics so maybe I could help to translate it, if it hasn't been done yet. Smiling

I hope this is still in development

A fully portable Exchange friendly email client would be a lifesaver for me. Please continue this project.

I wouldn't be much help, as I'm not really a developer, but I'd be happy to help with testing.

I totally agree

I totally agree with you. It would be a great step for me having this program portable.


yeah if it support hotmail and web based email like yahoo mail!



Also registered to support this idea. I ended up on this post when using Google to see if Evolution was available for my Cruzer USB device. Currently using Evolution on my Aspire One (Ubuntu Linux) and Windows XP laptop. To bad there isn't a version for my Mac. But I'd love to see a portable version because portable Thunderbird (of ANY Thunderbird version for that matter) keeps messing up my IMAP folders. Really looking for a good mail program to use on Linux, Windows, Mac OS and portable and Evolution seems like the best choice for three out of four.

Portable Evolution

Did you progress with this, would love to see evolution in my portable apps stick


Paul C
All of us are born Right handed - some of US manage to overcome that tho!

Count me in... would love to

Count me in... would love to see a solid portable email app with PIM and IMAP... Would love to test too...

Evolution Portable

I have send a message to your website. Yes, please, Evolution 2.28 (latest build) portable.

Evolution is the missing component on a USB stick for any Linux (Gnome flavor) user on Windoze (when he has to).

There would be no need of a portable Linux for a casual use (checking emails, writing reports) on a Windoze platform.

Best regards,


Vs. Evolution?

What's the difference between this and Evolution?

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Evolution For PortableApps

Count me in. I'll at least do testing and try to assist where else I can.

I'm making contact with the people at who have compiled a successful Win32 version of Evolution. They may be willing to assist.

Is there anything new out

Is there anything new out there? I've been searching so long now for a portable PIM which supports crappy ms exchange..

Portable Evolution would be a solution for (nearly) all of my problems Smiling


I like this program. Would love to have it on a stick. I only use Evolution, or Thunderbird. Both Good Stuff.

Evolution portable

Are you still thinking about build package of Evolution portable?
I am looking for it.

The WORLD needs this.

A lot of us are forced to use Outlook at work, we are desperate to see this in PortableApps.

Windows Builds Dead

Neither the Evolution team nor anyone else provides Windows builds any longer. The Windows builds that used to be provided by the 3rd party linked in this thread were a bit unstable. That team stopped updating their unofficial Windows build a year ago.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

excelente ideia

estamos mesmo precisando de uma opção ao thunderbird.
se precisar de alguém pra testes pode contar comigo.

linux!!! Porque meu mundo não cabe em uma janela!!!!

Build it; Update it.

If anyone REALLY want's to see Evolution released as a PortableApp, they're going to have to build it for windows, and keep it up-to-date.
When someone is actually keeping a windows build of Evolution up to date, then I believe it can be considered for PortableApp-ification; till then, sorry.

I've been busy IRL for the past month or two, but I'm back.

Evolution Mail Portable

Here You can find really up-to-date builds for windows nearly any day:
Would bee very interested to see a portable version. Thanks


Someone (maybe you, maybe someone else) may choose to make a Development Test release (they can post it in This Forum), but unless there is a "Stable" version, it won't likely be able to become an Official app.

P.S. Note that in order for an app to become an Official app they usually need to be both "Stable Builds" (called stable by the publisher) and truly "stable" (crash-resistant, and polished, without noticeable bugs) builds.

I've been busy IRL for the past month or two, but I'm back.

My 2 cents

I think would benefit from also offering Evolution Portable.

Thunderbird is in my opinion the most popular FLOSS email client. It is the client I use for backing up my own web mail and recommend to others.

However, Evolution would be the second most popular FLOSS email client if Thunderbird is the first. Therefore many users be grateful for the opportunity to use their preferred client as a PortableApp.

We offer multiple web browsers and chat clients yet only PopMan as an alternative to Thunderbird. Seems natural to also provide the second most popular FLOSS email client as well. Advocate

Moot Point - Unstable

As there is no stable or even beta quality builds of Evolution for Windows, this is a moot point.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

moot should stay on /b/

but i understand what you mean Smiling

I would like to see Evolution Mail portable

I would like, if you make Evolution mail Portable. I like this email client, so I will be happy if you make it, because I have all contacts in *.cvs file and It will be easily for me manage my contacts.
Thank for your interest about doing Evolution portable.
BTW: Sorry, My english is not well. I am from Czech republic Smiling.

no stable windows builds

As stated multiple times, there are no stable or even alpha quality builds of evolution for windows for even a local install let alone a portable build. The evolution team does not support windows and likely never will, so it's just not an option.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I see...

Is it complicated to build portable software? Thanks

no just hard to make

no just hard to make something portable when the application author doesn't support the windows operating system officially

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

And these files...?

Thank you for your reply.
Excuse me for next stupid question, but from this page (windows installer), it is not posible to do? Can you use it for build "alpha stable" portable version?

Oh, I forgot link. Here is :


Those builds by that 3rd party were discontinued quite a while ago. They're no longer supported and won't be updated. Technically, those builds were never supported by anyone, anyway.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Not Much Point

It's not even alpha level. It's not supposed to be used for anything other than preliminary testing. So, it's of no use to anyone that wants to actually use Evolution on Windows.

The bottom line it that there is no Evolution for Windows other than preliminary pre-alpha quality builds. That seems unlikely to change anytime soon. So, for all intents and purposes, there is no usable Evolution for Windows.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I see...:| Thank you for your

I see...:|
Thank you for your posts.


OpenSUSE has a newer "windows" installer for evolution. Before anyone replies that OpenSUSE is a linux distro, I know. But they have a windows install build in an RPM package that can be unpacked with 7zip.

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Phillip de Blieck

are you sure its a windows build

OpenSuse use the OpenSuse Build Service (OBS) that helps with compiling. Evolution is also avalible on Ubuntu as well. Suse would not be able to run the Evolution Mail windows installer as youi say without the dependency of WINE. as far as i can tell up to 11.3 Evolution is nothing more than a rpm package compiled using the opensuse build service.


It's labeled as "experimental". It's not even alpha quality. Which means it's not appropriate for actual use.

So, again, there are NO stable (or even beta) builds of Evolution for Windows. None. No one maintains it. No one supports it. It's been this way nearly forever and it is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


i would surely like this

please reread above comments

As there is no such thing as any even remotely stable or supported builds of evolution for windows, there is nothing for us to portablize. There are no plans for evolution to be supported or regularly built on windows, even after years of requests, this is a dead topic.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Evolution Mail as a Portable Apps


I've been weening my self off Windows products for some time, but unfortunately there are a couple of apps I'm married to. Having Evolution Mail as a portable apps would be an assets, and solve some issues, as it marries up well with my Linux apps and my Palm tools. (Yep - I still use my Palm Treo and loving it!!!) Maybe in a year or two I plan to upgrade to a Ubuntu based phone or tablet and my life will be complete.

Dead Topic

As mentioned in the comment just above this, there is no such thing as Evolution for Windows. Even the very old pre-alpha versions which did not work right have been pulled. If and when Evolution ever comes to Windows as an actual stable app, we'll test and likely add it. Until then, please stop requesting it here.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!