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GnuCash worked but now crashes

bthomson - July 15, 2008 - 2:20pm
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I downloaded GnuCash and ran it on my USB key, setting up a few accounts but not yet entering data. I've tried to run it again and it keeps crashing now. It appears to be gnucash-bin.exe that crashes. Task manager shows GnuCash Portable running, then gnucash-bin.exe and then not one but two copies of gconfd-2.exe. There are 3 error messages:

1) Unspecified fatal error encountered, aborting
2) This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information. (Note: the heading for the 2nd error box is "Micro Soft Visual C++ Runtime Library")
3) gnucash-bin.exe has ceased to function

I was able to install the Linux version on my Asus EEE PC without problems and it runs there with no problems. I was hoping to be able to run it on both machines and sync the data.

I've also tried running it on my laptop's hard drive and have the same crash problem there as on the USB key. I've tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling it to no avail.

Can anyone suggest why it is now crashing having run once.

Bob Thomson
Ottawa Canada

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Have you tried installing the non-portable windows version of GnuCash? It sounds like the problem lies with GnuCash itself, which we aren't going to be able to help you much with, but you could confirm that by running the non-portable version and seeing if you still get the crash. If you do, I would suggest trying the GnuCash mailing lists at

formerly rayven01

trying non-portable GnuCash

I've downloaded the file gnucash-2.2.5-setup.exe from the site, but it produces a file that only gets opened as a text file by NotePad in Windows Vista and doesn't "run". I've tried converting it to an executable (.exe) file, but that just opens it as a batch file in Notepad too. There doesn't seem to be anything about this problem in the list archives.


I downloaded and ran that on my Vista machine and it ran fine. Did you try re-downloading it? It sounds like the download failed the first time.

formerly rayven01

can't run batch file

I've uninstalled and downloaded it several times. When you click the shortcut in Vista, does it run a batch file named gnucash.bat which eventually calls gnucash-bin.exe? I can't get the batch file to run as Vista only opens it as a text file with Notepad, instead of executing it!


Run as administrator

Ahh right, that's one little "feature" of Vista I forgot about. Try right-clicking on the shortcut and choosing 'run as administrator.'

formerly rayven01

GnuCash Portable Crashing

I got this error after using GnuCash for a while on a USB drive. After freeing up some space on the drive, it began working again. The error seems to be related to available space on the drive.

GNU Cash Crashing

Hello, I've been running GNU Cash Portable 2.2.7 on my USB drive for some time and have held off on upgrading to the 2.2.8 release. This morning, I copied my GNU Cash directory from my USB to my hard drive PA environment (\Desktop\Portable Apps\PortableApps\GnuCashPortable). Ran the 2.2.7 version from here to verify all was ok.

Did the upgrade, and now 2.2.8 crashes immediately upon start. When this happens task manager shows the following images running


After a minute or so all 3 of these close out.

Any thoughts?



Is that space actually there?

In the HDD path you list, there is a space in "Portable Apps". Is that actually the case? If so, try it without. A great number of apps, especially cross-platform ports like GnuCash, cannot handle spaces in their pathnames.

Personally, I've been using version 2.2.8 from hard drive and flash drive since the day after it was released with no problems at all so far.

Jimbo aka Hawkeye!!!

Jimbo, that space was actually there. Ironically it has been there for quite a while and had not caused any issues previously (even with the 2.2.7 version added earlier today). I removed it and now GNU Cash 2.2.8 starts properly.

Sometimes it just takes someone else to see what you don't!! Eye-wink
Thanks for your help.