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Google Earth Portable

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sahand - August 13, 2008 - 12:27am
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I am interested in this wonderful software but I can't install it in my office PC.
I download Google Earth v4.2 but it does not save my changes made like marked positions and more.
Can anyone help me or any suggestion?

Sahand Elmi

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As memory serves JauntePE can

As memory serves JauntePE can portableize Google Earth...

there is a launcher somewhere

there is a launcher somewhere in the beta testing forums, Do a search and you should find it

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As far as i know Google Earth

As far as i know Google Earth is not open source and will most likely not be hosted on this site if it is made portable.

Confirmed -> Google Earth is Proprietary

From section #3 of the license agreement: "You agree that you will not, and will not allow any third party to, (i) copy, sell, license, distribute, transfer, modify, adapt, translate, prepare derivative works from, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive source code from the Software"

If it's ever made portable it won't be hosted on

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Per Alpha1

Here's the link.

But it is a beta version launcher, might wanna read the whole thread.

Open Source...., the choice of a GNU generation.

google earth on drive

i have managed to put google earth on portable apps! it runs fine. Can anyone tell me if it is illegal to run it of a USB drive? I'll remove it if it is. Smiling

iLike Mac's

is the cache on the usb too?

There are some portable google earth on some warez sides, but I made the experience, they are in fact not portable, it is simply some kind of copy of the software, the cache it is writing to the usual place and not deleting it from there.
So if all is solved the way the cache is on the stick too, then I think it is portable already.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

I think

I think warez are illegal but I'm not sure...

yes illegal

but onec I was just testing some other product claimimng to be portable google earth.
to some extend it was portable, but writin the cache somehow to the local drive still, so I trashed it again, the autohors seemd to miss that point somehow.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

No it isn't.

It's not illegal.

You can put anything that's yours onto your drive. As long as you purchased it or downloaded it for your computer.

If you were to go into somebody's else's computer and copy something like Microsoft Office and put it on your usb drive that would be illegal.

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

Really portable

It's really not illegal. But i've read above, that the programm creates his cache Files on the harddrive. Here is my Version. It is really portable, but also slow, if you launch it from a slow device.

I Can make everything portable (except drivers) with this tecnology.
Just ask me.
I've already got

  • Visual basic 6 Enterprise*
  • Visual Studio: Visual Basic Enterprise*
  • Visual Studio: C# Enterprise*

*) Enterprise are Microsofts Free products. They contain most of the Professional Feautures, but not all.
So only ask me for free Software.
The Installer you have to create by yourself. I've spent about 2 Hours for debugging this scripts and it hasn't worked.


Thats where your wrong Most

Thats where your wrong Most licenses where it says it's free doesn't give you rights to modify and redistribute. If this is not a luancher but the full app plus launcher then you'll have to remove that link.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

no, no

It's more likely that you aren't allowed to modify the code in any way, but my technology leaves the code as it is.
If you think making an app like this portable is to modify the code, that the application only writes his configuration files in the specified dir, you are wrong. You need only a control application that redirects all requests to the registry and directories to predefinied files and folders.


this is re-packaging google

this is re-packaging google earth, which is against the Google Earth EULA. and VM-Ware has lisencing problems associated with distribution of packaged apps. plus, Thinstall/ThinApp isn't welcome here. (mod can remove/adapt this if its too harsh)

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VB Portable?

Hi. I am interested in free ("Enterprise") editions of Portable VB you have made. If they are truly Portable, I would be grateful if you would upload them somewhere and post the links (or the worst case scenario, I'll make a junk email and post it here so you can send them to me)... Thanks

[EDIT]: Just write if they are really Portable and would you want to send them to me. If yes, I'll give you that trash email. If you decide to upload somewhere and post links, it can't be a full link or it will be removed from the forum. Please, either "encrypt" the link with ROT13 when posting, or write it with many spaces so it's not a real link (example: htt p : // www . portableapps. com /comment/edit/... if you know what I mean. That way, it's not really breaking the forum guidelines...).

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

I think it is illegal due to

I think it is illegal due to the fact that you might remove or disable any copy protection during making it portable. Also ELUA's often state you are allowed to use the installed application on a single PC.

While I personally think this is less important with free applications it is important with commercial applications.

Google Earth???

Well, it definitely is portable - all the write caching etc. is definitely onto the drive and when you go [empty cache] in google earth, it deletes a hefty amount of space off the usb drive Smiling Also there's a launcher for it and it works like magic off the portableapps menu Smiling

I wouldn't think it was illegal.......

I can post a file for you guys to download if you want google earth portable. Just let me know.

iLike Mac's

I would like to have link

I would like to have link where to donwload your portable version and text it !



i will put link on tonight. i will inform you of the link... the original file is 35mb, so i will make it into a .rar file. Uncompress it and drag the whole 'GoogleEarth Portable' folder into your Portableapps folder. it should work. ive copied it like that, and theres no need to install it. first time opening may take awhile. Smiling, also close portableapps before copying.

iLike Mac's

yes, I'd like to have this

yes, I'd like to have this file....I hope I fon't need to install google earth to get the portable version - I HATE installing anything if I can help it

I'm in love with the whole 'Portable' idea

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heres the link

heres the rapidshare link. Please give some feedback. it my take some time to download - as it is 20mb. Please read insructions on previous posts...


iLike Mac's

well, so far I'm very pleased

well, so far I'm very pleased and impressed. I've never used google earth before and this looks wonderful! and I'm using this on windows 2000. wow!

if I find any problem, I'll let you know. Although it could just be me not knowing what the hell i'm doing!

I discovered the looking at the stars thing. holy smokes! is that wonderful!

when I first started it I think it wanted to find IE and as I never use that horrible browser I accessed the settings figuring I could turn something off.

I found General/Display and clicked off "Show Web Results in web display". SO far I've had no demands for IE. Maybe I did that right.

"No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices." - Edward R. Murrow


i dont see why you need internet explorer....
also the images should get clearer when you zoom in. I can see my house!

Anymore thoughts or opinions??

iLike Mac's

Not completely Portable... :(

Hi. I've just checked your version of Google Earth (I'm not going to go into the "is it legal or not" discussion here). Just wanted to let you know that your portable version of Google Earth leaves registry data behind. I didn't do any extensive testing or option changing, so this is not a complete overview, but even so it left some registry data such as:

Keys added:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Google\Google Earth Plus
HKU\S-[random number from my OS]\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\CA\Certificates\DD7A7F131DDBA33D3E8670179483E6FEA6987D6A
HKU\S-[random number from my OS]\Software\
HKU\S-[random number from my OS]\Software\\keyholeclient

Please update/make your "release" (read: re-package) of GE really Portable by not leaving registry (and/or any data) behind on the machine it is run on (IF you can and know how, and if you have made this package...). Thanks. Also, there is a naming error in your program. The ".paf" part is only added into the executable's name if it's a setup. This file should be named as GoogleEarthPortable.exe. Cheers

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

There is a portable version

There is a portable version of Google Earth here:
[Link to illegal software removed by mod JTH. If you post illegal links again, you will be banned]

There is a good version of

There is a good version of Google Earth on the forums if you look around. Its a launcher that copies over your install to the folder and our set. I did a few regshots for it in the past for the dev and can confirm it now leaves nothing behind. This is a Legal version as it isn't redistributed with the binaries. Search for it and you'll be set Smiling Advocate


Qt Marble could be made open source.

wrong forum d00d.

wrong forum d00d.

Marble does pretty much the

Marble does pretty much the same thing as Google Earth.

If people want a globe viewing application then Marble seems the best solution at this point in time.

I was just pointing to an alternative to Google Earth.

Opps. i am so embarrased.

Opps. i am so embarrased. Marble is also a name of a FOSS game. Check the Beta Testing area because i saw the Marbel you are talking about there a while back Smiling

I apologise agian.

It's okay. ;)

It's okay. Eye-wink

It's official

... in the app listing (here) for about a month now.

portable google earth can't be installed

i have tried to intall portable google earth after download finished it stuck at creating folder "apps"