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Family Tree Maker 16 (Commercial App)

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thejahn (Homepage) - August 29, 2008 - 9:37am
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This post is to be informative for people wishing to create a launcher for Family Tree Maker 16 genealogy info tracking software. This software is used to record details about a persons genealogy, assist in finding info on the web, collecting photos, organizing tree and formatting printouts. For more information about the software, see

I plan to make a launcher of my own in the future but have not found the time just yet. I did reaseach most of what needs to be accompished and have hints for anyone else wishing to write a launcher now.

By default, the application is installed to c:\Program Files\Family Tree Maker 16 folder
Additional DLL files can be found by using windows explorer and opening the C:\windows\system32 folder, adding the Company field to the list header and sorting by company. All DLLs by the LEAD company should be moved or copied into the Family tree maker folder. This makes the application mostly portable. The remaining work is to retreive the Registry entries of both HKLM and HKLU for Software/ There are additional file type registrations for various FTW and GED and one or two other file types.

Also the family file to be used needs to be moved from and back to removable drive. Family Tree maker determines the file is on a removable drive and does not allow it to be used as such. This seems scary to me but I know other programs implement routines to do this such as MediaMonkey and setting files.

Encapsulating the above folder with moved DLLs, and capturing the two registry areas allow this app to be portable. I welcome someone writing a launcher for it, I would love to test it. If I find time, I will write and post one to the Beta Apps forum page.

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Still no luck.

I have just found this thread of yours and after reinstalling FTM 16 to a PC I have search in the system32 folder for dlls with the company name "LEAD" and have not found any. Can you list what you have or maybe print out a directory structure with files so that I can make sure. I am soon travelling to visit family and would really like to be able to use this program whilst I travel.

Try this . . .

Try Simple Family Tree at it's portable and can read .ged files. I think you will need to copy ijl15.dll from WINDOWS/system32 into the Simple Family Tree portable directory.

Family Tree Maker portable

I do hope that the makers of FMT will decide themselves (finally) to create a portabel version of the program

But as you say that program

But as you say that program does GED files, I want to use FTW files. Yes GED is great for portability but it does not hold the media files that I have attached to my tree, also it loses some of the fields.
Otherwise I would use the one suggested or GRAMPS as they are both available in portable versions.

Does anyone have the .exe

Does anyone have the .exe that was made available from another posting here at because the exe at doesn't seem to be available anymore even though the links were checked on "Link updated Mar 21, 2010."
much appreciated

I do like family tree maker,

I do like family tree maker, but FTG have IMHO the best family tree maker and it runs on the .NET framework so is pretty portable.


framework actually makes it less than portable as far as not leaving traces of it self

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