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Chrome Portable!! - More Improvements

quinton - September 3, 2008 - 4:43pm
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I made a new thread for this because this one was getting cluttered. See here

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Chrome Portable

Wow, it's blisteringly quick.

I just downloaded this but it

I just downloaded this but it doesn't work on wondows2000 - I'll keep it on a flash drive just in case I come across a friend's XP at some point

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Chrome only works on XP SP2

Chrome only works on XP SP2 and up


What about Ubuntu running this app under wine.

i use an offshoot of Ubuntu called Linuc Mint I will test it when i get home
and let you know

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Who uses anything UNDER vista anymore, I mean really? Windows 2000 come on?!


The majority of users around the world are using Windows XP. Personally I'm an Ubuntu fan but I have XP on my main machine as it is currently the most ubiquitous operating system.

You can find statistics at Advocate

A real PortableApp

I have made an actual PortableApp version of Chrome (splash screen and everything!). I am in the debug phase of it. There are a lot of bugs that should be fixed in the portableapp version. The biggest problem I am facing is the browser not knowing where to put the browsing files. I do not know if i should set it to cache to the jump drive or to the computer. I may set up a STORE IF THEN line of code to try to get it to work. This is for the event of the jumpdrive not having enough space, so it will use the C drive as an alternative.

If we could get Chrome to

If we could get Chrome to default start in incognito mode we'd be set. I'll look around and update mine if I find a way.

I'm thinking if when Chrome is launched, I could send Ctrl+Shift+N. And then close the other window


Simply Start Chrome.exe with this following Attribute --incongnito

example in Command Prompt: start chrome.exe --incognito

Regards Sticking out tongue


Not relevant

This is for an old, unofficial Chrome Portable. The one which has since been officially released is not connected with this at all. Please don't resurrect "dead" topics - the last post was half a year ago and most of it (including what you're responding to) was two years ago. Also chrome.exe should not be called directly - only GoogleChromePortable.exe.

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Put the cache in a subfolder

Put the cache in a subfolder of %TEMP%. That's what it's for.

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please release it

if there are some bugs, just throw it in the Beta testing forum. But for now, I'll download the above file.

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don'tr want the incogtnito thing

¿how may someone change the option of launching automatically in incognito?

¿can't change the path to the data folder or the profile folder??

Eiñ??? A siñature????

This is bad, I want an

This is bad, I want an official properly done one from Haller.

Auto Start with Incognito

( Chrome.exe --incognito )


Files still on computer

Chrome still leaves setting files on your computer.
Look here

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium
where %USERPROFILE% is usually C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\
C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium

It can be removed with the following code within DOS or a batchfile.
RMDIR /S /Q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium"

Thanks! but ...

Great work, I appreciate your effort. I really want a clean (i.e. portable) and non-personal-invading (i.e. no uploaded data to Google) version of Chrome. And Ad Block is a must too. On your portable version ...

1. I use Control-Shift-N for something else. Plus, I'd rather it start in default mode and I'll switch to incognito if necessary.

2. The directory C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\User Data is still created.
[edit] deleting the Chromium user data directory deletes my "don't use suggestion service" setting which I always want set. Can this and the reg key be portable-ized?

3. The registry items My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google are still created.

Thanks for your efforts, I look forward to the next rev!

proxy settings

It would also be great if chrome got proxy settings from a file not internet explorer settings. Some locked down computers don't allow editing of proxy addresses which means that you can't change the way chrome connects.

Good work so far though, once the traces get removed from the registry and application data folder this will be perfect. Its really fast! faster even than opera!

Add the text below to your

Add the text below to your command line, to make it save into a "Portable" directory (in it's own directory) rather than "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google" -- making it portable! Laughing out loud

Add to command line:

I tried that and it didnt

I tried that and it didnt work for me.

I did how ever create 3 batch files [one to copy data local, one to copy data back to thumb, on to clean up local]

You need robocopy [free/gratis] to use this:

O:\Portable\robocopy "O:\Portable\Chrome\User Data" "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data" *.* /E

O:\Portable\robocopy "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data" "O:\Portable\Chrome\User Data" *.* /E

RMDIR /S /Q "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium"

This is all assuming that O: is your thumb drive and that the folder structure is the same. I use TreuCrypt and always mount my thumb on O:


You might need to use

You might need to use "Chromium" instead (latest build of Chrome), like the first post says. Grab the latest copy from here: (in the folder with the biggest number - which at the moment is 1754)

Add the text below....

New to this, please forgive me!!!!
How do I add text to the command line?
Where do I find it and how do i edit it?


When I close Chrome out there is still a tray icon

edit: also I cant get it to register as the default browser.


Of course you cant register it...

Because you're running it portably.


Portable Application Template

I would like to see this follow the template along with not leaving a trace on the host computer even if it is not in incognito mode. Also i preferred the original icon.

Import from Portable Firefox

Is there any way to get Chrome to import from Portable Firefox? I tried the manual option on the Wrench Menu, but it only sees the IE on my machine, not the FF on my USB. I'd rather not copy my profile to the local machine as that's part of the reason I have Portable FF...


I also have both, but the chrome (both portable & local) always leaves me the option of importing from FFP instead of IE (maybe this is because my installation of local FFwas deleted by the shift-delete & then to the control panel thing)

Eiñ??? A siñature????

it works but,

it stores all the ccatching on the stick now, fine, but this makes it very slow, depending on the write ability of the stick.

Could it be better to let it write to its usual folders, but delete them on exit?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

it works but,

you could redirect the cache folder to a place that is easier to see, and thus, easier to delete.

perhaps even copy your base files from the stick to a folder on your Desktop maybe, and then load chrome.exe from the new folder on your Desktop.

Delete the new folder after you are done with it.

This is just one option.
xcopy /D /E /I /H /Y "%~d0\PortableApps\Chrome\Data" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Chrome"
Start %~d0\PortableApps\Chrome\App\chrome.exe --user-data-dir="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Chrome"


This is the greatest freaking thing ever.

I downloaded both the incognito mode one and the other one because sometimes I want to start in incognito mode... for no reason... just... anonyminity.

Either way, this is awesome.
I wish it had a PA splash screen, though.
But it launches faster than firefox portable, that's for sure Laughing out loud

2 thumbs up, I'll be keeping up on this development.


only faster when loading

only faster when loading webpages, don't open windows & tabs faster

Eiñ??? A siñature????


I've taken some time to update the source of the original author.

- Registry is restored from portable drive on startup
- Registry is saved from local machine to portable drive on Chrome exit
- Registry on local machine is removed

If I'm given permission I'll post the update.

Thanks sooo much. You have

Thanks sooo much.
You have permission. Just post the link and I'll include in revision 3.


Any chance I can get your e-mail? My FTP host is currently down.



Thanks. Will put in next rev


Will put in next rev

Default download location

Anyway to set the download location to %UserProfile%\Desktop

Rev 3&4

I'm still using Rev2, as I've found Rev 3 and 4 don't save settings. Once I close Portable Chromium, and reopen, the settings aren't saved. Rev 2 does save them.
Copying "preferences" over from rev2 to rev4 (in the /data/userdata/default directory) does nothing, as "preferences" in rev4 revert to "default" on launch. Setting as "read only" has no effect either, Chrome won't read those. Checking with Process Monitor, it reads the preferences off the host computer. But it doesn't back up those files to the portable drive (for later), nor does it apparently read the portable preferences when it loads back up.

Also, I specifically went to and downloaded the latest build, extracted to the /app subdirectory, and upon starting Chrome Portable.exe it said there was an updated version, and went to download it. Double checking what it downloaded, it was the exact same version I had just downloaded. Upon start, it asks "would you like to update now?" I click no, and it still downloads/updates Chromium.

Also, wouldn't this be more appropriate to call "Chromium Portable?" The Chromium one has to download is "Chromium" and not "Google Chrome." The logo is all blue (i.e. different than in the splash screen) and there is no Google branding on the browser.

Otherwise, great work, and thanks! Smiling

i downloaded the rc4 then run

i downloaded the rc4 then run it, it appear update available and i click yes, after that seems no response and popup an error, so the conclude is cant run it, anyone can solve it?

I get the following error

I get the following error trying to run Chrome Portable.exe

Chrome Portable.exe
Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:
Params: <--user-data-dir="C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ChromePortable\UserData">

The current thread will exit.

Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified.

--->	031: Run,App\Chrome.exe --user-data-dir="%appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData"


it looks like chrome isn't

it looks like chrome isn't getting copied to your portable device. Try downloading the latest build from:
(you want the file). extract that to the PortableApps\Chrome\App folder (making sure that chrome.exe is located at PortableApps\Chrome\App\chrome.exe

Try running after that and see how it goes.

What version if windows are you running?

v5 is great, but ...

... the "Downloading Chrome; Please Wait..." pop up blocks my screen and can't be minimized. Is this fixable? I'd like to minimize it while I download Chrome on slow links, like now, while I'm at an airport.

Also, options, like disabling "suggestion service" and checking "ask where to download..." and setting a home page still don't stick between program runs. Sad

Overall, thanks! I can't wait for the final.


Tested out Rev.5, and it has the same issues as Rev.s 3 and 4.
I did test out SpiffyJr's Portable version, and it has no issues, and works "as advertised." i.e. it saves settings between sessions.

Rev.5 did however respond to my declining to update the version of Chromium.

This looks like the problem with reusing previous userdata.

;Copy Files
FileCopyDir, Data\UserData, %appdata%\ChromePortable, 1
;Run Chrome
RunWait, App\Chrome.exe --user-data-dir="%appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData"
It saves UserData to "%appdata%\ChromePortable" but then tries to read it from "%appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData"

Let me know if I am wrong please

Yes, there's an error in Line

Yes, there's an error in Line 22. It should be -

FileCopyDir, Data\UserData, %appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData, 1

There's also an error in your Update routine, Line 84. It should be -

RunWait, Other\Chrome Portable Source\extract.bat,,Hide

Launch the BAT file, not EXE.

However I'm wondering why you copy data? Why not use the UserData directory on the portable device? Is this for performance reasons?

And for registry performance, it's faster to rename the local keys instead of using reg for exporting / importing it.

I had an idea when I wrote my own little launcher for GChrome (AutoIt). I like launching directly into Incognito mode. Some people don't like this, sure. So do a test (first line of script) to see if a certain key is held, I used SHIFT. If it is, launch in normal mode. If not, launch in Incognito mode. Simple and effective.

Thanks for your

Thanks for your corrections

The data is copied for performance reasons. If it's not copied, loading webpages is slower

works nice

rev6 works very well thank you very much. Just one little thing. How do I pass the chrome.exe command line parameters. I'm looking to pass "--no-sandbox" for example. Thanks.

Command Line Arguments

Rev6 works beautifully, but I had a simmilar issue—I wanted to set up a proxy without changing Windows/IE internet options.

Luckily the AutoHotKey script is included with the file.
I downloaded AutoHotKey, loaded the .ahk file from the portable distro, and added in the command line arguments I wanted.
(I found plenty of those arguments listed here: (which the author states he found in

So the line for me now looks like this:
RunWait, App\Chrome.exe --user-data-dir="%appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData" --proxy-server=localhost:8080

I then compiled the exe, and renamed to Chrome Portable +.exe to differentiate.

Course, I also added in a section to clear user data every exit, saving only preferences/options (i.e. not saving cookies, asking where to save files).
For any who are interested:

;  ClearUserData
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\archived*
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\Cache\*
FileRemoveDir, .\Data\UserData\Default\cache
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\cookies
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\current*
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\history*
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\last*
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\thumbnail*
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\visited*
FileDelete, .\Data\UserData\Default\web*
;  DoneClearingUserData

However, this means for every change, you need to edit in AutoHotKey and recompile/remake the .exe... You could just make several versions, and choose which to execute, depending on what you need. That's the beauty of open source. Laughing out loud

cmd line

Hey thanks for this. I overlooked the .ahk file. My bad.

Could someone help me with

Could someone help me with this? I want to start the google chrome with the proxy command. Where do I find the .ahk file from the portable distro?


Here, if you know AutoIt then feel free to incorporate -

#include <Misc.au3>
#include <_RegFunc.au3>

Global $incognito = True, $pid, $os, $drive

If _IsPressed("10") Then $incognito = False
If @OSVersion = "WIN_VISTA" Then
	$os = "Vista"
	$os = "XP"
If _RegKeyExists("HKCU\Software\Google") Then _RegMoveKey("HKCU\Software\Google", "HKCU\Software\Google_bkup")
$drive = StringLeft(@ScriptDir, 2)
EnvSet("JAVA_HOME", $drive & "\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java")
EnvSet("PATH", $drive & "\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java;" & EnvGet("PATH"))
Run('"' & @ScriptDir & '\App\chrome\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir="..\..\Data\profile"', @ScriptDir & "\App\chrome", @SW_MINIMIZE)
If Not WinWait("[CLASS:Chrome_" & $os & "Frame]", "", 5) Then Exit
$hwnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Chrome_" & $os & "Frame]")
If $incognito Then
	ControlSend($hwnd, "", "Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND1", "^+N")
	WinSetState($hwnd, "", @SW_RESTORE)

$pid = ProcessExists("chrome.exe")
If _RegKeyExists("HKCU\Software\Google") Then RegDelete("HKCU\Software\Google")
If _RegKeyExists("HKCU\Software\Google_bkup") Then _RegMoveKey("HKCU\Software\Google_bkup", "HKCU\Software\Google")

The _RegKey* functions are custom that I wrote, so you'll have to find a suitable AHK equivalent in functionality.

Using Google Chrome, I could launch the initial process hidden and still send the keystrokes, but this doesn't work with Chromium for some reason, so I had to launch it minimized instead.

Also, I had to do the ProcessExists() to get one of the running PIDs because Chromium acts as its own launcher and starts at least 2 processes. And because I might be closing one window for Incognito mode. So I waited until the app was fully running to attach to a window and wait for it.

Oh, probably also a good idea

Oh, probably also a good idea to check this site -

to see if the build was successful before updating. Most of these builds fail the internal tests, or are built to specifically test one thing.

Whoah! And here I was, just

Whoah! And here I was, just downloading the latest version. It always seemed to work, though.
But now I can check which actually tested to work without issue. It's now bookmarked.
Thanks! Laughing out loud

Regarding Update ...

I am using the application on a usb stick on a computer at work that sits behind a firewall and uses an autoproxy. The Update feature has 2 problems I can see:

1. If I select "yes" (to get the latest software), the portable app tries to do so, but fails to obtain the software; the notification that software is being downloaded remains open and on-top of all other windows, but no software update is actually ever downloaded.

Note: To enable Chrome Portable to work in this situation, I manually loaded Chromium into the app folder.

2. If I select "yes" (to obtain the latest update), the folder ChromePortablever is left in the C:\\ ... applications\ folder on the hard-drive; the ChromePortable folder is removed when I close the portable application, but the folder with the suffix "ver" remains.

Live by the Law of the Minimum

Turn off Auto-Update

Is there a way to disable auto-update? It's asking me constantly and it's getting tiring declining it all the time, as I'm quite content not to be using the very latest release build each and every time I start up the application.

Is there a reason to choose

Is there a reason to choose Google Chrome above Chronium? I ask this because Google Chrome gives the browser a unique ID and communicates it to Google according to some websites, presumably to add some info into their giant databases.

Any word on trying to get official permission for a Google Chrome, like we have for FireFox?

Change a line

I think you need to change this line:
RunWait, reg save HKCU\Software\Google\Update\ClientState Data\,,Hide
into this:
RunWait, reg save HKCU\Software\Google\Update\ClientState Data\ /f,,Hide

That will overwrite automatically, because otherwise, it never finishes because it is waiting for input on if to overwrite or not.


for one thing, Chromium doesn't have any binaries to download. Yes, I am getting paranoid about how Google isn't protecting my privacy, as well as using up disk space to track what pages I might go to.
Google should be forced to use it under GPL because of FF's license (webkit is BSD).

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Chromium DOES have binaries

Chromium DOES have builds up—nightly development builds/binaries.
If you go to, you get redirected to from which you can go to "You can get Chromium's source code and contribute to the project." [clicking on the "source code" link) which takes you to this page: where you can "Get the latest build" [and click on the "latest build" link) which takes you to here:
(which is the same URL that has been posted 2 or 3 times so far, and is where "Chrome Portable" downloads its latest builds from).

As for what info Google collects, I haven't started a sniffer yet to test out the network traffic. I know that as you type in a url, it probably checks with Google for common URLS or places you may be wanting to go to. I hope that's one thing that you can turn off (when Chrome/Chromium gets more options). And when you get to a suspected forgery/malicious site, it notifies you (per a black list that has been downloaded), but Firefox does the same thing.

I wouldn't use Chrome/Chromium for any banking or sensitive data, but for regular browsing, I've been finding I've been using it more, and enjoying it.

[I'm still confused as to why its not being called Chromium Portable," because the builds it uses are Chromium builds, not Google Chrome builds. You can also tell because the logo/icon is all blue, unlike Google's more colorful logo/icon, and because Google's logo/name isn't up by the min/max/close buttons. Its "Chromium Portable" from everything I can see... but then "Chromium Portable" doesn't seem to 'sell' as well as "GOOGLE CHROME PORTABLE." Smiling

Awesome app

Got to say this is an awesome launcher!

Found an app on internet that can be used with this. It checks for the current build and tells you if it ran perfect or if it failed. Then you can download it in zipped form or installer form. It's called Chromium nightly updater.

Download Chromium nightly updater

Forum found on

Note: I did NOT make this

May the Shwartz be with you

I get an error when running

I get an error when running rev 7, says that chrome.exe can't be found.

And it's not under the 'app' folder...

Am I missing something?

Every time it updates, it

Every time it updates, it seems to wipe out all of the settings, history, passwords, etc.

Is there anyway to update the app without losing the data?

process doesn't quit

When I quit chrome, Chrome Portable.exe process does not quit. This means that I cannot eject my drive without manually killing the process. Anyone else have this bug? I have extracted the files to portableapps/chrome and have added the noupdate.txt file.

Love it, but why?

Why does it ask to update, even though I just finish updating it with the newest version. Is there a way for it to continue to check for update, but only ask me to update if there is an actual update?

Adobe from work.

At my job I have no adminitrative rights on the computer. Is there a way to manual install adobe flash in this version of chrome. I would like the flash plugin to work from the flash drive, and not from the PC.

yes. find a post about

yes. find a post about installing flash into firefox portable, but copy the DLL into the chrome plugins folder, and it works fine.

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You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

Doesn't remember maximized state

If I maximize the browser window and then restart, it doesn't remember that the window was maximized and instead comes back up as a normal window. Would be nice if it would remember that it was maximized...

My local copy of Chrome remembers its window state, so I'm guessing this is a bug in the launcher...

Oh, and shouldn't this be called Chromium Portable? It doesn't actually download the Google-branded version, so calling it Chromium Portable would be more accurate.

Disk cache

Also, is there any way to disable the disk cache? It's blazing fast with almost no writes to the drive while it's running (apparently it copies the profile to a temp location and runs it from there), but after you exit, it takes a while to move all the stuff--including the cache--back to the drive. Not only does this waste write cycles, but the cache uses a ton of disk space.

I keep getting an error

Some times when I choose the download window. It comes up with the window that saws it has had an error and needs to close. What is happening?

May the Shwartz be with you


I've updated my ChromePortable to fix a few issues.
- Reduced the startup time by ~250ms
- Switched all instances of %appdata% with %a_appdata%. This fixes an issue with some Vista machines.
- I have removed the cache writing of the device. It wasn't necessary, caused unnecessary writes, and reduced the "shutdown" time of ChromePortable.

I'll leave it to the author to update this thread.

Shutdown time

The shutdown time still seems to be pretty high. I monitored %appdata% after quitting, and even after the ChromePortable folder there was deleted (meaning the profile was successfully moved back to the Data folder), the launcher still runs for about 10 seconds more, writing something to the drive. I have no clue what it's doing...

One thing I forgot to mention

One thing I forgot to mention was that you need to delete your Cache folder on the PortableApps drive otherwise it gets copied over at startup. Shutdown for me takes ~3 seconds after the browser closes.


Yeah, I did that. I found out what it was, though. It's the Safe Browsing database, which is ~60 MB and I'm guessing has to do with malware/phishing protection.

Thanks will add.

Thanks will add.

This update fixed my problem

This update fixed my problem that the launcher wasn't shutting down. The launcher now shuts down a few seconds after I shut down Chromium.



SO wait before you restart!!!

Can I build it from Source Code ?

Can I build from Source Code ?
and which compiler I must use ?

portable chrome

Doesn't work.
Install does not complete. Missing chrome.exe file.
Tried both the improved and the original.

Another Chrome Portable

Try this version

Here is a link to a portable version of Google Chrome (Idon't know if anyone mentioned it before)

(It says it's Chromium on the page but it is Google Chrome)

I haven't tested it on a computer without Google Chrome installed locally so i can't tell if it leaving files lying around

PA rocks

P.S. PortableApps Rocks Smiling

Any Final Google Chrome Worth To Download?

I'd like to ask if there is any Final Google Chrome worth to download. Based on PortableApps Development.
I am already using Google Chrome Portable issued by [illegal site - mod Chris]. It's quite good and works just fine. But only took a few ms to works on tabs.
That's why I am asking this. A better set-up of Portable Chrome.
The one that I am using, have been showing good performance. Especially if I copy it to the local harddrive first. So, it wont slow down the cache writing.
Perhaps that is the problem. Cache writing.

Thank you.



Iron Portable is a finished off build of the privacy-enhanced Chrome-derivative.
Just click on the USB stick version and unzip it Eye-wink.

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Chrome vs Iron

Does it runs Flash and Java app like the one that I am currently using now?


Don't know

In my experience, flash is handled pretty well (probably because I already had FF installed). I don't use Java much, so I don't know about that.

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Not portably

No browser will currently work with Java Portable.

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

chrome browser options

i think it would be cool if in the options tab, we can change how google chrome starts up, and id rather like to see if it were possible to use the now-usable extensions in incognito mode :/

Default Browser and Windows 7 taskbar pin

I made a little bat file to register the portable app as your default browser.

copy the registrations folder to your portable chrome's directory and read the readme.

i also added universal shortcuts that work nicely with windows 7 taskbar pinning.

16gb micro sd + usb adapter = my life

I've done a small nsis exe to

I've done a small nsis exe to make chrome portable default browser.
nsis script, infos and exe:
infos to adapt for firefox included.

just set default browser from browser, then launch nsis exe from GoogleChromePortable.exe path, it will change browser exe path.

edit: it should works on vista and 7. tested on 7 pro.