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portable VMWare

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Link48010 - September 5, 2008 - 9:57pm
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Perhaps a portable version of VMWare, Microsoft Virtual Machine, or some other PC/Mac/Linux emulator? That would be awesome, or how about a bootable OS for the USB drive. *stick in drive, reboot, Linux with basic web browser/word processor/etc.*

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sorry forgot to mention, I've

sorry forgot to mention, I've used the Mac-On-Stick, and I was trying to say something a little more advanced and thus usable than that.

vmware not open source

so it will not be done here, but:

there is linux launcher you can start almos anything with it

Bootable OS: just make sure your computer is capable of booting from stick, and then you can drop any OS on your stick and run it from there. There is then no special application neede for it.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

There is portable VMWare already.

There is a partially portable VMWare already. It's called Moka5. IIRC it lacks only ability to work on limited accounts to be fully portable. And it will be always lacking.

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and virtual box

and other things, but this is not VMware, vmware is name of a product and also the name of the company producing this product.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland


Many popular distros have LiveCDs now, so you can boot from the disk straight into the OS. As long as the computer is capable of booting from USB that should work too, especially with things like the 50 MB DamnSmallLinux.

another option

you could also try Qemu ( its a tad bit complicated but not too terribly hard to figure out and once you get it working properly it will continue to work, i personally have never had any problem with portability or restricted accounts in using it. and there are multiple pre-made images it can use available on the web it just take a bit of searching.

VirtualBox Portable

Virtual box portable is free and much better. You can find it here
or here