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Pidgin: Facebook plugin

Submitted by mojoka on September 6, 2008 - 12:53pm

will there be any for portable? i love it in 2.5.1 and would love to see it to work in the portable version as well

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I don't know if its fully portable, but if you want it just add it. I don't think there will be a package from here cause John only includes the plugins which are included in the official download.

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goto facebook plugin page on google(,
download the application link library(/dll for windows & .so for linux based) & copy it to data/.purple/plugins

it works for me but i don't know how portable it's.... i mean you will get it working on portable but i'm not sure whether it will leave any trace or not...

I had to put mine here:

but it appears to work ... need to get someone to test and make sure I'm online (project for after work time heh!)


Ok just to update you it works!!! totally!!!

very impressed!!!

Oh earlier I posted:

I had to put mine here:

I meant I put my dll there in that directory...
From there I added a new account and Facebook was an option.
Logged in with my details and all was sweet.

I had like 99 emails lmao!


Adam XD


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can someone tell me where to install this so it gets backed up with the data back up?

How does the data backup work?


I'd be interested in adding a Facebook icon same as ICQ or MSN etc.


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It's the same that you use to login to Facebook itself. That should be your email address. Also, it shouldn't have anything to do with Meebo, that's a separate plugin. Perhaps you're mixing up the two?

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I don't know what's wrong. Everytime I try to install this plugin, it tells me it can't find my Pidgin directory. I'm trying to install it onto my Portable Pidgin which operates as my main Pidgin on the hard drive. Since its an .exe, I have no way to pick the install apart to find the dll to slip in somewhere. I'm going nuts and I want this FB plugin for Pidgin. Any idea if Pidgin/Portable Pidgin will ever include FB by default?

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They don't provide an installer for the portable version. And last I tried it, it's pretty unstable (crashes Pidgin a few times a day), so we won't be bundling it by default at the moment.

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I understand. Thank you for the answers to my questions. I provided a helpful article below, in case others are stuck like I was. If anyone needs these files and can't find them, they can just message or email me.

Whether from God or from man, the best things in life often come in small packages! -- Sr. Mina, BSP.

I figured it out. If you're having trouble like I this...scroll down to "Pidgin Portable" and follow their special instructions. Make sure you have the .dll's and icons for FB, otherwise, you won't be able to do the instructions and it won't work.

Whether from God or from man, the best things in life often come in small packages! -- Sr. Mina, BSP.

To ensure you have the icons, latest certificates, etc download the regular windows installer and use Universal Extracter to extract the files then just paste them into the relevant folders. I've been using it for a while and with the latest bug fix (1.54) I've had no issues period. Advocate