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How to uninstall Portable Apps?

daa - September 12, 2008 - 12:20pm
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As the subject - Search reveals nothing and Add/Remove doesn't list it and there is no uninstall link anywhere I can see.
I thought this app. would be useful but I cannot fathom how to use it - I have a block on this.

Please help! Thanks.


Just erase it

If i understand you, the only think that you have to do is to erase de app folder.

Good luck.


you can just delete it. See the Support page for more info.

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Uninstalling PortableApps

Thanks for that. Strange that the Search box didn't recognise'Uninstall.....'.
Your suggestion gives:

Uninstalling the Suite or Platform
Since the Suite and Platform is self-contained, uninstalling is a snap. To remove the suite, you simply delete its files. This would be the Documents and PortableApps directories as well as the StartPortableApps.exe and autorun.inf files in the root directory. If you don't have any data you wish to save on your portable device, you could also format it if you'd like. If you do have data within the Documents directory you'd like to save, simply delete the directories you don't wish to keep. To remove the custom icons on the Documents directory (or any others), just delete the hidden desktop.ini file within each directory.

Sorry I don't understand this either. Where are these files to be deleted? I have not used this program so haven't saved anything. Deleteing the 'hidden desktop.ini file within each directory'; deleteing the suite's files - would some kind person explain to me how to follow the instructions as given? If this is a 'snap' I must give up this game. I have 3 of the icons on my Desktop but deleteing these won't do the trick will it?
Thanks for any help.


Application do you want to delete and what is its path?

One example:
If you have Firefox Portable installed to its standard place (?/PortableApps/FirefoxPortable) and you want to delete it, then you delete this folder (?/PortableApps/FirefoxPortable) and you are good.

I hope it is clearer now.

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I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for...

I see you are a new user, as your profile lists you joined about 4 hours ago.
Your post is quite cryptic, I'm curious as to what you expected from Portable Apps ("I cannot fathom how to use it"), and what you experienced - and what you mean by "I have a block on this".

The Portable Apps platform can be downloaded and installed either as an empty menu (Platform Only), or as a menu with a bunch of useful apps (Suite Light or Suite Standard).

If you just installed the platform only, but you don't have any apps added, well yeah, it doesn't do a lot. That's because the platform is simply a menu for accessing the apps, and without apps, it just sits there.

A little history of this site: Once upon a time, John T. Haller asked, "Why the heck does installing an application need to put files all over the place, and entries in the registry? Can't we just have all the files in one place, and maybe even put them on a portable flash drive or somesuch?"

He took some great open source apps, like Firefox, and OpenOffice, and discovered a way to package them, so that each app is completely within a single folder, with a little "launcher" exe file.

This worked great, but as more apps were added, we needed a central app to launch them. John created the Portable Apps Menu, which became the Portable Apps Platform.

So Now:
The Platform is distributed now in three ways: the Platform Only, Suite Standard and Suite Light.
The Platform Only distribution is for people that prefer to add apps one at a time, or can't download the whole large suite all at once.
The Suites are for people that want to download and install a ready-made pack of applications.

Daa, please take a look here and here.

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the above history was only from my own recollections, so forgive me any inaccuracies or silly fictional JTH quote!

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.


If I understand this properly, (a long shot)if I only need to delete an app's folder to uninstall it, then does it follow that I could copy a folder from one portable app drive to another in the same relative location and that program would then be "installed" on the target drive? Could it be???
Thanks your your time and expertise,


for applications, yes, that is correct.

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