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VLC Player has an infected file

Submitted by craig139 on April 20, 2006 - 4:55pm

Hi. I always check this site for new goodies and today I found PortableClamWin AV - a virus scanner. I ran it on my flash stick with all the neat portable software on it and it found a virus. Here is the entry that Clamwin AV produced:

E:\PortableVLC\vlc\plugins\libmux_ps_plugin.dll: Trojan.Xombe.HTTP.A FOUND
-- summary --
Known viruses: 51919
Engine version: 0.88.1
Scanned directories: 44
Scanned files: 235
Infected files: 1

I just wanted to let you all know. What is this plugin responsible for? Can I remove it, or do I need to replace it? Thanks in advance.

***New Info*** I just downloaded a new copy of VLC player and found that this virus was present in the new copy as well.

It's a false positive within ClamWin, and a couple of other AV due to UPX'ing and all the wonderful stuff. And it's a known issue. Use the search box in the upper right corner.

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1. Please don't multipost. It's unnecessary and just clutters up the forums and makes it harder for everyone.

2. This belongs in Portable VLC support or Portable ClamWin support, not in general

3. It's a known issue and is already documented:

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