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Chrome(ium) Portable!! - Now using Iron

quinton - September 18, 2008 - 3:15pm
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Hey everyone. I have made a portable version of Google's Chrome. This now uses Iron ( instead of Chromium


1. Download from:

2. Extract the contents to your "PortableApps" directory (overwriting everything if you already have Portable Iron)

3. Run "IronPortable.exe". It will download the latest version of Iron from SRWare and install Flash from your computer!

4. (Optional) To update, simply run "Update.exe" in the "IronPortable\Data" directory

Thanks to everyone who posted here with your criticisms and corrections.
Your help has been greatly appreciated.
Change Log
Update - Revision 8:
Added changes from SpiffyJr
Now it will automatically install Flash from the local computer when it updates. [no need to do it manually :)]

- Download Now
Update - Revision 9:
Added changes from rory.slegtenhorst
Refreshed Splash Screen
Uses Iron instead of Chromium

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Nice, thanks! Why did you

Nice, thanks! Why did you make a new topic about it though? Why didn't you just post this in the other one?

Fix the thread's title. If

Fix the thread's title. If this is "Chrome", drop the "ium" from the thread title because "Chromium" is an Open Source browser, not the browser from Google.

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It's Chromium. I know

It's Chromium. I know because I'm using it.

Which is why I can't figure out why the splash screen says "Google Chrome Portable".

I can't figure it out either.

I can't figure it out either. This should be called Chromium Portable.

Is there a Google Chrome portable?

Yes indeed. Chromium is the open source browser project that Google Chrome is built upon (although Chrome is still open source). They are different, although similar, browsers.

However the confusion can be forgiven as Google themselves seem to confuse the two a bit in their own explanations and documentation.

Anyway, this is Chromium portable. does anyone know where I can find Google Chrome portable?


Can we change the splash

Can we change the splash screen too? It still says "Google Chrome"

There is no system but GNU and Linux is one of its kernels

Just for info

Chromium is the first version that google created,Chrome is based on Chromium. Google it and you will see.

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little help please

little help please, after i d/l the zip, i extract it and i run the .exe, after that, it d/l and up, then the splash screen appear, but the software stop here, means just appear the splash screen forever and no other respond

Freeze on Splash screen

whenever I try to use it it downloads fine but it the splash screen stays there forever. it works if i don't use your launcher.

I'm running windows vista and it doesn't matter if I am an admin or not.


Installed the new version but there is no longer a "About" directory to where to put a "no-update" file.

How do I stop the auto-update on the latest rev?



You'll have to create the About directory yourself. I had to create one myself with the older version, too... so no change there.

It's great.Thanks for u ,but

It's great.Thanks for u ,but i can't download it.

"This account has been suspended."


Nice work.

One minor thing though, the passwords aren't saved.
And I added an additional line to NOT copy the cache back to the stick!!!
After an afternoon of browsing, it takes ages for it to copy back *sighs*

FileDelete, %appdata%\ChromePortable\
+ FileRemoveDir, %appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData\Default\Cache, 1
FileCopyDir, %appdata%\ChromePortable\UserData, Data\UserData, 1

For the rest? Absolutely brilliant work Laughing out loud...
Keep it up!

Make launcher for iron

Is it possible to make a launcher using the source from this launcher for Iron. it looks really cool. And is talked about Here

May the Shwartz be with you

Is there still REV8 for Chrome?

Hi there!

Will the development of Chrome Portable be discontinued since you switched to IRON instead of CHROME?

I know it is technically speaking the same missing all the Google-world-control-stuff. But since IRON is not "official" and privately financed, it might be possible that it could be canceled any time. And switching then back to CHROME would be much more time-consuming than sticking with it from the start.

So could you still offer at least the latest revision (Cool of Chrome Portable? At least temporarily? I kind of missed that one, I got revision 7 here.

Thanks for all the work you put into it!
I just think I'll stick with CHROME instead of some third-party IRON from a company that I know absolutely nothing about. With Google I at least use a devil I know Smiling.

Best regards,

I'm going to stick with

I'm going to stick with Chromium myself. I know I'm getting all the latest fixes that way. How does anyone know the Iron devs are going to keep up with Chrome's update cycle? It's a fork after all...

Google translation from the german website

"Dear users,

to multiple requests, here is a concrete response:
Iron will definitely be further developed. We are on major changes in Chromium immediately respond and a customized version.

What is in addition to expect?
We are currently reviewing the integration of a Adblock. We would like to incorporate other features, but this is currently limited because we do not demand money for Iron and therefore will have to set priorities. Should sponsors / donors find that the project is also financially support this course can change at any time."

Rev 8 can be downloaded here:

Rev 8 can be downloaded here:

I might update the Chromium one occasionally.

Thanks! And I'm looking


And I'm looking forward to Chrome-Updates. Smiling

No password save

Is it possible to save the passwords to the stick after it is closed. 'Cause it still doesn't.

May the Shwartz be with you


I'm using rev8 right now, and password saving works just fine for me... even across sessions.

Not quite portable yet...

I'm not sure what the root of my problem is, but I was unable to run Iron Portable on my computer at work. I installed it to the USB stick on my laptop at home, but at work I get the error message that follows. My computer at work is "closed" government system, meaning there are some restrictions on what protocols can be used and which sites can be accessed, and I don't have administrator rights... a perfect testbed for the portability of PortableApps. The rest of my PortableApps--including Firefox, Sunbird, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, et al--work perfectly on this computer.

Here's the error window:

Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:
Action: reg save HKCU\Software\Google\Update\ClientState C:\Documents and Settings\robert.french\Application Data\IronPortable\
Params: <>

The current thread will exit.

Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified.

---> 027: RunWait,reg save HKCU\Software\Google\Update\ClientState %a_appdata%\IronPortable\,,Hide


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- Rob "Scrape" French

Thanks for pointing this

Thanks for pointing this out.

The problem is that since the computer you are on is locked down so much it won't allow the script to run Windows' built in program to access the registry. I'll have to either: find a command line replacement, or see if I can work it out using AutoHotKey's built in registry functions (they are quite limited),


Loses all bookmarks between sessions (close and reopen, bookmarks are gone)?

Freedom isn't free.


That must be either a bug in the new Iron launcher (the Chromium one, which I'm using, works just fine), or you're relaunching too soon.

The launcher copies everything to a temporary directory when you open it, and then moves it back when you quit. So you have to wait until it writes everything back to the drive, which can take up to 20 seconds, before you reopen it, or it'll lose settings. What I do if I have to relaunch right away is watch Task Manager until Chrome Portable.exe disappears from the list.

May I advice...

I've just seen this, and can I give an advice?

In AutoHotkey it is possible to make the launcher ignore new instances being launched, so these are not replaced, using:

#SingleInstance ignore

to the top of the launcher script, so it does not re-open the process, thus making it able to keep on until close?

#tuna { color: silver; smell: delicious; }

Error with the Iron version

I tried installing the iron verion and this is the error I get,

Faulting application iron.exe, version, faulting module iron.dll, version, fault address 0x003f0f50.

Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:

The Current thread will exit.

Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified.


----------> 068: RUnWait,%a_appdata%\iconportableupdate\srware_iron.exe /verysilent /sp- /dir="%a_appdata%\ironportableupdate\iron",,Hide

Any Idea on how i can fix this? Rev 8 works fine. I'm using a computer at work without admin rights.


Auto update

Is there an app that will autoupdate the builds on your chrome (not iron) portable version. leosmutter made a nice on but he removed the link.

This error goes after update

Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:
Action: <\\servername\folder\username\Application Data\IronPortableUpdate\srware_iron.exe>

The current thread will exit.

Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified.

---> 068: RunWait,%a_appdata%\IronPortableUpdate\srware_iron.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- /DIR="%a_appdata%\IronPortableUpdate\Iron",,Hide


Similar Error

First, let me say I cannot run the update utility because it says I have to be administrator.

I have the following error:

Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:
Params: <>

The current thread will exit.

Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified.

--> Line #207: RunWait, reg save HKCU\Software\Google\Update\ClientState %a_appdata%\IronPortable\,,Hide

--------- End Error --------

Why do I need admin privledges to run a portable app? Isn't that the idea of portable apps? To be standalone and not require administrator privledges at all?

big slowdown

Did anyone else notice a big slowdown when "upgrading" to this newest release which uses IRON or the SRWARE version of iron portable? It just seems so much slower than the version 7 or so which I was using before. Like its doing many more writes or something.


I've been using it and it

I've been using it and it works fine...

previous versions

Do you have a link to the last version to use chromium instead of Iron? Iron is incredibly slow for me compared to chromium.


Where is the source code ?

Thank you for your effort.
But why you didn't put a direct link for source code of "Iron" ?
I need to build it from source.


Saving passwords

it can't save passwords and it can't have bookmarks
is it a installation error ?


second thought after i updated it it does save passwords but
after that another program asks me for a password to access an protected item
but i never save the window before
and plus it does't tell me what program it is
so i can't find what it is
any suggestions?

Ok, I've been having problems

Ok, I've been having problems with chromium for the past few days.
Ever since about Nov 10, it just freaks out all the time.
Like I open a new tab, then later I go to the first and click a link or bookmark and it doesn't open.
Then I close that tab, and Chromium says it had an error and closes...
I tried changing the code to update it to one of the Nov 9 builds, but it just keeps updating, so I'll try iron and hope thats better.

Ok so I downloaded your iron portable, and it won't keep any of the bookmarks or anything.
I copied the data files from chromium, and when I open it they are not there.

Then in iron, I bookmark gmail.
Then I exit, and get back in.
Lo and behold, no bookmarks...

I was starting to like chromium. Sad
Guess it's back to Firefox.


Yeah, that's why I stopped using Chromium and switched to The MAZZter's Chrome launcher. The recent Chromium builds are really buggy. I've seen at least 10 regressions pop up over the past month or so, and very few of them have been fixed.

not portable

does someone want to tell me why chromium (iron) portable creates a folder in the application data, installs an update thing to the local computer with desktop and start menu shortcuts, and a few registry keys to boot, it also errored when i tried to uninstall it.

At least in my book, installing things, leaving registry keys, and leaving files and folders on the host PC qualifies as a normal application, and violates every point of criteria that it takes to be considered a portable application

The folder in %appdata% is

The folder in %appdata% is your profile. Like most of the Chromium/Chrome/Iron launchers here, this one copies your profile to the local machine while running to speed things up (running a Chromium profile off a flash drive is unbearably slow, especially with malware protection on, since it never stops writing to the drive and will eventually lock up the browser). Admittedly the developer should have had it copied to %temp%, not %appdata%, but in any case it will be copied back to the drive and deleted when you close down. This is acceptable since for an app to be considered portable (not stealth, that's not our goal), it only has to make sure whatever modifications it made to the host machine, barring MRU changes and such, are reverted when it closes.

Desktop and Start menu shortcuts? Okay, I was using this launcher back when it was still a Chromium launcher and never had that happen. Perhaps Iron behaves differently though, I don't know...

I don't know about the registry keys, although again, it's acceptable for a portable app to use the registry as long as when the app closes, the registry is returned to its previous state. If the keys are getting left behind after closure, though, then that is a problem with the launcher...


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whats the difference between vereions

there is a version here.

so whats the difference.

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home page

it needs a button to set the home page

Chromium as a portable mandeulttae?(korea)

Chromium as a portable virtual machine to make the mattress mandeulttae Otto is in the running, the local computer room
You can not row.
Why is that?

크롬을 포터블로 만들때 오토잇으로 만드는데 가상컴퓨터에서는 실행이 되는데, 로컬 컴퓨터에서는 실
행이 안됩니다.
왜 그런가요?

change default language

great app, fast and not heavy on the system.
can't change the default language though. every time i make the change and close the browser, it reopens with the old default language.

I'm using Revision 9 now,it

I'm using Revision 9 now,it works fine for me,but I didn't see a update.exe file in the "Data" directory.


Doesn't save anything

Am I the only one using this that is having the problem where it


Not the session, history, passwords, cache, nothing.

Data not saved

Yeah this browser is very nice and fast, but it doesn't seem to save the data onto the memory stick. So it either stores it on the local computer (which goes against PortableApps code I believe) or it doesn't save anything at all (which is just annoying).

Can't we make it store the data (history, bookmarks, passwords, long-term cookies) in the IronPortable/Data directory?

Doesn't Work

It appears unable to download the initial update (on first run) on Vista Home Basic.

If you need it, the company that makes Iron offers their own portable version, just check their downloads page here:

Old Version

This is a VERY old thread. You can get the current release here:

It works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Unless you're blocked (usually at an office, sometimes at school).

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