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BB Desktop Manager

gooseman (Homepage) - September 29, 2008 - 9:36pm
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Hi, I'm just discovering this great phenom portable apps. I must say this has almost everything i need to be truely mobile. The main thing that portable apps is missing for me is blackberry's desktop manager. I'm not sure if it is possible and I haven't done much research on this, but I would really be happy if it is possible.

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BB Desktop Manager- Portable

looks like im not allowed to give u the link. just email me at [email removed; if something isn't legal it's not legal to do it this way either - mod Chris] and ill tell u.

BB Desktop Manager

Well, I would also be interested by a portable bb desktop software.
If not legal to defuse the program, maybe it's legal to difuse a "how to make your own", owning a blacckberry one also legitimately have the right to use bbds.
having no own computer i need a nomadic version of it. i can't decently install software on any machine i borrow.
this software runs only on windows machine. and portable apps behave pretty well on wine. As much people have asked me to help them install linux after experimenting a window crash, it's pretty dificult for me to find a "genuine window" machine.