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Inssider (alternative to NetStumbler)

hm2k - October 7, 2008 - 5:33am
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NetStumbler is a tool for Windows that facilitates detection of Wireless LANs.

NetStumbler has had some coverage on this forum before:

However, NetStumbler has it's fair share of issues including: It does not run on Vista, and it is not Open Source.

Enter "Inssider", which was created as an open-source alternative to Network Stumbler.

It's interface is nicer than the similar open-source Kismet.

NetStumbler/Inssider is yet another one of those important network security applications that is a must for any network administrator.

It would also be nice to see a portable Aircrack-ng or Airsnort.

I'm sure you can all work out the use for these applications being portable.

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Can you link it? Would make it easier to look over. Advocate

For Real?

Yes... you are the one requesting the app, we shouldn't have to do extra work to see if we wanna make it happen for you. But yeah, I discovered this last week. Great app.

Unfortunately, Inssider requires .NET. Now I'll let you search here for why .NET isn't very portable. Or

If everything was made easy,

If everything was made easy, there'd be nothing to do. *grin*

What about Kismet? It's actually a lot older than Inssider, but it's GUI isn't as cool. A working alternative non the less.

Lazy links:

We could of course just

We could of course just assume that most machines have .net installed, and those that don't can't use it...


I'd love to see Aircrack...

What do we think?


hmm, the discription is...

InSSIDer is a free Wi-Fi network scanner for Windows Vista and windows XP. Because NetStumbler doesn't work well with Windows Vista and 64-bit Windows XP, we decided to build an open-source Wi-Fi network scanner designed for the current generation of Windows operating systems. 

open source?????
if it is, id love to make that app

EDIT: Sad is uses .NET why didnt i see that above?