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Devo - October 9, 2008 - 10:16am
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Program: FastCopy

License: BSD

Description: "FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. It can copy/delete unicode and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files. "


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Scary....i just found this

Scary....i just found this app too

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

Yeah, ummm....

By any chance did either one of you see this on Lifehacker or at the "Life Rocks" website ( I just read about it over at Lifehacer.

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The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705


I've started using FastCopy and it is quite good (and does run from a usb memory stick).

I know this thread/original request is a bit old, but it seems FastCopy is still an active project (it's gone from version 2.06 to 2.08 in around 3 months) so (after a search brought up this thread) I though I'd perform a little bit of threadnomancy instead of making a new thread.

I'd appreciate it if someone was to have a look at adding this to PortableApps.


I will

I will take a look on it.

Previously known as kAlug.


I did have an initial look at this when the base program was recently updated by the developer and conversion to the PortableApps spec seemed to be a straightforward process. The only things I wasn't completely clear about on my first look were:

a) What are its real benefits? - There seems to be a great deal of conflicting opinion on speed gain; and
b) Is the 64-bit version needed on 64-bit systems (or is it just a nice to have)?


I can't comment on 64-bit

I can't comment on 64-bit,

but for for speed FastCopy is a lot faster than the default Windows copy (I'm still using XP).

I copy stuff to and from a USB Memory Stick and using FastCopy is definitely quicker (I also use Teracopy and FastCopy is even quicker than it is)

FastCopy also has the option of syncing folders (which is nice if you need/want it)

*disclaimer* I do still use Teracopy as the replacement filecopy program on my (XP) computer (mostly because that's what I'm still used to), but copying a large amount of files or data to/from a USB stick I do use FastCopy.

a follow up to this

I thought I'd run a quick test to see how FastCopy and Teracopy compare to the default Windows XP copy.

I copied a folder & files from a usb memory stick (FAT32) to my computer's C drive (NTFS)

Folder Details

Size: 28,089,923 bytes
Contains: 3,260 files, 84 folders

time taken to copy to C drive

Windows XP (default copy): 40 seconds
TeraCopy (portable version): 25 seconds (21 seconds if I turn on the "use system write cache"
FastCopy (portable version): 15 seconds

time is copying only - it does not include the time take to select the files/folders to be copied and the target directory

so, in this limited test, yes they are faster - disturbingly faster even Sticking out tongue

is anyone else willing to do a similar (or more in-depth) test with Vista/Windows 7/other OS to see if there is a similar improvement in speed?


Previously known as kAlug.