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Stop asking for Portable Operating Systems

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sergentsiler (Homepage) - November 1, 2008 - 6:10pm
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Please!!!! Stop asking for portable operating systems. all of us regular users of this site are sick and tired of seeing the constant in flow of portable os requests. for one, we already have a portable operating system (not developed by us) called Mac-On-Stick. second, a truely portable operating system is already in the works and will be done when it is done!

so once again, Please stop asking.

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Your plea falls on deaf ears.

Your plea falls on deaf ears. We see requests for a lot of things that have already been discussed all the time, and it's not going to stop.


i know...

but now we can answer all of thoes portable os requests by just referring them to this thread Laughing out loud

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Easier way

Just ignore the postings you're not interested in. And the forums that annoy you. LOL!!


Still a lttle harsh...

Thanks for removing that 4-letter abbreviation in the subject, but your OP is still kind of harsh.
Sorry it annoys you so much, but newbies will still keep asking for portable OS's and portable versions of MS Office and Photoshop.
I knew about Mac-on-a-Stick, but what is this "truely portable operating system" that "is already in the works"? Can't you be more specific than that?

Perhaps it would be better to refer them to threads for MOAS and your new mystery OS, and then remind them kindly to search.

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as for "my" ""Mystery"" portable OS, see here,Here,Here,here, and the list goes on.

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Your original post seemed to say that there was one particular new portable OS that was being worked on that "we" all agreed upon.
While EyeOS is new to me, DSL and Puppy have been around for years.
It probably would then have been more accurate to say that "Many truly portable operating systems are already available, and at least one new concept is being developed..."
Heck, you could just even send them here:

Not to be too picky, but we ask newbies to be specific, too!

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

Stop asking for portable operating systems.

What would be the pupose of this forum if we would stop asking? Maybe this has been discussed before, but I sure have not seen it yet. Here is a thought; how about running a linux distro of your choise as an application within portable apps? Yes I know I can boot to a linux distro using a usb or flash drive, but how about running linux as an application? No reboot required, no residue left on the host computer; everything is contained in the usb/removable drive. Maybe you did discussed this in the past and I'm sorry if I'm hitting a sore subject but it seems to me that we all want to show off how we can make MS Windows run on linux but we here very little of the opposite. Again, just a thought.


when you can do it without a

when you can do it without a driver, let us know.

And QEMU doesn't count. Its to slow.

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Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. You are possibly correct, without drivers is virtually impossible. You also stated that QEMU is out of the question because is too slow. I guess that would be the end of the road. I'm not going to claim that it can be done because I don't have the know how and I figured that I go to the forum where I know I could find someone willing to try. Maybe you have and proven that it can't be done, but your post does not convey that message, it just says that it's the end of the road, it can't be done. I guess that "640K of mem ought to be enough for anybody. (believed to have been said by Mr. Gates)"


linux is operating system

and not an application so it can not be run as such.

There are attempts to make things which do look like an application, but in fact it is either an emulator or real virtual machine or complete low level subsystem with sharing recourses and therefore needing number of drivers and services to be run on the host.

The most one comming close to what you ask is:

but note: this by no means portable since it needs to install number of drivers, runs a special kernel version to be able to access windows recourses via those drivers. The current versions will need ntfs formated drive and booting from a quite fast usb stick will take some 15-20 minutes?

Some other possible way to run other os is inside a virtual machine, you can get virtual box portable and install into it what you like.
You can get some 'one click all included package' from here:

But note: no virtual machine can run without drivers on any system, so also here it is not portable in common sense and never will be.
On the other hand, once the virtual machine runs properly, the os inside can be used often quite well even on older slower hardware. Probably most reasonable for practical purposes and only 'yes it can be done' experiments.

And yes, you can use Qemu,with nice launcher and some bat files for installation of the distros you can get it here:

or there has been other project here:

but as mentioned, qemu needs drivers to be run and even then if you are pationed enough and can wait some time, then yes, a linux desktop might appear in the qemu box on your PC. Don't expect any clicks on that desktop will have immediate response of any kind, it is translating the code 'on the fly' and this needs lot of computing power from your host machine.

So get it and check it and tell us if you still want 'run an os as application'.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Mr. Otto Sykora, thank you

Mr. Otto Sykora, thank you for your comments, I will take your Ideas and see if I could do something with them. I understand that Linux is not an application, but you did provide a possible solution "virtual machine" and "virtual box portable". Yes there's going to be roadblocks and how to deal with the roadblocks is going to be the learning curve. Maybe I won't get anywhere, but I'm going to try. Maybe I won't succeed the 1st, 2nd or the 3rd time. I cant find the exact quote about how ridiculous is the thought of flying or even the one about walking on the moon. But someone decided to take someone's dream and make it a reality. Again, thank your for your comment and I'll see if I can take it a little bit further.


Consider making people read the posting guidelines.

Make them tick a check box confirming that they have read the guidelines.


That goes against Logistics, Web Usability, Social Engineering, Human Behavior, etc.
Nobody reads that stuff unless they have to. Best idea: make them see it run through a speed reader and then make them click 'Accept'.

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What? That's worse!

What? That's worse! Sticking out tongue

Even Better Idea: Make it the default text in the comment/post Smiling

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

An even better better idea

Maybe an even better idea is a simple form that you fill out.

Requested App?

You fill in the blanks, it posts to the forum in the recommended format. Have a dictionary of Apps/Websites that if it exists, or it's been requested, or being worked on it redirects the person to the FAQ or search before they post it.

Or something.

Crazy idea

I have a crazy idea... but it might just work. -- Request a Song

The above link goes to the website for the interactive media player Rock Band where you can request songs to be added to the music store.

The relevance is this... start to type the name of any artist or band you like, and like a Google search, it guesses what you're typing based on what other people have put. Same with the song title field.

Of course, if that were done here, someone would have to populate the database with stuff that's already been requested. Or it would take a while before becoming effective.

But then you just tweak the script so that if they type the name of something that's already been requested, break them away from the form and send them to the topic that's already been made. How slick would that be?

Perfect (if implemented)

The last 2 solutions/requests-to-add-it-to-the-forums should be perfect for everybody (either the first, latter, or both combined)! I second both of them, such things would make a great deal in the Request forum's usability, and would definitely reduce bloat/spam/flood/like-whatever... Smiling

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

yup, i read it. of course I

yup, i read it. of course I read it.

Then why did I post that? Oh, I didn't see it in the EULA.

How about if everytime we see a post that doesn't follow the guidelines, we just ignore it? *GASP*

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Don't wanna live my life in the real world

Passion Not Passive

That's too apathetic...we need action... just like reality TV we wanna see people suffer... live their misery without all the pain. We need more virtual rotten tomatoes to throw! Eye-wink

Just like the spammers on here, I know they don't care but I wanna make 'em pay! Smiling

I certainly think the idea of a request form rather than forum is a good one, particularly if it could validate what is being requested against a list of already requested apps. Forums are too open ended and no matter how often you tell people to read the guidelines, let's be honest about 5% of people give them a glancing look, and the remaining 95% (myself included) don't bother.

I just want a loud buzzer to go off when somebody starts typing itun...BBZZZZZZ STAMPED: REJECTED!

john's basically said no. I

john's basically said no. I wasn't try to be apathatic. Half of it was cynicism, half of it was sarcasm, and there was some other stuff thrown in for good measure. Seriously, I just ignore anything I can't make a civil post to Smiling

Too many lonely hearts in the real world
Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world

Portable Operating Systems

Portable Operating Systems already exists in the form of Live CDs (ie: Ubuntu). You can even make the changes persistent on a USB drive.

And no, you won't see a portable Windows here.

Anything is possible

MetroPipe's Portable Virtual Privacy Machine ( ) is portable, and free, it could be added to PAM.

And no, you won't see a portable Windows here.

But you could if you used the PEBuilder concept. And with QEMU it can be run portably.

Now if someone could make a launcher for one of the VMs ...


again, QEMU needs a driver to

again, QEMU needs a driver to be bearable

Too many lonely hearts in the real world
Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world

Slow but workable imo. I

Slow but workable imo. I rarely use the Kmenu driver.



didnt know someone was poking at my 2 year old thread Shocked

anyway this has been discussed time and time again, and the answer every time is this, we at portableapps most likely wont include an operating system for download as an application, it is suggested that if you want a portable operating system to use a livecd linux distro or a usb boot linux distro

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At least my search for

At least my search for portable operating systems is over.....
I've finally found slax, a linux os designed just for usbs.
Visit it here at
Then again i've also heard that puppy linux can also be installed on a
flash drive, just download the iso, burn it, run install and select install to usb. Visit it here atPuppylinux.
All the other crap makes a "live usb", which means you can't save documents to your desktop or install programs as they'll disappear as soon as you take out your flash drive. But personally I perfer Slax....

Live USBs

These days, a lot of distros can be run from usb with persistence. I know Ubuntu and its variants can. There's a lot of info here:

I've tried Slax before, but the K desktop and Konquerer give me hives. I'll stick to Puppy variants.


I would like to see a linux.paf.exe

Puppy would be my choice, it is amazing, clean and proper