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XnView, IrfanView or similar tool

provolino - November 2, 2008 - 8:05pm
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Hello Smiling

Since Cornice developing is dead (as stated on the official website) I think it's time to find an updated replacement Sad

I searched for freeware image viewers and I found XnView and IrfanView (I prefer the first to be honest).
Is it possible to make one of them portable?

If both don't match needed requirements, I'm open for other similar tools Eye-wink

Thanks a lot,

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Been Suggested

Unfortunately Cornice was the closest we could get to one of those tools. Cornice is open source, XnView and IrfanView are not. Currently we only have hosting available for open source projects, and the licensing is much much easier as well.

How about the zip file?

How about the zip file?

XnView has a portable version

XnView has a portable version for download on it's site. It integrates well into the PAMenu. That's what I use.

There is also a portable

There is also a portable Infraview somewhere as well.

Yeah, SmithTech did one

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Realy good tool

My strong recomendation as free and open IrfanView alternative
is Uniview by Andrej Krutak. This is small, very fast and huge possibilities app. Not only read many formats but you may use it for editing too.
This gem is no longer in development but autor release the code under GPL2. Program is very stable and reliable to use it instead far more popular freeware but closed apps like IrfanView.I use it for years and this is the best what i find in its kind. I wish see that wonderful tool under linux too.
It realy nice integrate with Total Commander as viewer Eye-wink
This app has ton of possibilities like plugins system, editing any kind of file (txt , hex..), conversion, view many multimedia formats and many many more Smiling

and of course its portable by design too Eye-wink

I believe

I believe that Irfanview
is portable already, I remember emailing and asking,
then I renamed my file to, iview410_setup(AlsoPortable).exe
But I just noticed I have iview420 and didn't name it,
probably forgot.
it also says,
# Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware messages like "I Agree" or "Evaluation expired"
# No registry changes without user action/permission!
# and much much more

It also supports plugins.
I have never used it though.

BUT It does have 2 things you will have to OPT-OUT of
when installing, and I just read over at CNET one guy says it
has a keylogger but for what version I don't know.

And I think XnView has a portable version, they have one for Pocketpc and Smartphones too.

It isnt. trust me, it leaves

It isnt. trust me, it leaves little bits and pieces when ever you run it and if you don't have a Admin account you cannot install it or the plugins.

I have noticed some portables do to.

OH ? Which one ?

I know a few of these portables leave little bits here and there,
in the reg, and temp folders and other places as well.
all though some get removed after you unplug the flash drive
or restart the computer, while others do not.
So if you are like me ANY trace left,
behind = not so portable.Smiling

Has anyone thought of

Has anyone thought of building a paf live installer for XnView yet? Advocate