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Adobe Reader

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pigoesfar - December 8, 2008 - 11:21am
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It would really be great to have adobe reader as a portable app because it can't install on my school computers and I can't get it to install on my flash drive.

-- Thanks a lot,
Your site is great!

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is what they have here and all will recommend it to you:

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland


And welcome to : ) Advocate

thanks your site is vary vary helpful

thanks your site is vary vary helpful


Um, no it wouldn't... great to have ADOBE (presumably "acrobat") reader as portable.
Do you realize how bloated that bad boy is even to download (to say nothing of how huge its installed size is)?...

Meh, far better to have any old "App X" portable reader which *happens to* read/display Acrobat files.

Sumatra is OK, I guess, but I use Foxit PDF reader.
And Lord knows, there are tons of other such portable reader apps out there which are portable, and some are even stealthy.
All of these I suggest are WAY smaller'n than Adobe's offering, and far less bloated.

Look around, do some DL'ing, and test drive 'em. I'm sure you'll find one you like.

"I don't hate long as they stay on the freeway, where they belong."
- Brad Stine

@ Preacher

Hi Preacher

Just so you know Foxit PDF Reader is not stealth as it leaves behind according to the website which is a reliable source.

Additionally you may find it worth switching over to PDF X-Change Viewer as this is stealth, has all the mark up functions I am aware of that Fox It Reader free has plus the vaunted type write function that most free version pdf viewers omit. Hope you find this helpful : ) Advocate

I know....

...whatcha mean about stealthiness.

As it happens, tho', I have little interest in stealthiness; I simply wanna take my apps with me to use on whoever's PC w/o having to install something on their system first. That's why FoxIt fits with my goals so well.

As to this PDF X-Change Viewer you mention, I haven't heard about that one, so I'll check it out - as I sometimes do wish I had the ability to "fill in forms" with a PDF app w/o having to pay for it or endure "watermarks" when so doing.

Thx for the tip on that!

"I don't hate long as they stay on the freeway, where they belong."
- Brad Stine

Maybe you don't care about

Maybe you don't care about leaving nothing behind but I bet the people of which you use their PC's care about these things. Smiling

portable adobe reader

from where can i download portable adobe reader ???plz share somelinks with me....

Illegal & Bloated

The reason no one has/will tell you where you can get a portable Adobe Reader, you can't. 1) Adobe Reader is propriatery software, so changing it to mak it portable is illegal. and 2) Foxit Reader, Sumatra Reader, and most of the other readers they mentioned are much smaller than Adobe Reader, run faster, don't use up as much reasorces, etc. So they are better choices. Get Sumatra from this site, it's good and its PAFed.

Use the search box! Please!

from here

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland