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Foxit Reader vs. Sumatra PDF Reader

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silentcon - December 20, 2008 - 2:10am
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I think both are portable and free. Which is better? In terms in memory usage, fuction, speed.

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PDF X-Change Viewer

I'd personally recommend PDF X-Change Viewer. I think it has more functions, and has a true portable version where as Fox It Reader leaves behind tracks. You can find it here

Sumatra is a great app but X-Change gives pdf mark up functionality. As with Foxit there is the free and the pro version : ( But its the best one I'v come across. Advocate

About The Same

The free version of PDF-XChange adds some limited markup abilities (personally I've never wanted to markup a PDF) over Sumatra PDF but that's about it.

Otherwise, Sumatra PDF does pretty much all the same stuff in 1/7th the space with better multilingual support. Plus, it's Free (under an OSI-approved open source license) and in Format for easy installs, upgrades without losing data and integration with Backup.

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According to this site, Foxit

According to this site, Foxit is better in terms of rendering and speed. This is the rank in the website.

  1. Foxit Reader
  2. Pdf XChange Viewer
  3. Sumatra PDF


Foxit is known to leave behind tracks on the host system. Therefore it does kill the true portability of the app. PDF X-Change and Sumatra are both "stealth" and don't leave behind the tracks. Also taking John's post into account Sumatra would likely be quicker and lighter on resources as it doesn't add all the bells and whistles of the others that can slow an app down. Also note the review you cited is from April and all three apps have been updated many times since then. Seeing as it sounds you don't require the PDF mark-up functionality I would agree with John and again recommend Sumatra. Advocate

With respect to Chinese

I haven’t given Foxit Reader a try because, as far as I know, the installation is less simple (no single file to download).

Sumatra PDF Portable 0.9.3 has no selection tool, and is unable to find a Chinese text (Chinese characters even not correctly displayed in the Find box).

So I am using PDF-XChange Viewer 2.0

As far as options Foxit is

As far as options Foxit is probably the best one of the three. There is no installation - it is only one exe file that you simply run, no install process. The only drawback is that it does leave traces behind.

No Typewriter

With regards to options the typewriter tool is one of the most used and handy. Foxit only makes this available in their Pro version Sad Advocate

I have another question

I have another question regarding sumatra, foxit etc.


I prefer PDF-XChange Viewer (Free). Often I use portable Viewer. I can do all I need with my PDFs. Excellent and very complete and useful interface.