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Read Only

Anonymous - May 4, 2006 - 3:28pm

When I try running ClamWin on a write protected usb drive I get errors saying it is unable to write to the media. Why does ClamWin require writing to the drive?

I use my USB drive for repairing infected machines and as a precaution I keep my usb key write protected. Ideally ClamWin should have the option of running on a read only disk.

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You can't

Portable ClamWin readjusts the INI file on each start. ALL the portable apps here require read/write access unless otherwise specified.

If you want a version of ClamWin that runs off of a read-only drive like a CD, you'll need to build it yourself as indicated here:

You will only be able to structure the directories in the exact way you edit the INI for.

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