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portable Total Commander

Anonymous - December 11, 2005 - 3:55pm
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I move Total Commander on my USB drive. Has changed ini file location (as default in Windows directory) and in all plugin set path %COMMANDER_PATH%\plugin.
The best file manager always with me.

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You may also try

You may also try freeCommander:

Free of charge and with a local .ini file.


never saw that program before, saw a few like it but not one with so many features. thanks a lot.

Free Commander is my

Free Commander is my favorite too, I have been carrying it around a lot. I feel lost without it!

In fact I was just about to

In fact I was just about to request Total Commander.
How do you point TC to the location of the INI files?
AFAIK they are stored in the registry. I made myself a handy registry patch to accomplish this. But that doesn't give me relative paths and I need to patch every computer first.


reinstall total commander and change on instal ini file location in total commander directory

While you can change the

While you can change the INIs' location during setup (with a non relative path!) the location still gets saved in the registry and this is where TC will look for it. I don't see how this makes TC portable.
Because without knowing where it's INIs rest, TC just runs in it's limited standard mode.


I did some research in the TC forum and the solution is actually quite easy:

Place your INIs in the totalcmd install dir and add this to wincmd.ini:


This overrides the registry settings if there are. So you can now copy the complete install dir to your portable device and have TC with you wherever you are.

Not so fast

Unfortunately, not all Total Commander features are portable. Right click menu and file tooltips are Explorer-dependent.
You can configure tooltips to be much better than Explorer ones (with plugins), but nothing can be done with the menu.

"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Asimov

Actually, you can tell TC

Actually, you can tell TC *not* to use the Explorer right click menu.
(Look into the options.)

Can you tell me how?

Can you tell me how?

"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Asimov

Solved 2

I did 3 test's and in my opinion this solution is the best.

I will only add step by step how to do this.

1. Copy all files from hdd to portable drive
example: copy C:\totalcmd --to --> G:\PStart\totalcmd

2. Copy your ini files to portable drive:
- wcx_ftp.ini ,
- wincmd.ini
example: copy C:\Documents and Settings\User\wcx_ftp.ini
example: copy C:\Documents and Settings\User\wincmd.ini
--to --> G:\PStart\totalcmd

3. Edit your wincmd.ini file form portable drive by adding strin:
in the [Configuration] part

4. Run G:\PStart\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE and enjoy !!



Did you write a launcher (NSIS fashion) for the John's PortableAppsMenu?

Would you mind sharing it, please?

If I just copy it in the PortableApps folder I see TotalCommander, Uninstall, etc...

USB installer

There is an installer for USB drives on the Total Commander web site: