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Portable ISO/Image Mounter

hexagonsun - May 7, 2006 - 5:02am
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I would ask if its possible to create an portable CD Image mounter.
I use currently Deamon-Tools 3.47 (Windows 98 SE) to mount some ISO Files, but it would be nice if there where an portable Version of it or a simmilar tool.

Is this possible?

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Its Daemon Tools

Maybe possible.
R McCue

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admin rights?

I doubt this could work without administrative rights - hence not really be portable.


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You can plug your USB Stick

You can plug your USB Stick too and it "mounts" it as an HDD.
Maybe possible to create an porable ISO -ect. Mounter.

Microsoft's Tool

I've always used Microsoft's Virtual CD program (
Basically just drop the executable and the driver file onto the portable drive. From the program, you can load and start the driver, then create virtual drives and mount images to them. It's a quick and dirty solution that has worked for me, although I don't recall whether it works without admin privileges, nor do I know whether or not it officially qualifies as "portable".

Hmm, would it be possible if..

Well, I'm not sure about CD-ROMs, but couldn't you have a program that made your USB stick look lke the drive itself, but then convince the machine that an image on the USB stick was actually the drive?

- aniperleo
Good Ol' Reliable Aniper Leo

Good Ol' Reliable Aniper Leo


I love fooling Windows machines Smiling
Sounds like a good idea.
R McCue

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."