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Ideas for a new media device

John Bentley's picture
John Bentley
- February 2, 2009 - 7:16pm
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I'm looking for a media device with the following features.

  • at least mp3, vorbis, aac, and wma
  • for videos vorbis, mp4, wmv (wmv doesn't matter as much)
  • not too big, but it should have a reasonable screen for videos
  • good podcasting support
  • linux support
  • hackability (eg. write apps or games for it)
  • it would be nice if it suppoted WiFi

Does anyone know of a device like this?

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a laptop? :Pbut seriously

a laptop? Sticking out tongue
but seriously though, I would take a look at whats compatible with RockBox and then see what best suits the rest of your needs, as rockbox can do a few of them.

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i agree with the RockBox

i agree with the RockBox comment.

As for WIFI support good luck. they are few and far between and ate full of MTP BS and are not that friendly with linux/mac. Get an Ipod Touch then if you want WIFI and programs.


You've never heard of an iTouch?

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

he is probably looking for

he is probably looking for something cheaper than the iTouch

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

HAHA. good luck then. wifi

HAHA. good luck then. wifi already limits the possibilities. the only other one (other than the ZUNE) that i know of with wifi outside the Itouch is the Corwin. but thats 699 and is a portable DVR in a way.

I have, I just don't want

I have, I just don't want one. I'd rather not have an apple device. Plus it doesn't have that much space.

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I know your other reasons for not wanting an ITouch but...

8 GIGS IS A LOT OF SPACE!!! Sticking out tongue

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

uhmm no it isn't :P

uhmm no it isn't Sticking out tongue

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

then get something thats

then get something thats upgradeable like a Sansa from SanDisk which some have the capacity for Rockbox. you are still SOL for wifi but at least you'd have evertything else.


OMG all of you! It is NOT an iTouch! Its an iPod Touch! jease Sticking out tongue But ya if you want the most expandable one with wifi get and iPod Touch. If you want a less expensive one without wifi get a Sansa e200 and put rockbox on it. BUT if you do get a Sansa e200 make sure you get the v1 and not the v2 (rockbox is only compatible with the v1)

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What you need is a netbook.

If you get one running Windows XP, you can have it do everything but Linux support. I suggest Windows because you mentioned games. If you're fine with OS games (Solitaire etc.) nevermind, you could do that in any OS, and Linux has more OS games than Windows. Also if you go with Windows you're more likely to get your WMA and WMV support as these are Microsoft filetypes, not sure how well-supported they are over in Linux land.

OTOH if you get a Linux netbook, OS games aside, you got just about everything covered. VLC has you covered on the multimedia stuff, or if you don't like that there are other choices as well.

A netbook is around $350 to start, just a little more than the introductory iPod (full, not nano or mini or any of those). Screens are about 6-7". I've watched videos on a Nintendo DS, which has a much smaller screen, and it was almost fine. On your lap or right in front of you, 6-7" won't be too terrible.