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Need to uninstall Firefox Portable and reinstall on USB flash drive. Windows Vista does not show it as an installed program

alanbala - February 9, 2009 - 12:30pm
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I inadvertently installed Firefox Portable on my hard drive, when I really wanted to install it on a USB Flash Drive. Both Firefox and Firefox Portable installed on my hard drive. I wanted to start over, so I went to the Vista "Uninstall Program" option and neither were listed as installed programs. How do I get Vista to uninstall, or is there an "Uninstall.exe" file available for Firefox?

Another question — Firefox won't accept the installation of Adobe Flash Player as an add-on. Any suggestions?

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Just delete the folder

Just delete the folder from your hard drive. Nothing from this site should show up in the "Uninstall Programs" That is mainly to remove 'non-portable' stuff from places a normal user wouldn't expect it to be.

For the second, are you trying to install Flash like normal (for a regular installed browser) or as an extension as described here?

I solved the Flash Player

I solved the Flash Player problem. Regarding the uninstall, will there be any "widow" DLL's or registry entries, and should they be removed?


Nope. That's the point of the

Nope. That's the point of the portable versions.