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IMVU Portable (Launcher Only)

matborden - February 10, 2009 - 2:17pm
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Application: IMVU
Category: Internet/Game
Description: IMVU is a 3D Avatar chat instant messenger & dress up game.

Download IMVU Portable Development Test 5 (Launcher Only)
[331KB download / 543KB installed + IMVU after its copied over.(usually around 60MB)]
(MD5: 228b7ac4385a1b648cb02adf27b33720)

Release Notes:

Development Test 5 (2009-10-08): Launcher code redone. splash, help file, and Installer updated.

Development Test 4 (2009-08-07): Icon, splash, and help file updated.

Development Test 3 (2009-04-01): Updater added, updater and first run are disabled by the INI

Development Test 2 (2009-03-01): First run added, help file added, new installer.

Development Test 1 (2009-02-10): Initial release

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Im interested in using this

Im interested in using this launcher but the download link isn't working. Any other way for me to get a copy of it?

"The world wasn't ready, BUT WE DID IT ANYWAY!" The Calc–Pirates

its on my home page

go to my homepage on imvu...

Where should i put the Client prog to make IMVU Portable work ?

I just downloaded IMVU Portable V 6.0.0.??? from your MSN-Site ( I followed the Link on you Avatar Homepage at ... ) and installed it into the Portableapps Suite... - ...but running it brings up an Error, saying, that IMVUClient.exe couldn't be found... - Where should i put the Client program to make it work ?

if you ran it on a computer

if you ran it on a computer that already had IMVU installed on it then it should copy the host's installation if not then just copy the "IMVUClient" folder into app. :-)

...okay... - Now it works... Smiling