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Blue Griffon

daBomb69 - February 15, 2009 - 6:51pm
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Program: Blue Griffon

License: Open Source

Can be downloaded at:

Use: Blue Griffon is a web editor, it is based on the same rendering engine as Firefox/Thunderbird/Most other Mozilla apps.

Other: Not sure weather or not it leaves registry files, and all that stuff. Does not have a formal installer, you just un-extract the .zip archive and click on the icon.

Blue Griffon is a great HTML editor, and it would be a great idea for someone to make this portable.


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A little too green...

I personally am looking forward to trying this out however I think it may be a little early in its development to become a PortableApp. However as development continues I have no doubt this will join the PA line up as we have the Predecessor to Blue Griffon in Kompozer which can be found here -

As I understand it members from the Kompozer team split to form the Blue Griffon project. Therefore a lot of the functionality your expecting in Blue Griffon should already exist in Kompozer.

Hope this helps and Welcome to Smiling Advocate

Oh, thnx. Didn't realize it

Oh, thnx. Didn't realize it was basically just Kompozer.

Use the search box! Please!

Well its not "just" Kompozer.

Well its not "just" Kompozer. I didn't explain very well sorry.

Blue Griffon will be similar but a lot better as well (Or so the aim is). Should have a lot more functionality and features already existing in Kompozer should be a lot more polished eg the site manager. Plus its built using the rendering engine (I think) of Firefox 3 whereas Kompozer was built upon version 2. There will be a host of other improvements and such I think (And hope) but at this stage its simply too early in BG's development to port. For now Kompozer should serve you well Smiling

Hope this helps Smiling Advocate

Sounds awesome!

Sounds awesome! I can't wait for a release. Kompozer is a little buggy.