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Pidgin: Okay, this is getting [dang] ridiculous!

Submitted by Evlesoa on February 15, 2009 - 7:02pm

Each time I get on MSN, i get [dang] bots spamming me.

So what I do, i add them and block them.

THEN, each time I sign in after a restart or a crash (access memory violation, happens EVERY VERSION OF PIDGIN), i get SPAMMED with hundreds of windows... the message is something like...

"This buddy is in your local list but not server list"


"Too many friendly name changes" [Topic was edited for language by mod Tim, we understand you are upset, but please don't curse, thanks ]

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First you need to tone down the lingo. There a lot of kids, as in pre-teens, on these forums and we work hard to maintain a good image. I understand your anger and after looking at your screenshot think I would be sputtering a few harsher terms but still not in the forums please.

With that said my first thought is you probably have a virus rather than just Pidgin screwing with you. Try a couple AV's (My fav free team is Avast [Do a boot time scan], Spybot Malwarebytes and ClamWin) to see if this is the issue.

If not try COMPLETELY removing Pidgin and then doing a fresh install. Ive been running it for near on a year and never experienced nor seen nor heard of an issue like yours so i think it is an isolated case. Try the AV's and if nothings found go with a new install.

Hope this helps Smiling Advocate

Oh, sorry.

I'm just SOOOOOOOO frustrated!!

I've ran a virus scan with Norton, Eset NOD32 (business edition), Avast, XoftSpy SE, HiJack This, and McCafee. I personally use ESET right now, and also AVAST as a back up.

Nothing showed up whatsoever.

Doing a fresh install (i've done about 8-9 fresh installs in the last 6 months) only makes the problem go away temporarily. It still comes back when I add more bots and block them.

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When you say a fresh install do you reinstall over the top of a previous version or delete old version and install.

Another possibility is your actual MSN account has been hacked. If this is the case you could try simply changing the password on it and if it keeps happening create a new account and send the address to all your friends but Not thru your old account. Also remove Pidgin completely and reinstall before adding the new account. Advocate

When i say fresh, i mean, deleting old and installing new.

Also, no one can crack an MSN account which consists of 7 numbers and 9 letters. It's 16 characters long in total. (It's been hacked like 5 years ago, so I changed the password and no one has ever been able to guess it or brute force it)

Just because no one else has been able to do it upto now doesn't mean it can't happen. People thought we would never fly that it was impossible but have you seen the size of the new 787's??

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Another possibility is that rather than actually crack your password it might be that after last time your password was grabbed a trojan or some such thing may have been embedded into your account. I don't know much about this sorta thing as is probably evident from my terminology but I think you get the idea.

Can someone with more knowledge in this area describe this type of thing. Also just a thought, with your Avast do you have the IM shield activated? Advocate

Nah, everything is uninstalled now lol...

I only installed the programs to check for viruses ;P

Everything I have is virtually emulated on my comp. Even the OS itself (meaning, nothing I have is installed or integrated into my hard drive. In simpler words, no registry files, no locations. Everything is just in a folder). So if i were to shut that down, the box would crash itself because it would run "No system" mode. Hehe.

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Tried logging in with the official client and be sure you've cleared out any messages, etc?

I logged into MSN after not using it for a couple months and had a dozen spam messages built up. Spammers abuse the heck out of MSN and MSN lets you send offline messages. So you get all the spam as soon as you log in. That's why I stopped using it.

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I had this problem with pidgin myself. It happened (for me) when I move my buddies on the list around. Pidgin got irked. So I switched to Miranda, which allow me to move my buddies around. Then, I never had a problem again.

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yup. I never did find a fix. Other then swtiching to Miranda. I then searched until I found a plugin that let miranda run things in tabs. Life is all good now.

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Good to see you got this sorted. Advocate