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tarada08 - March 2, 2009 - 9:04pm
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It would be nice if there is a mahjong portable edition because i have vista and i love mahjong.

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Found one

Well, I found an open source Mahjong Solitaire game. There were a few on the page I looked at, but only one was both open source and for Windows.

I cannot check, and therefore vouch for the link (or not) because it's blocked by the company firewall. Little surprise there, anything gaming related is blocked (oddly enough YouTube isn't, though). But, maybe someone can make a wrapper for it and post it up here.

I like the Mahjong games, as long as the tiles are distinct enough to tell apart. If different designs look too similar, that kills it for me. I don't need or want it as simple as solid-colored tiles, but they need some variety. So they're kind of hit and miss. (On the Nintendo DS, a lot more misses than hits. I still haven't found a good Mahjong Solitaire on the DS, either bundled or standalone.)


Thanks for the website. I couldn't find any when I searched.