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ClamWin: Shrink this more!

Submitted by pps on May 11, 2006 - 3:52am

You can shrink it more...
...just use UPX on PortableClamWin\App\clamwin\lib\*.pyd
15.0 MB -> 11.4 MB (both including over 3MB of updates)
10.7 MB -> 7.13 MB (without updates), so over 3.5MB is saved (1/3 !)

BTW, great job! Smiling


I would have not thought that .pyd is compressible with UPX!
Btw: it does NOT work with WinUpack, only UPX. I did not try ASPack for this.

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I wouldn't have thought those would be compressible. Unless, of course, they're just renamed DLLs.

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Could be DLLs. Most likely.
R McCue

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According to, PYD files are "Python dynamic modules."

.PYD files are in the format of a .DLL file; intended specifically as a Python extension. The file FOO.PYD is loaded with an 'import foo' statement.

So yes, they're just renamed DLLs that have been compiled from Python source.

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