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Windows Live Mail

ivnaugusto - March 15, 2009 - 6:33pm
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Anyone here have Windows Live MAIL portable? If yes, send it to me please! If not, someone can make it portable? thanks!

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First off...

Welcome to

Windows Live Mail would be illegal to be made portable. It is closed source. It is owned by Microsoft, so only Microsoft could make it portable. As an alturnative I would use Thunderbird Portable. It should work once you put in your email information.

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to add to Roamer's

to add to Roamer's brilliantly written post, Please use the search function. you would have found several prior requests for the same thing.

and too add to that...

you can get to it by usin the internet, Eye-wink

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Isn't Live Mail a replacement

Isn't Live Mail a replacement for Outlook Express on Vista? is something totally different.

First off...

Live mail is just a mail service, its not a program or anything. if you use live mail through a program like outlook, its not outlook mail, its live mail.

second, just to note, LiveMail == Hotmail

Third, all can be accessed Via as i do all the time

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