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oknacz (Homepage) - March 26, 2009 - 7:53am
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I have some word files with grafic ,when i open it by openoffice i can not see the grafic,any idea?

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What are the sizes and format of the images?

Oh and grafic is spelt graphic. Advocate

It is small graphic and a

It is small graphic and a text ,the dokument is .doc or .rtf ,when i open it by microsoft word it is working but by openoffice i can see text but no graphic .


Copy the image in Word the paste it into OpenOffice

I realise this doesn't fix the problem but is a temporary workaround. Without more info it's hard to diagnose your issue but hopefully this helps Smiling Advocate

Thank u I will tray to do it

Thank u I will tray to do it someway Smiling