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ClamWin: auto update

Submitted by chenko on May 15, 2006 - 12:54pm

Is there anyway I can auto update? any switches etc.

Currently I run a few things when I first run up PStart, and would like to update clamwin too. I tried the freshclam.exe but it wants a config, which is clamd.conf (the linux name from what I recall)... I tried pointing it to the ClamWin.conf but it looks like these are not the same.

Also, the clamwin/ and app/clamwin/ folders have the same files... is there any reason for this?

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ClamWin updates internally. If outdated, it will prompt for the definitions. Updating the app itself requires a new download. Auto-running it from PStart would just slow things down... and I don't think you can do it.

The clamwin/ folder is from an older version. You probably didn't delete it when you upgraded.

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I noticed my mistake with the folder last night.

Well in PStart you can delay the run of programs, and even do it hourly etc which would be nice. I don't see that it would slow it down that much really, specially if you delay it.

What is freshclam used for? Im pretty sure the linux version will have some switches etc to update for cronjobs etc, or is it just controlled itself by the daemon?

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is called directly by ClamWin to update the virus definitions. I'm sure it uses specific command line switches, but you'd have to look those up.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

If you run it yourself, it complains and say it cannot find .\clamd.conf

ERROR: Can't parse the config file .\clamd.conf

I, for the hell of it, just tried the ClamWin.conf in place and that didnt work, different syntax it seems. I am going to have a play and get a copy of a linux box later to see if that works.