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Anti spyware

naos - May 17, 2006 - 9:01am
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Since already I have some trouble with this new kind of "viruses" it will be a confortable app to have a portable spyware protection, since over hear sometimes it kill three layer defense, as a final protection.Thank You John

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Ad-Aware / SpyBot / SpywareBlaster


will all run from a thumbdrive...copy over each folder after you install to hard drive (SpywareBlaster may be able to be installed direct to thumbdrive)...tested on public PC and works fine.

I am not sure how much if any these write to a registry (anyone?), but they will write to the hard drive if you use the immunization features of SpyBot and SpywareBlaster, features I wouldn't usually try using on a public PC.

FYI, after you do an update of SpyBot, make sure to delete the ZIP files it leaves in the "Updates" subdirectory to save space...just leave the "ini" files.


Thanks but I already try all of them, they leave traces in the registry of the host computer, unfortunately even without the immunization features

Maybe this can be moved to "Request Apps"

Maybe this can be moved to "Request Apps."
I think its good to keep these on the drive anyway as part of a repair kit for working on friends' PCs, etc.

But if AdAware and SpyBot can be made truly portable, that would be great. By its nature, I don't think SpywareBlaster could be made truly portable because it only "immunizes."

Adaware and C

I agree on that but guess better to live that to John to decide. As far as I know a repair kit, even available to be used on PC friendly will be a good shot. Over here there is a lot coming from across the borders of east europe and a repair kit fully portable will be a good tool

Adaware and C-Correction

Stacoma you are correct, it write hidden deeply in the registry of the host computer.

Use Registry delete

If the application writes the entries in the registries, one can use regisry delete option. We can write the delete command for those registry entries which were written by application. I don't know how the registry access is managed for public PC but we can surely use this option in our friend circle.

My Portable Spyware Killer

I made the one I have portable and I just checked and it leave behind only the REG_SZ entry but its only can download it at:

Its still in the beta stages but it should work just fine.

Let me know if you need any help at or at the address in the e-mail.

Local Idiot at your service


thanks I will let you know of the performance.I tested few minutes ago is simply perfect for my use. Again thanks a very fine job. It catch 18 piece in a matter of moments