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Portable Visual Basic?

TheOneMrO (Homepage) - December 12, 2005 - 9:59am

How about a portable visual basic or something like it with an open source program?

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SharpDevelop is an open-source IDE for C# and VB.NET development. With a bit of hacking, you can have it run on a USB key. On some computers, you need to run \bin\setup\PostInstallTasks.bat before successfully running the application.


i may have to try that out. Thanks.


I made it work on XP, installing the app (SharedDevelop) 2.1 ver normally , then copy all the dir tree onto my pendrive , then uninstall from control panel...

It worked... GREAT!!! thanks a lot

Keep environment clean...

Keep environment clean...

visual basic portable

here is the link for the portable visual basic.

[Link removed by Moderator RM: Self-promotion is not allowed with the exception of open source programs. If you have any comments, please post below, however do not re-add the link]


hi, kiddie9, I am interested

hi, kiddie9, I am interested in portable VB, could you please send the info to me(lepto_ DOT _python_ AT _gmail_ DOT _com_, please put all the words together, remove "_" and change DOT to "." )? thanx

btw, is there a way to send PM in this forum?