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WYZO web browser

freekarol - April 22, 2009 - 5:24am
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Wyzo could be an alternative to Firefox, it is a free and open source application. And it seems it's faster than Firefox. So it could be great to make Wyzo portable...

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This is not Opensource

The product is not OPEN SOURCE.

Sorry mate

Sorry mate but definitely Not Open Source

Needs to be an OSi approved license like those listed here

For a better explanation of what is "Open Source" see here

Seems theres a little question on Wyzo's practices

Hope this helps Advocate

I checked out the site

Well, It looks interesting but you can get just about everything that Wyzo has symply by adding a few addons to firefox. But firefox is a heck of a lot more flexible to fit your needs with over 6,000 add-ons. I think if you were really desperate to have it, though, I think you could make it portable yourself (and not distribute it).

wyzo is by mozilla

wyzo is by Mozilla.
go to
near the bottom is wyzo.
the only reason that wyzo has not passed Firefox is because it is incompatible with a thew add-ons.
also on the bottom of is the Mozilla logo.

Andrew Harris

Based on Mozilla

Wyzo is based on Mozilla as Firefox is under an open license. But Wyzo is not fully open source/Free like Firefox is. Mozilla has nothing to do with Wyzo, it is developed by an independent group.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Follow up

Follow up to what John said: the Mozilla-based page is just that - a list of applications that are based off of, or built using Mozilla applications or technologies. For example, Adobe Acrobat is listed on that page, but is most definitely NOT being built by Mozilla.

The logo on the bottom of the pages at simply states that their application is "Powered by Mozilla", in other words, built using the technologies available from Mozilla.

For a clear picture of who builds Wyzo, all you need to do is check their about page:

Wyzo's coding is based off

Wyzo's coding is based off firefox but it is not firefox. there is lots of other Internet browzer that are based of firefox.

Andrew Harris

Wyzo 3.6 Portable

I have a portable version of Wyzo that I would give to anyone that would want to make it portable and do all the legal stuff. Smiling
Contact me fro email
may not respond for a week

Andrew Harris