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RAPTOR flow chart app

platipuss - June 11, 2009 - 3:32pm
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Developed by the USAF

Raptor is an app used by alot of universities as an intro to programming and design type classes. A friend is stuck in one and wanted an easy way to keep this handy to help out. Thought it would be a prime canidate for a portable app.

Thank you if this happens

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Requires .NET and I don't see

Requires .NET and I don't see any place to get the source.



I suggest that you take a look at Dia, Bart.S has made a portable edition somewhere here. It might do what you want.

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I see the problem with .net,

I see the problem with .net, and I believe the professor requires that app being used other wise I would use visio or dia. Thank you for looking into it though.