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Portable starcraft

Beano - May 26, 2006 - 2:20pm
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I decided to make it due to some many ppl wanting it at school. I only have 1 problem is in the menu it goes to some weird colors, then when i play the game it switchs back to normal.

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I don't know think i can release it to you guys :(

The only problem with portable games is the good ones are copyrighted.

How about this...

Post a HowTo/Tutorial. That might help others do it also. Eye-wink

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Here's How I Did It

Here's how I've made Starcraft Semi-Portable:

1) Install Starcraft and BroodWar to your harddrive (C:\Program Files\Starcraft)
2) Install latestest patch from Blizzard (
3) Copy the files from Program Files to your flash drive
4) Uninstall Starcraft
5) Run starcraft.exe from your flash drive, it will work!

- This still requires your CD in the CD drive. Hypothetically you should be able to get a No-CD hack (although I think this is illegal). However, the CD-hacks I've seen require you to copy the 550mb install.exe file from the CD to your install directory, and my flash drive is too small for that.
- As far as I can tell, the registry entries in HKLM/Software/Blizzard Entertainment/Starcraft are unnecessary for the software to run. However, if you ever update (at least with a manually downloaded patch), you will need those registry files. I am not sure if updating via would work or not.

I'm nearly sure Starcraft is

I'm nearly sure Starcraft is portabel itself.
I remember playing it at high school lessons Sticking out tongue
One guy surely done great job by making Starcraft + Broodwar something like 60mb only for playing LAN games, just extract and running and game was working fine ...

Embrace your dreams

Starcraft LAN

Yeah I heard of that Starcraft LAN app months ago, but now I can't find it. Any hints on what to search for on Google?

And any idea about its legality?

Starcraft for Mono

Just for interest's sake, SCSharp is a Starcraft implementation for Mono/.NET, written in C#..... Still being worked on.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects] [Blog]


That's funny Beano. You get us all excited with a portable starcraft and don't give us one Sticking out tongue

As far as I know, deleting all the saves, maps, replays and staredit is as portable as it gets.
And as for the NoCD battlenet edition, I believe there's only one that works? I haven't really tried it though. I fear getting banned so I just use my CD.

By the way, I like *cough cough*