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calibre Portable Launcher Dev Test 1

- August 23, 2009 - 11:59am
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Application: calibre
Category: Office
License: GNU GPL
Language: Multilingual
Description: calibre Portable is the popular calibre packaged with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your ebook manager with you. It has all the same great features as calibre including library management, format conversion, syncing to ebook reader devices, fetching news from the web & converting it into ebook form, viewing many different ebook formats, giving you access to your book collection over the internet using just a browser/email client & more.

Download calibre Portable Launcher Dev Test 1 [1+46MB download / 142MB installed]
(MD5: eb10479d7439e26332188eadc1f06c62)

Updating calibre:

Download the latest version from here (Download calibre portable).

Method 1:

  • Put the file in your calibrePortable folder next to calibrePortable.exe.
  • Run calibre Portable. IMPORTANT: When you're prompted to "Launch calibre?", select No.

Method 2:

  • Run the file & browse to your calibrePortable folder (this will not leave anything behind on the host system). IMPORTANT: When the process finishes & you're prompted to "Launch calibre?", select No.
  • Run calibre Portable.

Release Notes:

Launcher Dev Test 1 (2013-08-19):

  • As it's out of date almost as soon as I've uploaded it, package is converted to 'launcher only'.
  • calibre adds a new folder (%LOCALAPPDATA%\calibre-cache). Launcher upgraded.
  • Added a new update method.
  • Help file updated with new update method.

0.9.16 Dev Test 1 (2013-01-27):

  • calibre updated to 0.9.16.
  • Upgrades will write correct version to appinfo.ini.
  • Updated path replacement & splash.

0.8.70 Dev Test 1 (2012-09-23):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.70.
  • Removed online installer.
  • Added custom update code.

0.8.xx Dev Test 4 (2012-07-12):

  • fontconfig is now saved to Data\settings to alleviate this situation when running multiple times from the same system. Thanks to hnzw.rui.
  • Launcher compiled with PAL 2.2.
  • Regshot tested clean with calibre 0.8.59.

0.8.xx Dev Test 3 (2012-04-18):

  • Launcher updated to handle Qt 4.8.
  • Added 256 x 256 to appicon.ico.
  • PAF/PAI 3.0 etc...

0.8.xx Dev Test 2 (2011-11-01):

  • PAL updated to 2.1.2.

0.8.xx Dev Test 1 (2011-08-15):

  • Converted to online installer.
  • PAL updated to 2.1.1.

0.8.13 Dev Test 1 (2011-08-05):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.13.

0.8.12 Dev Test 1 (2011-07-30):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.12.

0.8.11 Dev Test 1 (2011-07-22):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.11.

0.8.10 Dev Test 1 (2011-07-16):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.10.
  • Improved language switching.

0.8.9 Dev Test 1 (2011-07-09):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.9.

0.8.8 Dev Test 1 (2011-07-01):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.8.

0.8.7 Dev Test 1 (2011-06-28):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.7.
  • Converted to PAL 2.1.
  • Library directory now configured through the GUI.
  • Microsoft VC90 CRT now included with calibre. Support removed (untested).
  • Clean install recommended.

0.8.2 Dev Test 1 (2011-05-21):

  • calibre updated to 0.8.2.

0.7.56 Dev Test 1 (2011-04-19):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.56.

0.7.54 Dev Test 1 (2011-04-11):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.54.
  • Added backup of "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KovidsBrain" (created by going to 'Preferences/Advanced/Tweaks'). I couldn't get anything to appear in there but it's backed up anyway.

0.7.49 Dev Test 1 (2011-03-15):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.49.

0.7.28 Dev Test 1 (2010-10-21):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.28.
  • Launcher updated to handle Qt 4.7.

0.7.19 Dev Test 1 (2010-09-22):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.19.

0.7.17 Dev Test 1 (2010-09-05):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.17.

0.7.15 Dev Test 1 (2010-08-27):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.15.
  • Various drive switching improvements.
  • Added support for the library being on another drive (see help.html).

0.7.13 Dev Test 1 (2010-08-11):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.13.

0.7.8 Dev Test 1 (2010-07-16):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.8.

0.7.7 Dev Test 1 (2010-07-08):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.7.
  • Added Persian language support.
  • Added CheckForPlatformSplashDisable (not tested yet).

0.7.0 Dev Test 1 (2010-06-07):

  • calibre updated to 0.7.0.
  • Added new calibre icon (& appicon_128.png).
  • Added Indonesian, Thai & Vietnamese language support.
  • Added check for MSVC x86 9.0.3729.4148.

0.6.44 Dev Test 1 (2010-03-08):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.44.
  • Added Lithuanian & Serbian language support.

0.6.42 Dev Test 1 (2010-02-21):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.42.
  • Added Malayan language support to launcher & installer.

0.6.36 Dev Test 2 (2010-01-28):

  • Improved checks for MSVC & MSVC SP1. Thanks to xuesheng.
  • calibre Portable will remove any files leftover in the root directory of your system drive from a MSVC installation.

0.6.36 Dev Test 1 (2010-01-27):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.36.
  • Added check for MSVC SP1, although if neither are found, the original (pre SP1) version will still be installed.
  • Corrected non-admin error message.

0.6.34 Dev Test 1 (2010-01-16):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.34.
  • App directory name has changed. If you're upgrading & use "calibrePortable.ini" to redirect the library, make sure the "calibreDirectory" entry = "App\calibre".
  • Added Albanian, Basque & Turkish language support.
  • Trolltech Qt Factory Cache is now 4.6.

0.6.23 Dev Test 1 (2009-11-14):

  • If you haven't upgraded from calibre Portable 0.6.16 yet, please read the notes for 0.6.21 as they apply to all new releases until further notice.
  • I have dropped the Data directory restructuring code from the installer. If you're upgrading from 0.6.8 Dev Test 1, a clean install is now required.
  • The code that creates the settings & library directories has been reworked & both are now configurable on first run.
  • There is now a 'usertype check' in the launcher. If MSVC is not on the system & you aren't logged in as admin (ie: don't have the rights to install it), calibre Portable will warn you & then quit gracefully.
  • calibre updated to 0.6.23. No issues.
  • I wasn't quick enough for 0.6.22!

0.6.21 Dev Test 1 (2009-11-13):

  • calibre 0.6.21 requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. The redist is included in this package (which is *not* an online installer). The launcher will check to see if it's on the local system. If not, you'll be asked to install it &, on exit, it'll be uninstalled. Just follow the prompts. Requires admin rights.
  • As the MSVC installer creates a mess all of it's own, the launcher cleans up after it.
  • As a program (MSVC) has been installed (& hopefully uninstalled!), you may find a couple of registry entries related to the MS Installer. I'm considering this "fair use" (same as MUI Cache, Prefetch etc.)
  • If you're using "calibrePortable.ini" in the calibrePortable main directory (to redirect the library) the installer will detect it & change the "calibreDirectory" entry to "App\Calibre2". I could have left the directory name as it was but wanted to keep it in sync with the app.
  • New files in $TEMP - cal*.tmp. Deleted on exit.
  • Languages added since 0.6.16 -
    • Afrikaans
    • Korean
    • Latvian
  • That's all, folks!

0.6.16 Dev Test 1 (2009-10-07):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.16. No issues.

0.6.12 Dev Test 1 (2009-09-17):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.12.
  • Automatic language switching is now working (see install notes).

0.6.11 Dev Test 1 (2009-09-08):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.11. No issues.

0.6.10 Dev Test 1 (2009-08-29):

  • calibre updated to 0.6.10.
  • Launcher now backs up the default local library directory as the location has changed since 0.6.8.

0.6.8 Dev Test 2 (2009-08-26):

  • Configurable path to your library via "calibrePortable.ini".
    (See "Other\Source\Readme.txt" for instructions).
  • Added another Qt registry key that was missed in Dev Test 1.
  • Restructured Data directory.

0.6.8 Dev Test 1 (2009-08-23): Initial release

Known Issues:
Due to the nature of Qt's use of the registry, if you use any of the apps below at the same time as calibre Portable & don't close them in reverse order, registry keys will be left behind and/or the original (local) keys will be overwritten. To avoid issues, never use them together!

  • ConvertAll Portable
  • FreeMat Portable
  • MuseScore Portable

(Thanks Bart S.)

Tested with:
XP Home SP3 (Admin)

Info here, here & here.

( categories: )

I'll test it

I'll install it and let you know the results.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this application portable Eye-wink

Updated to dev test 2

See release notes for changes.

Configurable path to library

Thanks for this, I've used Calibre for some time, and I'm happy to have a portable version. Good luck keeping up with Kovid's release schedule.

How do I go about setting a custom path to my library in the calibrePortableSettings.ini file?

The instructions are in

The instructions are in "Other\Source\Readme.txt" but, to summarize...

Copy "Other\Source\calibrePortable.ini" to the same directory as "calibrePortable.exe". Edit it and set your path with the "LibraryDirectory=" entry. For example: "LibraryDirectory=Documents\Library". Note: no drive letter or trailing slash and make sure the directory exists before running calibrePortable.

EDIT: I just realised I had the wrong filename in the release notes above. I had "calibrePortableSettings.ini" instead of "calibrePortable.ini". Sorry for any confusion! Fixed.

Yes, the release schedule. Two today... LOL

No errors so far

I installed calibrePortable Dev Test 2 and all went smoothly. Imported some books, synchronized my Sony PRS-700 and did some searching on the library. All went just fine. It seems nothing is left behind.

Tested on Windows XP SP3 Professional, with Admin rights.

PS: Thanks for the new Data directory structured. Much better now.

That's all good to hear, I'm

That's all good to hear, I'm glad it went according to plan :-)Thanks for testing and reporting back.

Updated to 0.6.10 dev test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.6.11 dev test 1

See release notes for changes.


I just had a look at 0.6.12 but it won't start on my machine!

new version 6.12 does not start

Waiting for 0.6.13 :-)

Updated to 0.6.12 dev test 1

See release notes for changes.

Just a note

0.6.16 is out Smiling

Before anyone comes a running with pitch forks and flame torches please be aware that Prapper has previously noted that he appreciates being informed of updates. Can't find the post right now but believe it's in the thread for Glary Utilities.

Thanks Prapper. Advocate

Yep, no problem with a

Yep, no problem with a friendly bump on a update here. Glad someone is using it...

Updated to 0.6.16 dev test 1

See release notes for changes.


I just had a look at calibre 0.6.18 and was disappointed to see that the installer creates an absolute slew of registry entries in HKCR and the app will not start (either standalone or with the current launcher) unless they are present. Bearing this in mind, I've decided not to upgrade to this version.

As the app is updated multiple times a month (sometimes twice a day!) and there are occasionally radical changes to the contents of the app directory, I'll keep an eye on it in the hope that something more workable will appear.

Apologies to all calibre fans.


I'm really sorry to hear that. =( But still, as long as calibre portable 0.6.16 still works, I'm not complaining. =D


Yeah, me too. But, as I said,

Yeah, me too. But, as I said, I'll keep an eye on it.

Another Note

Calibre 0.6.20 is out. Just so you know. ^^
Any changes with the problems, or is it still a no-go?



Still a non-starter (literally).

Have you thought about

Have you thought about emailing the software author to explain the issue? Advocate

MSVC 90 and 0.6.20

I'm still looking at this and it seems that it now needs the msvc90 files, that were previously just included in the app directory, to be installed. I've seen the info in the Blender thread here and the commments here but just putting the DLLs and manifest back in the app folder isn't working and just makes calibre crash. I'm not really sure where to go from here so any help would be much appreciated.

Contact software author

Have you thought about contacting the software author? In the past other PA devs have had success with this action and been able to develop the portable version in collaboration with the software author, optimizing portability.

EDIT: Sorry to keep bugging on this but have you considered this? Advocate

I got an answer over at the

I got an answer over at the calibre bug tracker. It looks like we are out of luck Sad I think these are the options, none of which are ideal IMO. In no particular order -

  • Mark the package as requiring MSVC90.
  • Have the launcher automatically install and uninstall the MSVC package (I think this is OK license wise?) but it's clumsy and will require user input on launch and exit.
  • Include the redist package to be installed/uninstalled manually. Even clumsier and... "user is on their own" Smiling
  • Stick with 0.6.16, which (although I missed 0.6.17) I think was the last working 'standalone' version.

I'm assuming from the lack of input here that there's no other way of getting round this.

What do you reckon?


Along with msvcm90.dll, msvcp90.dll and msvcr90.dll there should be a file Microsoft.VC90.CRT.Manifest with this content in it (the manifest was in an older version that I have, 0.5.14, and should ALWAYS be there):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved. -->
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
    <file name="msvcr90.dll" /> <file name="msvcp90.dll" /> <file name="msvcm90.dll" />

Make sure that that's in App\calibre. Presuming that fixes it, tell 'em to stick it back in. (We had the same issue with Blender, 2.49a they forgot it and so broke all systems without it otherwise installed.)

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

Thanks Chris

I did exactly that and unfortunately it doesn't fix it. That's the same version that's included with the app too.

Is there anything else I could try?

Ask them

OK, now I've actually looked at that bug tracker item... tell 'em they're compiling it wrong, could they please fix it up. It is definitely their fault; either that or there is some other issue, unrelated to VC90.

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1


tell 'em they're compiling it wrong

...and I'm now officially lost Smiling

The reason I'm blaming VC90 are the errors in the event log.

Event Type:	Error
Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft.VC90.CRT.
Reference error message: The referenced assembly is not
installed on your system.

Other than that... I don't know.

Any chance of sending a note

Any chance of sending a note to the calibre team explaining your observation? If the issue can be fixed would greatly improve the user experience. Advocate

+1 Note

Hey, 6.21 is out!
Just so you know. Sticking out tongue


Will install it and give it a

Will install it and give it a run. Sounds like a fun app to have portable

Updated to 0.6.21 dev test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.6.23 dev test 1

See release notes for changes.

Blimey, off we go! Smiling


I'm glad the code can be portable again! Smiling
One thing, though. If this ever gets to the point where it could be a regular, non-beta app, will the fact that only admins can use it be a problem? I know that was one of the issues discussed regarding the .Net-based apps.


[BUG] Cannot store library in non-default location.

Calibre Portable 0.6.23 seems to not be able to have alternate locations for the library. I've tried a few times X:\Documents\Miscellaneous\E Books as the address but then it doesn't load the library on start up and I check preferences and it's been changed back to X:\PortableApps\calibrePortable\Data\library Sad

I'm guessing this is hard coded into the launcher. Is it possible to make it so that other locations can be used or does this create to many headaches with the coding?

Also Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 installs the first time as it should but doesn't have the query come up on future runs on the same pc. Does that mean the install is not being uninstalled correctly? Advocate


Hope I'm not stating the obvious here but you are using the INI to relocate the library? If you use the GUI it will revert back to the default. Copy 'Other\Source\calibrePortable.ini' to the root directory and change the 'LibraryDirectory' line. In your case it'll be -

LibraryDirectory=Documents\Miscellaneous\E Books

- which is tested and working here. I used that same path on first run (the launcher will create the folders if they don't exist). Is it not happening?

Regarding MSVC, it will appear in Control Panel-Add/Remove while calibre is running but should be removed on exit. If it's still there then no, it isn't being uninstalled. Could you check? You should also be getting a prompt from the Windows Installer when calibre exits - 'Are you sure you want to uninstall etc...?', which I presume you're not?

If it's still in Add/Remove when calibre is closed, perhaps you could uninstall it from there, open then close calibre and check again, just to confirm?

Library fixed. MSVC still present.

I hadn't checked the readme Shocked whoops. I was using the GUI to set it.
Your instruction for how to set the library location worked. Thanks Smiling

Unfortunately the MSVC uninstall pop up does not show and when checking the Add/Remove panel I found it is still installed Sad It's a pity the dev made the modifications to the app requiring it. Have you thought of notifying them of the situation to see if they may oblige you by developing a workaround or changing the code to not require it? Advocate


Glad the library is sorted Smiling

Re: MSVC. Is it possible you could uninstall it and then test again as suggested in my previous post?

If so, and it's still there, maybe you could check this reg key -


- and confirm that it refers to MSVC?

I did contact them (link is a few posts above). I asked a straight question & got a straight answer. Chris Morgan's later post re: calibre not being compiled properly, well, I would have liked to have followed that up but I'm not qualified to have that conversation with them unfortunately Sad


Not sure what caused the initial but most likely human error on my behalf. Anyway I uninstalled MSVC, ran Calibre which reinstalled it then when I closed I got the pop up to uninstall. So it works now but with the need for admin rights that kinda kills this advancing in stages of development Sad

Can you elaborate on your "not being qualified to have that conversation"? Chris maybe able to help or discuss the issue directly with the dev team *fingers crossed* Sticking out tongue Advocate


So everything is working Smiling Thanks for testing btw, I thought I'd killed it with that install/uninstall thing. But yeah, admin rights, never mind. I don't think Qt apps are in with much of a shot anyway, are they? I might even update it now I know somebody is still using it Smiling

What I mean is, I know nothing about compiling programs. PA.c launchers, yes, a little bit, but that's as far as I go Smiling If Chris wants to put them right, then I'm all for it.

Still Active?

Is this still an active project? Does it still have a chance of making it as an official release?

Updated to 0.6.34 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Not working for me

I'm getting the this error message on startup Sad

XP SP3 with admin rights Advocate

Release notes

Did you see point 2?

That was it

That was it Smiling Advocate

0.6.34 Development Test 1 problems on Windows 7 64-bit

My Windows 7 64-bit system has the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package installed.

When 0.6.34 Development Test 1 is run from a standard user account it always exits with the message that Visual C++ 2008 is _not_ installed.

When I ran it as an administrator it installed the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package before it ran Calibre. When I exited from Calibre the launcher left behind a mess in the root directory (the installation files for the Visual C++ redistributable).

(I am running 0.6.34 Development Test 1 from my flash drive)

Re: 0.6.34

from a standard user account it always exits with the message that Visual C++ 2008 is _not_ installed.

Now I look at it, that message is misleading, it should inform you that you aren't admin and therefore aren't allowed to install it (although in your case you shouldn't see it - see below). Fixed.

The launcher needs to check a separate registry key for MSVC SP1 which I wasn't aware of. Fixed.

As far as the leftover files go, when I was putting together 0.6.21 I had the same happen to me but couldn't reproduce it (and still can't). Does it happen consistently? If so, perhaps you could post a list of the files and I'll add a check/cleanup for it. I should have kept a record myself but didn't.

EDIT: I just realised, if I fixed it, you won't have to install MSVC. Which I hope is the case Smiling

0.6.36 Development Test 1 has same problem

I upgraded my USB Flash Drive to 0.6.36 Development Test 1 but this has not solved my problem.

Using a standard account I see the revised message about the need to install MSVC.

Selecting "Run as Administrator" from the Menu results in the launcher installing its own version of MSVC. After I exit from Calibre the launcher exits and I find the following 24 files have been added to the root directory on drive C:


It seems the 0.6.36 launcher is still unable to detect that my Windows 7 64-bit system already has the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package installed.


OK, thanks for the file list. I can clean those up but they only appeared here once so I wonder what causes it?

I did install SP1 here on XP and (after editing the launcher) calibre successfully detected it and ran without trying to install the bundled version. So the regkey must be different (I'm guessing) on either Win7 or a 64-bit system (or both). I can have a look at Win7 later but if it's a 64-bit thing then I might need some help as I don't have access to a 64-bit system. Is it installed by default on Win7?

Thanks for your thorough testing and reporting. Sorry you're having problems. Sad

What a can of worms!

The problem is registry related

I had a look at the launcher code to see how it detected MSVC. It reads a registry entry so I checked the MSVC SP1 entry using regedit.exe ... and found the UninstallString the launcher checks so the launcher should have found it OK.

I suspected it might be a 32-bit/64-bit problem so I tried this code fragment:

SetRegView 32
ReadRegStr $R0 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\D20352A90C039D93DBF6126ECE614057\InstallProperties" "UninstallString"
SetRegView 64
ReadRegStr $R1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\D20352A90C039D93DBF6126ECE614057\InstallProperties" "UninstallString"
SetRegView 32
MessageBox MB_OK "SetRevgView 32 result: >$R0<\
  SetRegView 64 result: >$R1<"

which resulted in a message box showing that the expected UninstallString was returned when SetRegView was set to 64 (when set to 32 an empty string was returned, i.e. message box showed ><).

According to my control panel I still have the x86 and x64 versions of MSVC 2008 SP1 installed on my Windows 7 64-bit system so I am not sure why the "SetRegView 32" attempt returned an empty string.

Sorry you're having problems

No need to apologize; I am learning something new by investigating this

Edit: the string returned when SetRegView is set to 64 belongs to the x86 version of MSVC 2008 SP1 (i.e. the 32-bit version). I used NSIS 2.45 to test my code fragment.


Thanks for all that helpful info. I've added checks for the 64-bit version of both MSVC packages but obviously, still being stuck in the slow lane here, I haven't been able to test. Both 32-bit versions are still fine though. Also, if MSVC is installed and any files are left in the root of the system drive they'll be removed (assuming drive is C:).

Regarding the wrong string being returned for SP1 64-bit, I don't think that should matter(?) as long as something is returned (ie: MSVC, whatever flavour, is installed so skip the bundled version).

Thanks again for testing, hope we've got it this time Smiling

Windows 7 64-bit problem solved

I upgraded my USB Flash Drive to 0.6.36 Development Test 2 and found that I can now run Calibre as a standard user.

This means the new launcher was able to detect that my Windows 7 64-bit system already has the MSVC 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package installed.

The release notes say "Added checks for 64-bit versions of MSVC and MSVC SP1" but this is not correct. What the launcher is doing is checking for the 32-bit version of MSVC in both views of the registry; but this is probably too much detail. Perhaps all you need to say is that you've improved the checks for the 32-bit versions of MSVC and MSVC SP1.

According to regedit.exe the UninstallString for MSVC 2008 SP1 64-bit version is found using EFEE0228DC83E77358593193D847A0EC instead of D20352A90C039D93DBF6126ECE614057

Thanks for your work on this; I had not heard of Calibre until I came across this version.


Glad to hear it's all working, I'll get the release notes changed. And thanks again for all the help and testing.

Updated to 0.6.36 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.6.36 Development Test 2

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.6.37 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.6.42 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.6.44 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.


Thanks for continuing to develop this. I've been gradually converting my 300+ book collection from dead trees to ebooks which has saved a lot of space in my flat.

I wish the Calibre team could develop a fix for whatever it is that creates the MVC++ 2008 dependency so that could use on PC' without admin rights.

Keep up the good work Smiling Advocate

Upgraded to 6.48, working great!

First of all thanks for your efforts!

Secondly, I just upgraded to Calibre 6.48, and it seems to be working great. The steps I used:
1. download PortableCalibre
2. download Calibre 6.48.msi
3. install PortableCalibre
4. extract Calibre 6.48 using Universal Extractor Portable
5. copy the Calibre 6.68 program files to the portableCalibre\Calibre dir
6. launch Calibre Portable

I'm converting a ton of books right now, but so far everything seems to be working fine.
Thanks again!


That's exactly the procedure I use to update this package. The reason it's behind at the moment is that the last couple of calibre versions have refused to start on my machine and I don't want to upload something that I haven't been able to test. I guess I've got some more investigating to do.

Thanks for posting the workaround.

Calibre 0.6.51

Just installed latest 0.6.51 version using donncon's method, copied/replaced the whole of the new calibre directory onto the existing one.

Seems to be working so far (add book, convert pdf to mobi, view book, fetch news) will let you know if I strike a problem.

Hey Prapper

I wanted to note that when running Calibre from Windows 7 the installation of the C++ library is still offered despite it not being a requirement. Can I suggest adding code to detect OS before offering to install the library. Advocate

No C++ prompt on my system

When I run calibre Portable 0.6.44 DT1 on my 64-bit Windows 7 Professional system I don't get that prompt.


Just checked and can reproduce on my system. Not sure what could cause it. Advocate

Re: C++ library

I can bypass the check on Windows 7 and above if the required files are present on that OS by default.

Are they? It sounds like it would be a good idea.

I haven't installed the C++

I haven't installed the C++ library and Calibre runs even when I decline the runtime install. I presume it is included considering the OS came out much later. Advocate


I have this on XP now as Avast 5 installs it. I've checked Windows 7 and can see that 9.0.3729.4148 (the version Avast installs) is also supplied as Windows Update kb973924.

calibre Portable is only checking for the version I've included with it so I've added 9.0.3729.4148, which should solve your problem.

I agree with your reasoning re: default install but I wouldn't mind if someone could give me the definitive answer before I disable the check on Windows 7.

calibre is working again on my machine (?) so I'll be updating this to 0.7.0 very soon.

Updated to 0.7.0 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Looking good

downloaded, tested, smooth upgrade from 0.6.x - happily using my old library data Smiling

Regshot looks clean, nothing left behind in registry or appdata.

Found a bug in the new UI for the underlying app, but that's not your problem Smiling

Thanks for the update.

Updated to 0.7.7 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.7.8 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

MSVCR90 manifest

My brother Jon just committed a change to BPBible's script in its WebConnect branch, and I believe this will help the calibre team to have the proper manifest, as it includes it all. If you'd contact them with a link to these changes, I think they should be able to sort out the rest.

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

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Thanks Chris


EDIT: The reply

"The executable files in calibre's windows build already contain the manifest."

Updated to 0.7.13 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.7.15 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.7.17 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Updated to 0.7.19 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Can't download news feeds

I get the error message:

URLError(error(10035, 'A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately'),)

every time that I try to download a news feed

I'm not sure

I'm not sure this is anything to do with the portable version particularly but I just updated it so you could give it a try.

Updated to 0.7.28 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

This software releases new

This software releases new versions more often then some people change socks.
Would it not be wise to colaborate with the author to get his software portable in a way it can easily be used with Portable Apps?


I know we are all busy as of late but any chance of getting this updated to the 749 release?

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Updated to 0.7.49 Development Test 1

See release notes for changes.

Future Maintenance

I'm a little curious about what the plans are for the future of this app. I use it on my desktop and updating it so often is a pain. They have a release weekly right? Not to mention the popup notification... Is every single release going to be done here on PA.c or just major ones?

Release Team Member



“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

New Version & When .. ?

New version has been released.

I think the portable version is stable and works fine, it must be released as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your efforts.

I am using this on my netbook - Samsiung N130

So far I have not encountered any problems , using portable version 0.7.49 Dev Test 1. Any ETA on when next version release will be please. Calibre is truly excellent software.Cool


Any Chance?


I dropped it in existing App\calibre folder and it seems to be working. New Python folders and files.

Thank you

I use calibre on my home computer, mainly to download news websites and convert to Kindle/MOBI format. I'll try this version as well.

New 0.7.54

The developer has built in portable features into recent versions.

You have to install on USB drive and/or desktop. If desktop just copy across.

Don't run the program! Instead go into resources sub-directory (USB:\StandaloneApps\Calibre2\resources)and you will find calibre-portable.bat. You have to edit this file and run it from there to remember settings and locations.

I used custom locations, putting config and temp directories under Calibre2.

I still prefer the platform though. I'm using this version of Calibre as stand alone because a lot of new features has been added since 0.7.52. New plugins engine requires version 0.7.53 and newer.

I hope they update the app here.

The developer has built in

The developer has built in portable features into recent versions. You have to install on USB drive and/or desktop. If desktop just copy across.

Which is wonderful in theory, assuming one has administrative rights on a machine to be able to run the Calibre installer in the first place. The developer closes any and all feature requests for either an installer that doesn't require admin rights ("This is not worth the effort for me personally. If some one else wants to implement it, I will be happy to supply any needed guidance. If so, re-open the ticket and we can discuss it."), or providing a preconfigured portable download. So I'm stuck with using the PortableApp version; this is not a bad thing, I just wish it were updated a bit more often.