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Cryptola (file encryption freeware)

ravib (Homepage) - September 4, 2009 - 12:36am
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I've just released Cryptola, a 100% free and portable Windows utility that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files.


Ravi Bhavnani
Author, Cryptola

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Would you consider making it

Would you consider making it open source? Advocate


Um... Yeah right like anyone's going to want to use that while there's open source programs which do the same thing (and better), have their source open to peer review so you can check it's actually doing what it claims, and don't rely on the .NET framework being installed!

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We have a new developer that's looking to participate. There's no reason to be so sarcastic to a new user/developer. Please keep it in check.

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take it easy dude...that

take it easy dude...that comment was quite harsh

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705



That's not what I meant!

I'm not saying it's snakeoil (although, being fair, it does have all the hallmarks of it atm!)

Ravi - don't take my earlier post as being like a mean kind of "get the hell outta here" thing! We all all want the best here (even though we may disagree on things at times!)

Take a look at that page:

If it really does use stuff created by the NSA and conforms to the NIST standards (a security standard?), and is a solid, secure implementation, I think that's a good thing!

What I was trying to get to (admittedly in a bit of a clumsy way, now I reread my post) was that if you open-sourced Cryptola, then:

1. You could get the open source community involved, which could improve it a LOT!; imagine what would have been if it was closed source - noone would waste their time with it!
2. You'd have an advantage over other closed-source cra^H^H^Hprograms, which a lot of people just don't trust, simply because they could just be snakeoil - pretending to do real strong encryption stuff, but actually just doing something else - anyone can claim their software is "secure", but that doesn't mean it is
3. I was going to write a whole bunch of reasons here - but a google search would give lots more reasons than I can list.

Security programs shouldn't be closed source! They're better open!

Welcome and Info

Hello Ravi and welcome to I removed your link for now as we currently only allow open source software in Format to be self-promoted. We will soon be allowing freeware to be promoted in our directory.

Unfortunately, .NET-dependent apps are not considered portable at the present time. There are too many PCs in the wild without .NET and it requires an admin user to purposely install it on Windows XP/2000 (over 72% of users online).

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!