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2D Counter-Strike

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scremingwhisper1720 (Homepage) - September 26, 2009 - 9:10am
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Program: 2D Counter-Strike

License: freeware possibly open source

Description:a 2d counter strike game


Other: its in a zip file so you can create a launcher for it

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I like this one because its much smaller then Halo Zero.

But I don't know about this:

"CNET Editor's Note: While the in-game menus are in English, the briefings for many of the maps are in German."

If no one has a problem with that, I guess I could make this one too.

That would be awesome

This game is little and fun. Played it a couple of times and loved it.

May the Shwartz be with you

it like

halo it doesn't mater what language its you still know what to do kill every thing

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True dat :3

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Bad news

I test the app itself (not the launcher) and the app seems to load fine but then, I get this message (before the menu pops up:


Memory access violation.


I tried a bunch of times, and it aint working. I think that it can't run from USB based on the way it was made?

sorry Barf!

EDIT: found this:

Still didn't work

CS2D Portable

If you go to the /app/game subdirectory and run launcher, you can change the settings, save it as a bat and rename it "run.bat" or maybe you can just change it in the game, idk I didn't play it!

So here's the download link for the PAF install, enjoy!
CS2D Portable Install


Is this the game? Why don't you put it in the beta forums?

it is the game

but i think its iffy because when i
ran it cmd started running then it closed out all fast
then my system started to act buggy like a shockwave upgrade poped up
i just reset my system

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It has a command prompt because the game gets it's settings from a batch file somewhere in the App folder. I don't know why it's being weird on your computer but I've tried it on several (vista and xp) with no issues at all.

ok kool

i think you should change the slash to the default one
that's the way beta work

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